From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, June 02, 2006 11:57 AM PT
To: Old Coin Shop
Cc: rest;; Laurie Black - Strategic Partners with Southwest Strategies, Steve Alexander Group,; United States Justice Department; FBI; Mossad; Roger W. Robinson; Jerusalem Post;;; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC];
Subject: FW: Do...LISTEN UP!




Surely your “deafening silence” is because you have run out of gold to sell, nothing “al-to-get-her” [sic] to do with you being intimidated by the increasingly wimpish dark DAAC forces that have contributed the most, in my humble and seasoned opinion, to the dumbing down much more so of the western world than the so-called 3rd World, nowhere near as much under the influence of the likes of LORDS-Lloyds of London and the CENTRAL Selling Organization TOTALLY DOMINATED by the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel that make all the myriad of rules that serve only to have the perpetually enslaved poor breeding like rabbits and so unwittingly prepared to die quickly like flies while propping up the INsignificantly small number of pencil-pure carbon-paper pushers so strategically located throughout. mostly again, in the western world?


Such fatso westernized ignoramuses having ASSUMED that all of Israel’s best of the very best Special Forces commandos didn’t understand right at the formation of the fledging State of Israel back in 1948 just a year before the west installed Mao to do the most terrific job of “talking down” communism, Israel still to this day while very corrupt the most democratic of our communist states who are and have been for “donkey years” so brilliantly “armed to the teeth” with the most devastating nuclear arsenal that should we all not very quickly get our acts together will have each and every one of us blown back in no time to the stone age, such EXTRAORDINARILY knowledgeable Special Forces personnel who rarely carry weapons relying instead on their highly tuned sensitivities KNOWING versus BELEIVING that instead of coming to the United States of American for “Dollar aid” in fighting its NOT so “precision engineered” Arab enemies, such very skilled and experienced “financial engineers” could ever so easily have called in for assistance their better weapons trained brothers and sisters to simply train the sights of their long range rifles on the Adam’s Apples of each and every DAAC operative in the world beginning with Franklin D. Roosevelt but in doing so created a far more unstable situation given how the DAAC who operate mostly in the shadows and therefore as logic would dictate interfere most with the light have made it their business to keep very careful track of each one of our corrupt lawmakers beginning with the British Parliament followed by the United States Congress who first got bought off with the DAAC’s exclusive unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never once publicly inventoried diamond currency that they and they alone FIX THE PRICE which would require Israel’s Special Forces having to patiently, painstakingly and ever so methodically but not quite exactly boringly eliminate each and every one of our politicians that would inevitably given the systemic rot which we ALL knew about going back to when during World War II the DAAC thwarted [see Chapter 9, THE DIAMOND INVENTION] the efforts of the Americans to stockpile the much needed industrial diamonds, resulting in such small numbers of the best of the best who operate mostly alone being “ratted out” well before the onset of the Digital Age, a G-D-Send, the past and the future all coming “to-get-her” [sic] in the present.


There can be no escape during this extraordinary relative peace thanks to the most brilliant, godly inspired job by our great President the most honorable George W. Bush and his stellar administration who must now before it is too late SIGNIFICANTLY DEVALUE the over-the-top fictitious United States Dollar while focusing on flushing out each and every DAAC operative throughout the world, beginning with those who remain deafeningly silent.


Now after getting on your hands and knees and giving me 4200 pushups followed by 3600 sit-ups remembering to always breath in through the nose up to the count of 5 and out through the nose also to the count of 5 to keep telling yourself until all you can think of is besides for getting rid of your worthless United States Dollars is RENTing the sellout Steven SPIelberg’s 2005 movie MUNIch and when getting to the dialogue between the leader of the one  Israeli “hit squad” arguing with his Mossad contact about handing over the names of his DAAC French Rothschild look-a-likes who as you would expect no different to Charles Engelhard and Harry Oppenheimer all “crossed their hearts” while “saying grace” if you don’t immediately vomit thinking first about how very quickly those “double crossing” French would have been eliminated versus the female Dutch assassin who took out the one Israeli “specialist” tasked with “cleaning up” after a “hit” and second, totally nauseated by those diamonds worn by Hollywood’s elite going back to the time of the Weimer Republic when a barrelful of Deutsche Marks couldn’t buy a loaf of bread, then you are much sicker than I originally thought when noticing when we last met earlier this week your left very bloodied eye.


I certainly don’t think given how I have gone about ever so patiently, painstakingly and yes ever so methodically explaining to you why IT IS that you folks, the last line of defense for the hard working masses are for very good reason being “papered to death”, blaming George W. Bush while going about your business-personal no different to those who didn’t stand up to Hitler and his thugs that you will fair any differently in the end, now just trying to save your own skin as if it is that much more precious than those who are simply less informed but who intuitively understand better than most so poorly educated under a Bell Shaped Curve educational system that has “mediocrity” written all over it.


Not taking a rocket scientist who may not believe that design is everywhere to figure out that the simple design of the BS Curve rewards the “most average” amongst us, especially those like Lily White Wheaty Eater Roy Essakow who are not only so poorly bred but so inbred versus our much more colorful brothers and sisters such as our more evolved Blacks, Arabs and Hispanics, G-d forbid I mention the word Chinese who WHEN NOT running circles around us LWWE in each and every one of our top western schools while EXTRAORDINARILY well schooled in the Confucius “merit” system to mention little of while “sum” [sic] of us can like Ms. Laurie “Absolution” Black when failing to disclose her conflicts of interest mouth the words, “The Tallest Trees Attract The Most Wind” given how caught up such imbeciles are in this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world that has most of them now pulling out all stops to so very quickly corrupt their offspring by buying them off first with this and that bs activity followed by that BIG INHERITANCE that they think their LWWE children are too stupid to realize at this time is moments in the history of time from being totally worthless as the Chinese who only sleep when having sex ATE US UP FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER, so very busy minding their own business when not watching us so easily distracted Europeans-Occidentals get so caught up with our Rhodes Scholar Presidents such as Bill “Kitchen Sink-Wallpaper” Clinton with his small peepee and oversized ego so getting in the way of taking care of business such as “leveling with the American people” that there is a very BIG PRICE to pay for being the FAVORITE SUBJECTS of the British Crown that has been under the “command and control” of the DAAC almost immediately following the end of the Anglo Boer-Farmer War of 1899-1902.


I have increasing numbers of kids all around the world currently working on gathering other kids and their enlightened parents to attend one of my Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops and of course you, your boyfriend as well as your so bored dog are invited to attend all for free, leaving it up to your “intellectual honesty” to pay me and/or my designated heir at the conclusion of the 30 minute seminar-workshop where I-they will speak for no more than 15 minutes leaving the balance of the time for questions and answers what you think is fair.


In due course after I have done more “sensitivity testing” of the gold market at “street level” I will be responding to John Maudslay an agent of LOL who unlike you didn’t know when to shut the fuck up!




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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 6:57 PM
To: Old Coin Shop
Subject: FW: Do have any gold for sale including gold necklases and the such? Also give me the pricing including details on those American Indian coins I "left you with yesterday".


Do you get this email below?


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 9:46 AM
To: Old Coin Shop
Subject: Do have any gold for sale including gold necklases” [sic] and the such? Also give me the pricing including details on those American Indian coins I "left you with yesterday".