From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2006 8:01 AM PT
To: Valerie Coster
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One most beautiful morning here in Del Mar, no surf to be speak of but there are ripples that remind me all this tranquility could end in an instant as Israel informs its “traditional” ally, the United States not to “hesitate” in supplying this very beleaguered and least corrupt democracy with the west’s “latest and greatest” weaponry given how Israel has decided only to start counting “body bags” when this war to end all wars is fully over and we are all dead or there is everlasting peace which can in fact take place this very instant so long as either Israel or the west decide to tell the truth about the very dark influence on the allocation of the world’s strategic and limited resources by the DAAC.


Each of us can play our role beginning with telling our children the truth about why it is that in war “money is no object” and of course up until now we have chosen not to tell our children anything that begs a question we don’t want to answer beginning with “Why would you want to bring children in to this world if the only way they could survive is to be more corrupt and destroy the world that much quicker?”


We loose our morality the instant we “come of age” and CHOOSE to duck the important issues of the day like “who comes out smelling like roses after each and every war no matter who wins?”


Amongst the victors who had simply the biggest guns take a look at the professionals who have prospered the most since the Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944.


First rate artists whether they be oil painters, sculptures and candle stick makers are quite different to doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, insurance agents, stock brokers and politicians which has you beginning to feel a whole lot better when realizing how accurate my rather smart wife is when she says, “No one should be paid more than the garbage collector” and of course that must include teachers.


Nothing quite like the “sly language” to hide our “misery” as we, still kids, transition into adults BUT HAVING FAILED MISERABLY to see the “connecting dots” between the body’s muscle mass below the neck and the brain waves NOT fully functioning, the result of not “appreciating” the importance of having “mentors” who encourage to “logical thought process” from the start.


How many “to-get-her” [sic] parents can you name who can go beyond “3 steps” of “reasoning” well illustrated in “Veni Vici Vidi”?


Waiting for “God” to “save us” from ourselves is “par for the course” IDIOT THINKING by peoples so hooked on having everything including their stupidity handed to them daily by parents, teachers, clerics and academia, the new corrupt church, such “protectors” never managing to get their own arms around the genius of constantly sweating both the body connected to the mind while both the body and the mind are still growing.


How difficult is it really for a kid to look at those around and decide they are far better off trusting their own instincts rather than a fatso parent bearing in mind that the evidence suggests rather strongly there is an extraordinarily SMART God but that God wouldn’t be so foolish as to deposit himself in those so “Buddha like” to mention little of most Buddhist monks I have come across appear in rather good physical shape but who may not have figured out, possibly the result of not having a balanced diet that must include great sex why it is that there is so many Buddhist temples in China that embraces all faiths including no faith in manmade faiths that don’t throw off “positive cash flow”.


Lets wait and see what Rebecca sends me. Do you recall how she got to us?


I am comfortable with a “tenancy agreement” but I would like you to drop by Risdon and see what they have to say and don’t forget to get the email for McLusky’s replacement.


Dave from the red barron has not got back to me even though I followed up with him following the two of you talking.


If you have the time I would like you to look at this hyperlink, this hyperlink and this hyperlink and tell me what you think.






From: Valerie Coster
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To: Gary S. Gevisser
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Hi Gary,

just spoke rebecca again, she will get references from agents renting from at moment & bank statements to you monday, hope that is the sort thing you want, she could pay 2 or 3 months rent up front, ideally would like shorthold tenancy agreement for 1 year but if you only wanted to do a 6 month one I'm sure they'd agree.

I'm going down hopefully on thursday, will meet them then if things progress, I do think they are genuine, it was Frank that showed them house not Dave, I think he feels bit responsible about Eve not going through with rental (i think she was delusioned bout whole thing with him!)

I can get in touch with Devin Standard if you want to go through him or risdons or just get a tenancy agreement which is a proper legally binding agreement.

I don't know how much Rebecca has told you about herself but basically her husband (think they're married but not sure, havnt asked) is working,they have 2 children & she would like to run the cafe, she doesnt have any real experience but I don't think thats a problem, if you do decide to rent to them I can help her with the setting up, suppliers etc, I don't think they would take that much in autumn/winter as she would be new & it has been closed this season, if you preffered orif you think it would be better for you you could increase rent & drop % of takings, expect you've thought about that anyway.

Her computer is actually at parents place not at hers, but apparently thats nearby. I'm hoping this sends now still bit hit & miss with connections, think i need to go on broadband.

Love Valerie


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And hello to you both.


Can you tell me a little about yourselves beginning by letting me know the worst things anyone would have to say about you and don’t forget to let me know everything there is to know about your finances?


Let me tell you a little about me by having you click on to this hyperlink that takes you the "back and forth" between myself and another couple.



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From: Rebecca
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Subject: Cafe Sea Crest


Hiya Gary, my name is Rebecca and my partner is Jamie. We are very

interested in the Cafe that you have for let or sale.

We would very much like to let it from yourself if we could.

We wont bother you with our plans for it but we would like to make you an

offer for a letting price.

Our offer is £X a month plus 10% of takings.

We may consider buying at a later date for whatever your asking price is,

but not just at the moment.

Hope you accept this offer of ours and we will look forward to hearing from

you about the offer.

If you wish to accept our offer then we can discuss our plans with you if

need be.

Thanks for considering us!


Rebecca and Jamie