From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006 11:05 AM PT
To: T4
Cc: rest

Subject: I sent the following to a journalist from the NY Times who wrote a bs article titled, Plight Deepens for Black Men, Studies Warn:


I read with great interest your excellent article citing the rather sobering statistics that talk to the plight of especially black men which in many ways seem to defy what we all know intuitively about black men when placed on a sports field do rather well when compared to most if not all racial groups throughout the world.


Suffice to say I am a white male who was born and raised in Apartheid South Africa and I believe I have information that will do nothing short of having you refocus your efforts assuming you are genuinely interested in getting at the truth.


I look forward to hearing from you.



Tefo - the reason for me sharing this communiqué with you and so far only those in the Cc section is to let you all know that while there are few if any people on this planet who devote as much time as I do to R&R which on average amounts to approximately 1,500 minutes per week of pretty strenuous exercise at an altitude of well in excess of 4,000 feet AND LET ME ADD THIS AMOUNT OF TIME DOES NOT INCLUDE SEX which I estimate to be of a comparable time period when considering both foreplay and all the laughter that follows, I am in all likelihood more productive in terms of my “influence” on people just when examining my “face to face” meetings I have with people than all of you combined, bearing in mind I am well aware of how productive each of you is in your various “work environment.”


My purpose of being so “in your faces” at this time is for each of you to know that I am moving forward in the next several hours at a SIGNIFICANTLY increased pace that unless you are fully in tune with me may not register; in all likelihood you will take the attitude of “why should I care?


Dr. John K. Pollard as you would expect following my letting him know not to send me any superficial stuff sent me a very interesting article about these Cuban chess players going to an unknown community college in Miami but who have more than simply “held their own” against the best of the best chess players attending Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Yale.


I know, versus believe that if I were to set aside for no more than a week just one of my relatively slow daily 90 minute loop walks of Nobel Canyon here deep in the Cleveland National Forest and use that time to play chess online against the best of the best chess players out there I could not only win without so much as a single frown coming across my face but get quite the reputation that you would possibly argue would “bolster” my “standing” in order to give “peace a better chance”.


My “standing” however, amongst the “movers and shakers” of the world doesn’t need “bolstering” and this is something each and every one of you should have figured out a while back, yet each of you in your own way feel the need to let me know that I should look at other ways to get out my “message of hope”.


The truth as you all know perfectly well is that none of you including you Tefo really and truly want the full truth to be told because if you did you would have by now leveraged my stellar track record just in the “real-money making world” until Kingdom Come.


By oftentimes “dressing like a clown”, allowing my hair to grow much like “Bozo the clown” I get to see the “true reaction” of this awfully conditioned world.


Let me now prove to you this very important point.


Go ahead right now and email someone you have known a lifetime and tell them you just ran into to someone they know but who they lost touch with ages ago and what you will find is that when cutting through the bs of “Wow, how is so and so?” the only thing of real interest is how rich or how poor that person is and if they are doing “poorly” as in struggling to make ends meet versus the much more sincere sadness were they to be told this long lost friend had lost all their limbs and forced to carry their chopped off head in the groove between their sawn off spine and shoulder blades that lasts just a fraction of a second, you will notice how the person hearing about their “down and out” former “acquaintance” begins to see you as a “loser” versus if you tell them that so and so is “filthy rich” when in the next instant based on how you have obviously used your time smartly to have gathered such important information from someone who is obviously now busy and so much more influential, you are now seen no matter how well you know the individual you are sharing the “good news” as being in a whole “new light”.


Don’t waste your precious time testing this out with a school buddy, instead “cut to the chase” and test it on a family member and so you will see how extraordinary superficial are you viewed by someone you thought really cared about you.


The fact of the matter is that I could in fact “care less” what anyone thinks given the “gift” I have for being able to “logically thought process” with the very best out there and so far Marie is the closest I have found to someone who “gets it” but who is loathe to invoke the word “G-D” for reasons that talk to her abundant intellectual honesty.


And while Marie has in all probability never read Perfect Storm II on the nor in all likelihood completed reading THE DIAMOND INVENTION she has met Newell Starks the co-author of Perfect Storm II and knows just from how much Newell trusted me that I have certain “gifts” that no one unless they are a total imbecile should take lightly.


Perfect Storm II should have been enough for each of you much more involved in this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world than Marie to realize the extent of my “standing” amongst the “movers and shakers” of Wall Street without knowing a single other thing about me to have had you moving nothing short of mountains to support my efforts to give “peace a better chance”.


The fact is that I have personal knowledge of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who pull the strings of Wall Street’s “movers and shakers” such as Newell Starks and his employer Citicorp Venture Corporation the most successful leverage buyout fund in the history of Wall Street run by a former English major which is not to suggest for a single moment that Tom McWilliams has even close to the intelligence of any of Israel’s most junior intelligence gathering officers to mention little of the extraordinary “intelligence” that prompted the prime minister of Israel to show the entire world how extraordinarily desperate Israel is at this time willing to breed “down the line” thousands if not tens of thousands more suicide bombers simply to prop up the United States Dollar by holding back on $50 million due to the Palestinian Authority.


You don’t think Israel’s Intelligence officers have read the fricken DIAMOND INVENTION, i.e. wouldn’t know at this fricken time who to go to if they need “hard currency” to purchase say one single bullet to be handed to each Israeli to in the next instant “commit suicide”?


Time has in fact “run out” and the smartest, i.e. the most logical thinkers on the planet have worked out a while back that it is pure folly to be even worrying about the fact that it doesn’t take 9 months to breed another terrorist when in just a couple of hours each one of the 135,000 Palestinians whose paychecks just MIGHT HAVE BEEN interrupted could without their parent, teacher, cleric or professor giving their interpretation read with their own eyes THE DIAMOND INVENTION and in the next instant you would have a network like Al Jazeer that is not so “bought and paid for” telling the world,


The game is over. You disgusting Lily White Wheaty Eaters NOW THIS INSTANT take all your worthless dollars and shove it where the sun don’t shine.”


Bear in mind as you now this instant come to grips with your own mortality that there is no evidence I am aware of that talks to a single Palestinian not receiving their paycheck and if I am wrong, don’t even bother giving me their name, just their email address bearing in mind such an individual could be a DAAC operative just like each and every one of those folks who got caught up in one of those continuous Nigerian DAAC sponsored scams.


I now say to each of you not to bother me with not a single article produced by anyone I consider to be an intellectual midget, i.e. only send me back stuff I have written that you don’t fully understand.


By this time, forget “al-to-get-her” [sic] reading precisely about how Newell and I went about “handcuffing” Tom McWilliams and all the SIGNIFICANT resources of Citigroup while significantly increasing both shareholder value of Chase Brass Industries a former New York Stock Exchange corporation with the symbol CSI as well as opening wide the systemic rot of the world’s capital and financial markets, instead just try and stay in touch with what is happening in “real time” by simply reading the 842 word “RAGE” intro to Michael Grant.


Each of you should have long before now been right in the “faces” of each and every co-worker as well as each and every member of both your immediate and extended families assuming of course you and them combined were not getting more than your “fair share of the graft”.


And of course each of you when looking at your combined balance sheets “thinking” [sic] that in a worse case scenario you would all come “to-get-her” [sic] different, however, than my Jewish brothers and sisters during the extraordinary slow rise of Hitler, you all believing that while giving me “token support” it is best that the “status quo” remain


Remember I didn’t get off a boat just yesterday.


Having been schooled by perhaps the greatest logical thinker of her times if not of all time, Zena Gevisser summed up back in 1988 how much she empathized with me when she wrote the following on a piece of cloth:


It’s not easy to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.


Again, I would greatly appreciate it if none of you communicate with me again UNLESS it is to tell me that you have leveraged my “work product” to get sponsorship for our $1.99 ATTENTION: ALL NEXTRATERRESTRIAL SHOPPERS-PARTNERS’ “RED FLAG SALE bearing in mind that while each of you can pontificate how the “Money Power” folks will provide you ample protection by never allowing, again no different to the rise of the stooge Hitler, the precipitous collapse of the world’s capital and financial markets and therefore no matter what, those at the bottom of the pyramid will be the first to feel the brunt of starvation and lack of clean drinking water, each of you with each tick of the clock as Knowledge-Information-Light travels at Light-G-D-Speed feeling increasingly less self-confident.


Trust me when I tell you that there are sufficient numbers of folks out there having SIGNIFICANTLY worse balance sheets than you who have managed to zero in on my having beyond a shadow of a doubt connected the dots between the leftist militant groups such as the FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION and the DAAC’s bankers.


Such properly conditioned human beings who are NOT statistically represented on my one of a kind email list that represents a statically valid sampling of the world’s literate and CROOKED understand perfectly well that even for the best of the best amongst the “literate and crook”, possibly up until this very moment in time believed that you and your “mafia family-friends” benefit more so from the quick collapse of the extraordinary “house of cards” given how in such a rather common scenario which essentially has history repeating itself the poor of the world will be once again so shell-shocked, willing to go to war with each other just for a little food in their stomach washed around with a pint of beer that allows them to sing along with their “comrades in arm”.


Again such a scenario is increasingly unrealistic as I and others like me who understand better I believe than any of you that we have already “turned the corner” on such evilness helped in no small measure by my painstaking and methodical repetitiveness that granted no one but those in tune with the heartbeat of the universe a “competitive edge.”


Time to fly.




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