From: Gary S. Gevisser
Saturday, September 11, 2004 11:20 PM
Derrick Beare
Cc: rest;
Dad; Devin Standard
Subject:, me, me!


D – not to forget the value of the camaraderie of those black South Africans like  L. Justice Thabane’s out there thinking about Cliff Benn making off with what little remains of South Africa’s valuable movable property on his Godzilla size yacht with my uncle Joe Ash a former commodore of the Durban Yacht Club hired to steer with Anthony Schneiderman in charge of directing those to walk the plank who think mutiny is a better option play.


Altho, Justice didn’t respond even to say “thank u” for helping him out how he came about contacting me should give every single person on this planet reason to pause, agree?


I am about to work on a missive to folks on the Revlon Yahoo message who forgot to thank me for getting them a $10 million settlement out of my orthodox Jewish brother Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman, a pitiful number but certainly better than a kick in the pants considering Perelman known amongst his higher ranking executives as “Capo di Capi” was so deathly afraid of a trial knowing perfectly well that I was there “in the wings”, his hired guns on at least one occasion tried to intimidate a former executive of Revlon who was suing Perelman for wrongful termination, in no way connected with the class action lawsuit, such antics all geared toward scaring me off, which when it didn’t work had Perelman buying up the few shares actually in the public’s hands to the point that he owns today possibly 90% if not more of the “outstanding shares” again, the shares are not worth the paper they r written on; moreover the damages to the outside shareholders who held on to their shares was becoming “slim and none” as Perelman paid far more than what they were worth just so that he could force the attorneys who I had tasked with “not letting him off the hook no matter what” to make a good case to me that that even in a trial where the Capo Di Capi could pull off a number of sick stunts the few remaining shareholders would end up with next to nothing as things dragged on for years bearing in mind that at the end of the day it is the insurance carriers who settle and I don’t need to go into how poorly they are doing other than to say the only thing that convinced me to go along with the deal of $10 million which is in fact a pretty good deal when one looks very closely at what would have been a best case scenario at trial was Mr. Jrk of FK telling me to “hold my horses” since he did a pretty good selling job of assuring me the SEC were conducting a “secret” criminal investigation into Perelman that would have this yoyo still to the best of my knowledge a member of an upper east end orthodox Jewish congregation very likely spending time in jail meeting up with the likes of bubba who could be counted on to teach this imbecile everything he should have been taught when going to a Jewish Day School like Carmel College Durban South Africa why it is wrong to lie, steal and cheat,,, okay so the idiot went to Wharton Business School, not much difference I would argue.


Just thinking of how Justice may have wanted to show his appreciation toward me but the Durban Jewish mafia may have got to him first before he could reply saying “sumthing” [sic] along the following lines:


Gary, thank u for being so wonderfully graphic in shoving it up Arnold Zulman’s backside.


We just love how u showed the connection between my comrades in his kitchen painstakingly wiping off the feces from all of Arnold’s toilets be4 mixing it all, removing of course all the non digestible nuts as well as bolts courtesy of the Lazarus Non-Ferrous Metals operations, in the salad dressing adding tons of salt and pepper along with a squeeze of Beacon chocolate to sweeten the taste and those attending the incredibly choreographed dinner settings that had that our bought and paid for Zulu chief Buthelezi sprouting his shit while holding on to Arnold’s dik tugging it once in a while when he felt it shriveling up when Arnold got tTOo full of himself as his wife Rosemary passed on, a dirty look, never tho would Arnold forget to hand over a shilling or tTOo into the palm of Buthelezi’s other hand, all this u can imagine taking place under the table while another of Arnold’s guests held on to Buthelezi’s dik to keep this uncle Tom from not sending his Zulu warriors over to Arnold’s chocolate factory day and night until such time as Arnold got with the program, called in the rest of the Durban Jewish mafia all bought and paid for, handing their most vocal Jewish Capo, Gunter The Pig Lazarus his marching order so that Rabbi Abner Weiss could stop with the MET A 4s and tell it exactly the way it is allowing those Jewish folks not sick to their stomachs from inhaling all the bullshit around Arnold’s Friday night dining room table to work out without us kaffirs planting a rocket scientist into each of their heads that the biggest thugs were the South African Lilly White Wheaty Eating Oppenheimers leading to everyone calling out a whole lot quicker, ‘Thank G-D almighty free at last’ as opposed to what we have today, another generation of nincompoops such as myself and Cliff Benn who doesn’t even have the courage to do anything more than fart bearing in mind the slicing his anus has taken excreting those rough diamonds.


Thank u again for coming just in the nick of time.


We love u and like u just as much as big mouth Trevor “Mini” Goldberg and David “I’m the sexiest man alive” Altman.


D – knowing that u will likely only get this far in the missive, u know surely to read everything first from the bottom up, may I suggest u just forward this on to Jonathan suggesting he read it “back and forth” as well as “up and down” seeing how incredibly valuable our intellectual property is with or without his involvement but my sense is that he will end up in a relatively early grave just from kicking himself to death if he does not invest his entire net worth along with all the monies, certificates of insurance, blah blah he has received over the past 24 hours just prior to leaving for London from the rest of the Durban Jewish mafia hoping he will be able to keep me off their backs.


And of course once he lets them know that he has invested their monies in our intellectual property all will be forgiven and I will promise not to bring up the salad dressing business unless say Cliff Benn insists.


Not to forget to reassure Jonathan that as tough as I am on us Jews, not that Jonathan needs reminding the entire world is Jewish, tracing our origins back to Jesus Christ be4 getting to Abraham, I can be counted on not to cut any private with any church buddies, that in advocating world peace with real nuts and bolts economic solutions all the world’s churches, synagogues, mosques, Buddhist temples, atheist cathedrals like the United States Congress, to remain open for people interested only in finding out what went wrong as the rest of the world moves forward making this place the way it once was, a perfect garden of Eden where once again we will all only hear the birds singing, the wind blowing, a fox running back and forth and of course it is okay to doubt me, remember us Jews are required to question the Almighty SMART G-D.


My hearing just yesterday from Devin Standard that there was this guy called Thomas who wasn’t quite the believer until I guess he saw the “writing on the wall”.


As I said in my previous missive to Steve Silas a tenant at 1431 Stanford St. I am a little tired right now my main focus to respond to this character Me_thinks on the Revlon Yahoo Message board which might have to wait until I have got some 40 odd winks.







Ps – I still have not heard back from those Lilly White Wheaty Eating South Africans assuring me that they would be able to come in with an offer of more than $1.6 million for the Santa Monica building but come Monday night if someone comes in at $1.0 million and able to close in 3 days or less 1431 will be theirs with a tidy profit built in unless of course the market crashes on day 4 and they haven’t managed to flip it which is what I suspect this one group is working on doing which is why they wanted a 30 day escrow period.


I am copying a handful others including my dad and Devin in the event they know of someone who can move quickly, my thinking they should give my pal Trevor Manuel South Africa’s Minister of Finance a call and begin by reminding him who he actually works for but I wouldn’t want to piss of Trevor since he may be the perfect buyer given the Special Forces protection 1431 Stanford Street is getting these days, then again if the market crashes be4 Monday night we will sitting even prettier perched up high in the clouds – today happening to be the 2nd anniversary of when Marie’s former husband decided to go “to war” with me which reminds me I should first say hello Mr. George Money Talks Hurst Esq be4 doing anything else, money not the root of all evil, but man-woman so caught up in our own bullshit we cannot see the wood for trees thinking this whole fricken universe is all about “me, me, me.”