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Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 12:08 PM PT
To: Devin Standard
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First, no one other than those carbon copied will receive a copy of this email from me unless you say otherwise.


Second, it should be obvious that not more than a handful of people on my email list which totals more than 2400 would go beyond sending us $1.99/mth.


Third, such awesome Knowledge-Information-Light in your hands should have you first taking the rest of the day off and sitting down to a quiet early dinner with your family and explaining both your courage and survival instincts all coming “to-get-her” [sic] and to have them join you as you go about starting tomorrow collecting corporate sponsors.


Fourth, you should have both the “big” and “small pictures” to be totally convincing without me even spelling out in simple English what it “means” to have “sumone” [sic] such as myself writing missives such as this in a position to have sat down 3 weeks earlier for breakfast on August 26th 2002 with Joe Steinberg, coming just 16 days before The Sperm Donor egged on by you know who filed a baseless and extraordinarily insidious criminal complaint against me, the authorities clearly not wondering more why the The Sperm Donor, the slimeball of slimeballs opportunist would choose the first anniversary of 911 to attempt taking a deathblow to the most extraordinary mother of our times.


Fifth, Joe Steinberg is today the “man of the hour” on an increasingly depressed Wall Street despite or perhaps more accurately, in spite of my failure to follow his very clear directives back in November 1998 before he had me begin on December 1st 1998 a 6 week assignment tasked with doing absolutely nothing but keeping my big mouth shut that was all part of a carefully thought out strategy by both Joe and me that would have resulted in me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, all set today to take over from him given how well we had got to know one another following my rather stellar “due diligence” on behalf of a group of extraordinarily sophisticated international investors expert in the “money creation” matters but back in the late 1980s when we all thought the collapse of world capital and financial markets was a hair-breath away, such folks, however, were totally out of their league when up against Joe and his partner Ian Cummings beyond a shadow of a doubt smarter than the smartest financial engineers in the world who mostly operate out of South Africa and Hong Kong who even someone such as yourself so extraordinarily worldly would never be able to figure out unless of course coached by the likes of me were you say to run into one of them in an airport, never so foolish as to fly in anything but a regular commuter aircraft in anything but coach.


Sixth, gold last traded at $551.70 up just shy of $10 a troy ounce over the past 5 odd hours.


Seventh, the repetitive 6 year cycles of the insurance world began to change dramatically in the mid 1980s when the smartest financial engineers in the world figured out that there was absolutely nothing to support the United States Dollar whose strength provides elitists over the top lifestyles throughout the world other than the world being embroiled in all out war where money becomes no object AND if one cannot get the poor of the world to fight amongst themselves to battle against all odds as they are doing right this instant to perpetuate the over the top fictitious DIAMOND INVENTION.


Eighth, READ THIS INSTANT 10 TIMES THIS EMAIL I SENT YOU ON MARCH 2ND THAT CONTAINS THE MOST RECENT COMMUNIQUE FROM RON BELLOWS SENIOR, THE MOST SKILLED AND EXPERIENCED RISK MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST WALKING THE PLANET that talks to the ammunition you now have at your fingertips to first bring corporate America “into line” in order to give peace a better chance.


Ninth, the fact that people such as myself who were not invested in the stock market prior to its collapse in October 1987 but who went in heavily once it reached bottom was not because we were thinking then like the not exactly dumb Israelis today of pulling out all stops to support the totally worthless dollar but only out of self preservation.


Tenth, knowing what you know about me the odds NOT very low of my first “meeting up” with Joe Steinberg soon after the collapse which did in fact take place but was shifted very swiftly on to the backs of the poor both here in the U.S., remember aspartame introduced into the mainstream diet back in the mid 1980s, as well as in the 3rd world.


Eleventh, again Joe Steinberg is one of the most private and sought after money managers in the history of Wall Street whose name while not meaning much to the average Joe Blow on the street just trying to stay out of trouble while feeding their family with mind altering drugs, is and has been well known to the smartest of the “money power” people in the world well before I met up with him that occurred soon after I “blew up” his $10 million real estate deal that most if not all “risk assessment” specialists would have given their “blessing” given what on the surface appeared to be nothing short of a “winning proposition”, the Kino Springs development located just minutes from the border towns of Nogales Mexico and the U.S. having previously attracted investment capital of some $30 million that quite obviously went mostly into infrastructure versus in the hands of “meddlemen” [sic] as is the case in most real estate developments but would always remain “underwater” so long as we didn’t open up our borders to the free flow of drugs.


"Twelth" [sic], until you get your arms around the fictitious but wonderfully distracting Nigerian DAAC scams that pale in comparison to what the Federal Reserve and the such has managed to pull off, your children, assuming that are not hooked on aspartame, will help guide you, you will never be able to have that heart to heart talk with your family counting on you to pull out all stops.






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