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please help me out in explaining to my very good and talented friend, Ms. George who ranks right up there amongst the smartest, most beautiful and sexy women the world has ever known, why only non-independent thinkers would “CHOOSE” any other political figure going back to the very beginning of time other than our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush who at this most historic moment in the history of time as the past and the future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, has chosen to surround himself with the best and brightest of us “independent thinkers”.


I don’t feel you need to belabor the point that this “nuts thinking” is the result of the philosophical thought best illustrated in “but to each his own” i.e. “everyone plays their role”, i.e. everyone and no one is to blame for the extraordinarily high level of “chaos” yet to be fully reflected in the price of gold, trading well above the $560 mark but still down 34% from its all time high just two days before President Carter’s last State of the Union Address back on January 23rd 1980 when this very out of touch former peanut farmer conspicuously left out of his “Soviet Evil Empire” speech any reference to the drug-civil war that we lost in Vietnam while still managing to kill and injure sufficient numbers of our poor to keep them and the rest of the world’s masses distracted from the important “money creation” events taking place on the southern tip of Africa.


So important to include in both your flowchart and timeline the American nuclear powered aircraft carrier Enterprise extending in mid 1964 a “happy greeting” from both the heavily Democratic Unites States Communist Congress as well as the new Democratic Johnson Administration to their DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel mafia bosses sipping their South African beers, relaxed engaging in their usual “small talk” that of course included, first, swaggering about how Nelson Mandela just months earlier on the dock of the Supreme Court in Pretoria, South Africa while failing to bring up the all important Bretton Woods Conference of 1944 that was the beginning of the end for the masses in the 3rd world capable of having as their leadership honest and logical thought processing politicians; second, how in his successful, “I am NOT Prepared to Die” [sic] 11,700 word speech this first future black President of South Africa went overboard in paying homage to his Anglo-American slave masters and third, the DAAC’s utter delight of the murder of 30 million mostly Vietnamese farmers who were back then as when they eventually won the war not forgetting today, anything but communist.


Bear in mind that I understand you have a lot on your plate including every so often going to your front door to check to see if a line of the most gorgeous high class prostitutes are lining up all the way down the corridor along the 405 Freeway possibly all the way to the headquarters of the Wetherly Capital Group financed in SIGNIFICANT part by Bill Clinton’s business partner; Mr. Ron Burkle quite the trade union boss who got a pretty good “kick start” when deciding to get “in bed” with Dan Weinstein, the co-managing director of the WCG given how Mr. Weinstein when I first met him in the summer of 2001 at a terrific Italian restaurant in downtown San Diego, minced no words in explaining both to me as well as Ms. Vicky Schiff who couldn’t help herself from pinching my right thigh as Mr. Weinstein went about providing us with the details of how the father of the woman he was sleeping with and mother of his sixteen year old daughter who he was hell bent on not allowing to place a ring in her bellybutton, had all the trade union connections Mr. Burkle needed to become one of the largest grocery chain operators in the world and one of the largest if not the largest contributor to the United States Democratic Communist Party, although in “fairness” to Mr. Weinstein he was not only so trusting of me but exhausted both from being so out of shape physically as well as mentally, no doubt his “mea culpa” helped along by having just exited a meeting of fellow members of the omnipotent California Coastal Commission.


You will help Ms. George who has spent recent years in Spain, recall that the CCM is one most awesome Mafioso commission of non-elected officials deciding pretty much everything including all real estate development in this 6th largest economy in the world to mention little of Mr. Weinstein’s “trust” born out of his eagerness to have Ms. Schiff join him as his co-managing director of the WCG, Ms. Schiff, ahead of this “3-sum” [sic] “get-to-get-her” [sic] doing an excellent job of preparing Mr. Weinstein to utilize my unique and universal “risk assessment” skills were Mr. Weinstein to find himself in the same sort of “hot waters” I had just months earlier plucked Ms. Schiff, such a potentially life-scarring incident looking like it was going to put quite a damper on Ms. Schiff’s plans to be worth a cool $200 million within 3 years when she would have still been in his 30s, bearing in mind Ms. Schiff was at the time she “enlisted” my services the managing partner of a $100 million self-storage real estate portfolio, her financial partner non other than the boisterous and very overweight Lou Gonda, one of the largest shareholders of AIG, the financial services “fony cr*p megalopoly”.


As you will recall it wasn’t very long before Dan Weinstein called me in to the WCG to help him “escape” criminal prosecution for having broken a number of election rules in the Los Angeles Mayoral race that resulted in his candidate Mr. Hahn being elected.


Such stellar services provided to the WCG at $700 an hour, all executed over the phone, called simply for Ms. Schiff to squeeze tight on Mr. Weinstein’s testicles that I understand were never that big to begin with while making certain he kept his oversized ego in check until the corrupt media finished toying with the ignorant masses.


It was inevitable that Mr. Weinstein would both stop whining, focus on finding himself a secretary that had Ms. Schiff’s tight ass and most of all keep his big mouth shut tight and while simply focusing on the size of what I would assume since I have not spoken with Ms. Schiff in a while, an increasingly pitiful erection to forget about explaining to his very rich clients that he had a reputation to protect since each and every one of them at the time and I would be happy to share the entire list with you, all knew Dan Weinstein was a big crook which is why they hired him in the first place to mention little of my hourly rate being heavily discounted given how not only was I now fully retired planning on traveling the world with out this world trophy of trophy wives who I am quite certain will only get to read this when I am long dead, but most importantly I had a deal with Ms. Schiff already secured in a safety deposit box at Union Bank on the corner of 15th Street and Highway 101 in downtown Del Mar, that called for this “mover and shaker” of “mover and shakers”, her father having built Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, to pay me the rest of her life 10% off the top of everything she earned following the settlement with Stor American that had her in fact “gifting me” approximately one third of her profit, such a rather “rich deal” not even requiring me so much as to take a further phone call given the rather stellar job I did in extracting very eligible Ms. Schiff from the clutches of Mr. Lou Gonda and his henchmen made up of one rather nasty female lawyer-liar who decided once she had just got a taste of my venom to dig herself a much bigger hole than the one our Special Forces found Saddam Hussein hiding out in.


And of course I might need to remind you to remind Ms. George who proved enormously helpful in helping me find “choice words” to get Mr. Weinstein just before he placed me on a monthly retainer, from continuing to “shoot his wad”, was as I have now said repeatedly the person responsible for running the day to day operations of the enormously successful Insurance Marketing Services Inc. where I had the titles Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.


Not only did Ms. George’s extraordinary management skills produce significant cashflows that attracted the largest media companies in the world but more importantly since we can always make money but not able to make up for “lost time” which gets most exhausted on trying to save “lost souls”, was the fact that with IMSrunning like clockwork” not only did I never read a single one of the millions of publications-newsletters that we produced annually including this one that contained my one and only quote but as best I recall, in the 5 years when I worked at IMS spending most of the time resting on the sofa in my office, I sent out one single memo which was actually a flowchart showing our over the top best and brightest co-workers how to go to the bathroom leaving little to the imagination as to what constituted business #1 and business #2 resulting in a number of “constructive dividends” including never being bothered by anyone with even good questions other than very occasionally the executive assistant I shared with the founder and Chief Executive Officer of IMS would gently tiptoe into my office, Pamela whispering in the quietest of voices but mostly it was her raised eyebrows and head movement that let me know I needed to high tail it out of my office and catch the folks before they left our building and to use my athletic ability in running down the stairs backwards to assure the very real potential strategic partners that although the CEO, George Nordhaus had dismissed them for he thought they added no value, I had it on “good word” I could negotiate with them one or more great deals before they got to their motor vehicles.


And of course if you want to know more about the connecting dots between the movie Clockwork orange and how Dan Weinstein is feeling like everyone who lies increasingly not knowing who to trust as well as finding about the financial benefits of being able to gauge “Reverse Barometers” such as George who while a brilliant marketeer rarely saw a “poor deal” he didn’t like but when coming face to face with the next best thing to “sliced bread” would “chew out” those by having perfected the art of boring them to death with all his horror stories, then you may want to attend this 30 minute tutorial I am giving to a group of kids at our RENTED Cliff House this Friday afternoon - the kids friends of our JoNathan - ages 12 through 16 who are interested to know how they can become financially independent in the clothing business in 12 months or less, this of course assumes that surfing conditions right in front don’t dictate otherwise.


Of course you appreciate that I am attempting to even get you very familiar with my current style of writing to “multi-task”, made a whole lot easier if you were to have your flowchart with you at all times including when going to the toilet to do business #1 and why not poke a hole in the middle with flaps on the other side to make sure you don’t make a bigger mess than you usually do?


Not to forget that while I could do more with Ms. George’s editorial services it is important to make note of the following:


First, the statute of limitations on me filing a lawsuit against the WCG et al is getting close to expire and so I am using this heavily broadcasted communiqué to find attorneys preferably like Robert Kaplan Esq. of Kaplan Kilsheimer and Fox out of New York with Justice Department experience and of course I would have already called Mr. Kaplan, intimately familiar with my “work product” given how he joined Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk back on October 1st 1999 in doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and filing within a handful of hours before the statute of limitations was to have run out, an epic class action complaint against Ronald O. Perelman of Revlon Corporation, the ROP another significant contributor to the United States Democratic Communist Party, were it not for the fact that Mr. Kaplan was one of WCG’s first clients to mention little of my post 1441 [see October 1st 1999 hyperlink] on the Revlon Yahoo message board coming some 8 hours ahead of all the media.


Second, none of us likes to be told what to do and how to do it, i.e. one gets much better results by refraining as much as possible unless dealing with an ignoramus like Dan Weinstein from leading people, including those whose formal education has interfered with their learning, by the nose.


Third, the WCG masterminded and executed the hijacking of the California Gubernatorial elections that were held later on November 8th 2002 when the stooge Gray Davis was re-elected for a second term as Governor of the 6th largest economy in the world.


Fourth, neither big time Democrats like Professor Joe Grundfest of Stanford University and a former member of the Securities Exchange Commission first headed up by the scoundrel Joe Kennedy NOR the top officials in the Republican Party DARED to get their “arms around” such irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of voter fraud even though I gave them all plenty of time to send out alarm bells to not only the citizens of the United States but the citizens of the world which of course none of them thought was in their personal best interests, possibly convinced that Ron Burkle might get one of his goons like Joe Campos who “rented space” from the WCG to take an ax to the back of my head assuming he could find the time when not taking Ron Burkle to strip clubs in Los Angeles.


Fifth, perhaps it would help “sumwhat” [sic] if you were to methodically and painstakingly explain to Ms. George what was it about my answer to your question, PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I SHOULD VOTE FOR BUSH, NOT WHY I SHOULD NOT VOTE FOR KERRY that had you deciding on November 2nd of last year to re-elect GWB not only President but Commander In Chief of all United States Armed Forces.


Time, once again, to attack Noble Canyon.




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Gary, I will tell Denise you got the check and thank her... keep busy with the Word document, although I see you have been busy with lots of writings to various people....and yes you are right, I "get" everything you are saying but the one thing I don't get, I don't understand is your support for the man in the white house. I just don't get it... even if you just look at intelligence and that's it... (not politics...).  How can someone as intelligent as you respect someone like him, who can't even put two words together? It just surprises me, Gary. Really does... but to each his own.


Love, annie



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