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See my response in red.


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What I meant is that you seem to place a lot of people i.e. "sarah cookes of the world" in one category.  Although most people do the same thing, I believe you mis undersstand my intent.  It is very hard to decipher your e mails and your writing style to get to your intended message, especially sense I do not know what it is you are trying to do. I couldn’t agree more with you. I also do not agree with what you said in your prior e mail that its a "greater probability that while the person with the higher education contributes less to the betterment of mankind". I couldn’t agree more with myself as a result of having read what you had to say from the “bottom up.” I do my part to help mankind, however one person can only do so much to help the overpopulation problem in third world countries I couldn’t agree more with you.  (I doubt that you are over there giving everything you have to end this problem, or giving your Board n Brew sandwhiches to the hungry). I could agree more with you if you had thrown in words to the effect after the word “hungry” something along the lines, “were you to be so utterly stupid”. So I don't understand why you said that.  Should I spend my life creating coalitions and trying to stop every injustice in the world. Yes, beginning with explaining to everyone you come in to contact with why your parents, teachers and professors failed to teach you in elementary school the SIGNIFICANT importance of the Anti-Trust-Monopolies Acts that as you have got older and more educated have contributed SIGNIFICANTLY in my humble but seasoned opinion to you right now going around in circles feeling that the situation is hopeless and if not hopeless then simply too difficult to bother with going back and finding out the answer as to why it is that you are now in your 20s attending university and still don’t have a clue despite my crystal clear communications for those able to logically thought process why in fact it is that you didn’t know by the time you got to middle school all the very carefully thought through logical reasons why your parents, teachers and professors made the conscious decision to deprive of your “Constitutional Right” to be educated from the very start, as in minute one, to become an “independent thinker”. No.  I can however, educate myself, enjoy my life, and help with what I can in the realm of reasonability. You are now doing just great having read the previous 171 odd words in red. I believe that more people will listen to what I have to say if I am educated and understand both the good and evils of society. I believe that more people will listen to what you have to say once I help you wean you off your pitiful education that couldn’t be “al-to-get-her” [sic] bad considering the fact that there remains within you this most important curiosity factor to seek the truth, a word which we tend to use quite often, i.e. attach importance to, yet it seems to be a word conspicuously absent from the United States Constitution perhaps you think because our Founding Mothers were also conspicuously absent from providing their input?  And how do I know this, because I actually have been to third world countries and tried to make a difference. And how do I know all this, because first I spent the first 21 years of my life shy of 1 week being raised in the 3rd World only going to university in order to avoid being drafted in to the military of the 3rd Reich’s southern division that like Nazi Germany was under the “command and control” of organizations like the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel although I have yet to come across a single other entity-regime including the folks who manufactured the gases that murdered a good chunk of my family benefiting as much as the DAAC, not even close to repeat how many times you think the fact that your parents, teachers, priests and professors failed to encourage you to ask important questions like who other than the DAAC would be willing to invest their unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency in to a business plan like Mein Kampf that spelled out without anyone having to read in between the lines what, when and how a stooge like Hitler could be counted on to do if supplied with both the necessary industrial diamonds as well as credit facilities to build his weapons of war. I mean in no way for this e mail to sound angry or insulting in the least bit (e mail have attendency to be rather emotionless or cold). 


Oh, and yeas I did read what you posted on the message board, very interesting....although I do not think that I agree. Please tell me exactly what you disagreed with bearing in mind two things, first, I continue to provide input to Annie George in producing the DAAC Treason Complaint book against the United States Congress et al, the DAAC movie script and my forthcoming book Manager Minute One, and second, based on the thoughts that have been circulating in my head since this past Saturday when you emailed me,I am still confused, could you lay it out for meI anticipate my response will take me approximately 30 minutes bearing in mind that I will be typing despite still recovering from the concussion I received this past Thursday when hurtling down Noble Canyon on my $15 second hand bicycle that has no shock absorbers, at 150 words a minute which is the approximate pace I can maintain for at least 30 minutes assuming of course I find a way to regenerate the 600 or so brain cells I left when jumping from this one rock to the one below which was no more than a vertical meter below, once I know exactly what it is that I want to say while concurrently reaching a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population, making as certain as any human being can be that no one either at the top or bottom of the pyramid gains “competitive advantage” to mention little, however, of the fact that by this time, 10:01 AM Pacific Standard Time, gold last trading at $562.30 as high as $566 a troy ounce just 190 minutes ago, anyone with just a particle of a neuron firing in the space between their ears knows exactly not only how that CRITICALLY IMPORTANTcase study” to a private banker in La Jolla, California ended which I first began broadcasting in an email back on January 14th to Denga but now what has bankers like David Rockefellerscared sh*tless” [sic] as he along with folks like the drivers of armored trucks carrying worthless currency have for the first time in history access to the very same Knowledge-Information-Light.




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Dear Sarah,

It is late in the day and perhaps I have missed something important.

Please explain to me what you mean by me "cast"ing you "in the category of
"the other people of society"?

Second, did you read what I posted on the goldman sachs yahoo message board
this time last night?



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I actually agree with what you are saying, however, I
do not know if I should be enlightened or insulted to
be cast in the category of "the other people of
society". Although I have been educated my whole life
by the public school system I am very aware of the
corruption and half-truths that politically plague
every crevice of society today. I simply asked you to
"lay out" what it is you do, so to better understand
the "roots" if I may be so inclined, of your
discontent for society and to recognize you as a
reputable source of information. I go to SDSU, and am
continually trying to learn from other sources beyond
textbooks or my dictator-like professors. You mention
that I need to be updated on "the single most
important issue of today, yesterday and tomorrow".
However you never directly address this. What, in
your opinion, is this issue? I would love to be


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How are you doing with the follow up to the banks?


You have hit on a very significant issue and I don’t know that anything is served by “beating around the bush”.


Why not simply cut to the chase and ask this person who works for the bank who I assume is a buddy of yours when such a policy of not accepting precious minerals went into effect and then give me permission to broadcast this important “back and forth” while throwing in my two cent opinion?


My point is that you are going to run into the same “wall” as you did with my cousin Mark Gevisser.


It is important to realize that at some point you have to stop looking around and just focus on what you see when looking in the mirror before coming to terms with what is happening in real time.


In other words when MG, the autobiographer of the President of South Africa, goes deafeningly silent on you for the most obvious reasons, i.e. he knows from fricken reading my emails that you were about to ask him directly versus beating around the bush what exactly was the nature of his father’s relationship with the American Charles Englehard who was murdered back in March 1971 at age 54, CE not only an open supporter of the South African Apartheid Regime under the command and control of CE’s DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel that enslaved your grandparents, parents and now you but this most evil man was at the very same time the single largest contributor to the United States Democratic Party who saw to it that while keeping you enslaved, one part of the machinations of the DAAC’s awesome money creation business we here in the United States went about murdering 30 million Vietnamese under the pretext of stopping the spread of Communism.


Were you aware that the United States lost the war in Vietnam and the DAAC, the most communist regime in the history of mankind not only continues to exist but is stronger than ever?


I am not trying to be funny.


This is a very serious question that most of the educated people in the world including very smart and educated people like Dr. John K. Pollard have yet to realize, certainly it is not something they care to speak about for it begs a number of questions beginning with why it is that they are so deafeningly silent on the most important issue of the day and ending with what the hell is going on in your head at this precise moment in time?


I am holding back on responding to Ms. Sarah Cooke who has delighted me with her very simple question to “lay out” what it is exactly that I am attempting to do but I need to first make certain that not only you but the rest of your “friends” made up of “independent thinkers” and otherwise are up to speed on the single most important issue of the day, today, yesterday and tomorrow.


Until you can assure me that you have the ability to be laser focused I am compelled to “beat around the bush” in order to make as certain as any human being can be that you don’t get caught up in the rather large “dragnet” I began casting back in 1980 when I came face to face with why it is that the more educated one is the more one believes the “world owes you a living” irrespective of the fact that I have yet to meet a single educated individual who contributes positively more than they consume so fricken arrogant in their defiance of G-D-Nature that they actually believe that the Sarah Cookes of the world wont have the perseverance to examine the money trail that leads to explaining not only when but how it has come about that their future and those that follow is getting increasingly less rosy.


We are now talking exclusively of “money” and the fact that MG, again the autobiographer of the President of South Africa that sits atop the worlds richest mineral resources simply thinks he can now ignore you should give you reason to pause, and then pause again and then pause repeatedly and to keep doing so until such time as you can think of something more important given how what we have accomplished so far, just you and me, is to prevent the publication of this next most important bullsh*t history book and even if it does in fact hit the bookshelves the mere fact that just again, you and I, and not a single other human being on this planet has done a fricken thing to lift a finger in shining the most extraordinary spotlight on this most important pursuit should not only have you invigorated but smiling from ear to ear.






Ps – Note the quietness on the Goldman Sachs Yahoo message board ever since I began posting up last evening bearing in mind once again my intimate knowledge about how such message boards are watched closer than private detectives hired by Wall Streeters to both watch and eavesdrop on their cheating spouses to mention little of you know exactly what is my next post on the GS Yahoo message board.


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