From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 3:49 PM PT
To: Adam Tucker
Cc: rest; Conrad Wolff; United States Justice Department; FBI; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State;; Roy Essakow; King Golden Jr. Esq.;; Professor Joe Grundfest - Sanford University - former Chairman of the SEC; William H. Jackson Esq. - lawyer-liar for the Wetherly Capital Group; Greg Beckham - c/o Andy Kean Esq.;;
Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Oprah;;
Subject: RE: ...T-1 HOOK UP TO THE INTERNET...---...GOLD LAST TRADING AT $541.30 A TROY OUNCE...---...


Then just place it as close to the top as possible.


Are you finding that you have less or more time to devote to what I am writing that even folks not used to my style of writing are not simply in shock but scared sh*tless?


Of course I am not simply talking about Dr. John K. Pollard who may be thinking that he would be better off “substituting in” at Marion prison for the American-Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard although my sense is Dr. JKP would have to wait in line for the 10 foot by 5 foot padded cell with the likes of Roy Essakow and this idiot Conrad Wolff who both know that Mr. Wolff’s 265 word email including the subject line, “Your Comments” has raised the “stakes” significantly for those who purchase “big digs” crediting their crooked employers given how anyone who knew Roy Essakow growing up knew that he was even dumber than his elder brother who I had the most incredibly difficult time explaining the subject matter Deceased and Insolvent Estates beyond a shadow of a doubt the easiest course ever offered at the 3rd world “crappy” University of Natal, Durban, South Africa.


Mr. Wolff’s lunacy is even more highlighted when not only compared to my 10 word stiletto like response, “DOES ROY ESSAKOW DIG YOU "MIDDLING" [SIC] IN HIS DIGGINGS?” but the implications of such a well thought through knuckleball which was the exclusive work product of my out of this world beautiful, drop dead gorgeous sexy beyond belief, French Canadian, 1/32 Huron Indian, natural athlete of athlete wife Marie Dion Gevisser who never even read Mr. Wolff’s rather hilarious communiqué just hearing my summary of what he had to say as she and I relaxed drinking the most incredible champagne watching another mind-boggling sunset from our over the top magnificent RENTED 5+++++ star hotel suite of hotel suites overlooking in my humble but seasoned opinion the greatest scenic view on this most amazing planet Mother Earth.


The second E-mail I sent Mr. “Eavesdropper” is in fact a “heart stopper” assuming you have blood versus greed running through your veins.


Of course this rather in good shape gentleman who I only recently met could be an “imposter” but who really cares in this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world when he is in fact the biggest purchaser of Marie’s rather good oil paintings that he has an increasing sense I was right when I first met him after he had purchased 2 of her pieces at an art showing held at the Power Station next to Jakes overlooking the ocean in downtown Del Mar, that they will become rather soon not only collectors pieces but SIGNIFICANTly more valuable than the net worth of the overwhelming majority of people I know including Derrick Beare who remains in possession of a small but rather valuable painting of mine.


Bear in mind for the first 21 odd years of my life I was primarily surrounded by the richest and most powerful people on the planet who considered my Royal Mater the shrewdest business person of her times, and few would argue including each member of my immediate family that Zena Gevisser was at least 50 years ahead of her times which takes me back to a conversation I had with Derrick’s one uncle, Eric Beare who back in the spring of 1989 was living and working as a relatively small time trader in Hong Kong, China when Eric just “out of the blue” commented that my mother was the “shrewdest” person he knew and Eric would probably know a little more than most despite my RM being so “tight lipped” given how Eric married one of my mother’s models, enough said on that subject, at least for now.


As my mind wonders a little I now think back a couple of summers ago when Derrick carrying his youngest son Joe in his arms teamed up in a game of soccer, held at his terrific Folly Farm residence some 9 minutes on my Ducati ST4s from the DAAC’s Central Selling Organization’s headquarters in downtown London, England, with Marie and her daughter Danielle against Marie’s son JoNathan and I and although I can’t remember exactly how many more goals they scored what I remember distinctly was the all important conversation I later had with Derrick pertaining to why his extraordinarily successful uncle, Trouble Bubble, who I still consider the cash richest person in the world would inform Derrick of his very underhanded business dealings as the two of us lay exhausted on the ground to mention little of the fact that despite a bad back Derrick demonstrated his incredible athletic skills.


I am sitting so very relaxed in our one of a kind rock home buried deep in the Cleveland National Forest just 30 minutes or less on my crutch rocket Ducati ST4S from the Cliff-Carriage House overlooking the spectacular Pacific ocean, a couple of horses now passing by the front windows of the rock house’s very red decorated bedroom, reminding me of the incredible sea wild life we have been seeing right in front the Cliff House’s two oversized windows that I am thinking of replacing with a single nuclear blast proof window that should at least be able to stop a sniper’s bullet fired a mile away from an Israeli renegade Special Forces commando unit using an unregistered Yugoslavian made gun probably identical to one carried by my pal Guy Friedman back in the early 1980s used after first tapping into the underwater telephone cables to take out PLO senior operatives in Lebanon, at times more than a mile away, leaving only the ears behind of these terrorists planning on murdering innocent civilians not just in Israel but mostly in the Arab countries and then blaming Israel and of course the United States for such atrocities?


Isn’t it just wonderful that as we go about leveling playing none of us really knows exactly who is friend and who is foe, not even a “trusted” family member can be counted on to “tow the line”, increasingly less “small talk” both on phones as well over The Internet as word spreads rapidly of this rather important 817 odd word communiqué I sent exactly 50 hours ago to Mr. Eavesdropper?


You have an increasing sense of history in the making as you now go back and read for the umpteenth time this heavily broadcasted communiqué I sent back on July 23rd 2002 to Bill O’Reilly of the Fox Network with very SIGNIFICANT input from Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk and I assume you read have read repeatedly this post I placed up on the Yahoo Revlon message board last night followed by this post followed by this single reaction so far bearing in mind that although you have worked with me now I believe going into our 6th year you don’t have the slightest clue of what it is exactly I do that has the most brilliant and most rapacious of the rapacious SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] knowing perfectly well that I don’t take very good “direction” calling upon my rather unique and universal “risk assessment” skills that help SIGNIFICANTLy in responding to fast balls thrown at or near head that include not only “run on” sentences but heavily broadcasted communiqués such as this, not to forget that today more than just Mr. JRK, the FBI and I have in our possession irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of “voter fraud” perpetrated by the most SIGNIFICANT financial contributors to the United States Democratic Party other than of course the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia who make all the drug cartels, all the terrorist groups including Al-Qa'id look like saints.


So back we are to this all important topic of “trust”, who the hell is talking about friends, family members and acquaintances, no one in their “right mind” in this “money talks” business-personal gives a rat’s ass about the next person other than to use the information they are sharing, acting so very interested but really just placing it all in the back of your head to use in the future to gain competitive advantage over the next person including the individual using you to their advantage.


Yes, the only thing to talk about today other than whether you think you are a worthy “sex slave” capable of keeping up with the demands of someone like my out of this world exotic wife, Marie Dion Gevisser is how much trust can we still place on people accepting our hard earned currency, not just at the grocery store but all over the world including the all important brothels to assist those out of shape at least every so often please their married partners whether or not they are married to one another.


You would know just looking at every one you know that married women who have mostly bought into “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”, significantly less so, only choose to have children given how it is so extraordinarily selfish and if not then the most imbecilic act, when they are bored sexually with their male partner.


Now of course MDG and I both know that while we strongly disagree on certain issues, the strongest point of contention being my versus her own assessment of her art painting competency, I have in failed nailed sufficient “stakes in the ground” to raise the awareness of even the most co-opted-corrupted amongst us to the point that I have left at this most historic moment at least in modern day times no escape route, having painstakingly and methodically pulled out all stops to give a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate human population the opportunity to separate themselves from the “riff raff” but of course that would force them to confront the fact that they need to have the riff raff around in order to justify them getting more than their fare share of the graft?


And in your case the best example is your one Roman Catholic uncle who must derive great satisfaction when sitting amongst all you supposedly Jewish people as he so bloodied your hands by informing you all of how he got his hands on $2 million that provided him quite the competitive edge in his plastics company?


There is every possibility Mr. Eavesdropper is not who he says he is just like your uncle might very well be an “informer” simply testing each and every one of you while on the payroll of both the FBI as well as the DAAC.


On the other hand Mr. Eavesdropper may in fact be just a nice guy thinking he would impress Marie and I by making out that he is someone with a rather important job and not a slimeball like your uncle having beyond a shadow of a doubt both “blackened” as well as “bloodied” all of your hands given how I am intimately familiar with the tactics of the DAAC although today all it takes is for someone with the least amount of common sense to look at this hyperlink containing my “back and forth” with a former employer of mine who is SIGNIFICANT fronting organization of the DAAC operating primarily on United States soil, to gleam the most not so much from DAAC’s deafening silence that has gone on for over a year but the failure of all law enforcement beginning with the United States Justice Department to take action which they fear could end up in civil war as those Americans “trusting” their dollars first walk towards the Capital building in Washington DC demanding nothing short of the guillotining of our so extraordinary corrupt United States Congress people who have failed not only “We the people of the United States” but all the hard working peoples of the entire world.


And of course I have been fooled before and so has Marie by people coming in to our lives professing to be “good” and then we found out that they are no different to anyone else just hoping to have as part of their “circle of friends” very good people like Marie and me, very generous with our hard earned monies as well as our time both contributing positively and most of all teaching what we contribute while they find the most comfort in being able to point out that there are others like The Sperm Donor and Greedy Beckham out there “on the loose” aided abetted by their lawyer-liars.


There is, however, an even greater possibly that Mr. Eavesdropper is telling the truth given how he was under no obligation to respond to my first email sent to him at 8:08 PM Pacific Standard Time this past Sunday evening just a few hours after we met that anyone with the slightest intelligence would have known was just the first step in my “due diligence”.


Again, you have to go back to from where I come having hung with not only with the richest people in the world for the first 20 years and 51 weeks, growing up in South Africa but what I have accomplished in the past 27 years and 46 weeks since being a permanent resident of the United States during which time I haven’t been exactly sitting on my backside just waiting to get “phat” [sic] and ugly like pretty much everyone I know other than of course Marie.


And while I could think of naming possibly 1 more individual “including” Devin Standard, the executor of my estate and my most trusted and dearest friend in the world who happens to be extraordinarily “in tune” even Devin still has to deal with his “demons” which include his extraordinarily honest Uncle Tom father who failed when he was recently the President of the New York State Bar Association “caretaking” some 72,000 crybaby lawyer-liars to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and at least make SIGNIFICANT inroads in helping each and every one of them transition in to new professions which in my humble but seasoned opinion, must surely include digging ditches in China, followed by Timbuktu until such time as each and every one of our slave laborers all around the world has a T-1 hook up to The Internet.


It is in fact the children of “elitists” who are having the most difficult time right now with my writings no different to any time from the beginning of time since we are the first to be told about the great philosophical teachings of those such as Tolstoy who were willing to “buck the system” in their undivided pursuit of Truth-Knowledge-Information-Light on all the same old important subjects of the day but for the most part we only find out given how elitists have managed the flow of information when we are already too old and co-opted-corrupted by the systemic rot.


I was, however, fortunate in a number of areas beginning with being blessed besides for “common sense”, by having 2 very different and extraordinarily honest parents who most of all truly loved one another, i.e. both Zena Gevisser and Bernie Gevisser trusted and respected each other to the point that by the time I arrived after my mother experienced 8 miscarriages and having prior given birth to my 3 siblings, both of them - now of course senile since what else can explain their childishness - had worked out that the best way to raise a child was to treat them like an adult from the start and thus preserve the “kid” versus treating a kid like a kid and having the kid think they are an adult and in the process lose the “curiosity” factor, the greatest “Gift of G-d” given to each of us, rich and poor alike.


The next greatest gift each of us could ever get if getting our parents as did mine to “let go” of their “godly instincts” by treating us no different to any other child who is surely no less or more important than the parents’ own offspring which would make both the Sperm Donor and Sperm Recipient more godly than the next Sperm Donor and Sperm Recipient and so this cycle of each generation thinking they are more godly than the previous generation of godly parents continues ad-infinitum.


This rather messy situation we now find ourselves in right at this time, the time 3 PM PST, can all be cleaned up in an instant but by getting each and every parent as well as future parents to “buy into” this will that I helped MDG write that got witnessed by a lawyer neighbor on January 3rd 2002, the day the share price of Vivendi the French-French multinational water conglomerate began a 280 day precipitous decline losing some $63 billion odd in market value, something I had more than a pretty good idea would take place given my intimate knowledge of the role played by Vivendi in the “voter fraud” that resulted in Democratic Governor Gray Davis being reelected on November 8th 2002 head of the 6th largest economy in the world to mention little of my wife’s X, The Sperm Donor choosing to use MDG’s will as an exhibit in court earlier on October 24th 2002 that had all of us in the courtroom on that most wonderful day who could read the last paragraph, paragraph 7 of this very simple one page will [see his-will hyperlink] smiling from ear to ear.


This will is possibly my greatest contribution to mankind that of course I KNOW versus BELIEVE has G-d’s signature all over it – forget the lawyer who witnessed it - since to suggest that I, and I alone, am responsible for my logical thought processing would place me no different to all the so ungodly, so disgusting human beings who make it their business-personal to raise selfish, so utterly miserable human beings no different to themselves, totally devoid of spirituality best illustrated in their inability to logically thought process.


On that note, let me have you stand by to receive “sumtime” [sic] in the next 24 hours a rather long email I have been thinking of sending Tefo titled, THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD ON TRIAL, who SHOULD NOT given my follow up communiqués still be waiting for an edited version of my response to his question,


How do they gain monetarily from your real-time services?


This of course all assumes MDG who should arrive any minute allows me out of bed other than to rake the leaves, chop the wood and most of all serve her 7 course meals at every meal, 24/7, the main course this evening Filet Mignon from this ranch in the Imperial Irrigation District I am thinking of Marie buying for me were she to ever feel bored enough to read this.




“Being a Sperm Donor or Sperm Recipient is no qualification for being a good parent!” – MDG


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I’ll play with it, but I think I trouble with placing it on the sides before which is why it ended up below it. I’ll let you know if I am able or unable to do it.


From: Gary S. Gevisser
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Could you place the hyperlink that is on the homepage of Next… perhaps to the right of your graphics at the top of the page?