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You nailed it.


Now I feel good about sending out my next heavily broadcasted email to Tefo that probably could do with a good edit, stopping once hitting the 1200 word mark.


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Did you just send me this below?


What does it mean?


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Please, I beg of you, just comply with my simple request which was to not reply with any of your own words, just to cut and paste the 16 or so hyperlinks that you came across on your computer screen and then I would have got to the point of asking which hyperlinks you had a problem opening and which ones you didn’t?


It is very important in order to maintain for myself a "clear head" i.e. be able to continue "logically thought processing" at the highest levels imaginable that you do exactly as I ask.



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I got the email asking me if I got it...but not beforehand when originall

broadcasted. I am to click on the hyperlink to Adam. But when I clicked on

o of the links in this ewmail (the Morgan.pdf), it screwed up my

computer... I had to shut down and reopen.... so I am not sure about all

your links.



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Cc: rest; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State; Guy Friedman; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Tony Leon MP - Leader of the Democratic Alliance - Republic of South Africa; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission; Newell Starks - Chairman of the Board - Sterling Holding Company - A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation; Paul van Eeden;; Robert H. Frank - Profefessor of Economics - Cornell University;; United States Justice Department; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters;; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Roger W. Robinson
Subject: RE: FW: 6 64k EYE...---...


Were you able to click on to the "guil" hyperlink to Adam?


Did you not receive it when it was first broadcasted on January 4th?


I need you to be crystal clear, it is “sumwhat” [sic] important.


Good word" has it that my communications are being "intercepted", possibly resulting only in certain people on my email list being informed on a timely basis of the important events blah blah.


In simple English, it appears that I am not as in control of who on my email list is getting what, which on the surface shouldn’t be “bothersum” [sic] in the least given how I could care less at this point given how such "interference" only increases the circle blah blah?


But once the “randomness” of the selection of my statistically valid blah blah is messed with so is my “timing”.


I am not about to give a clearly understandable tutorial in statistics 101 that would be understood by an imbecile, simply pointing out there is another “side of the coin” which when “spun” at the right speed, possibly 64 frames every “tTOo” [sic] seconds but I cannot be certain, has the “past and the future all coming together in the present” and that for all intent and purposes, at least as far as an imbecile is concerned, is what is meant by "living in the present", something I have not harped on all that much for the reason we have all heard it repeatedly and it gets not only boring after a while but meaningless.


Once, however, our choice is interfered with in terms of how far back we go and at what speed each of us is "allowed" to process the Knowledge-Information-Light then it becomes that much more difficult for me to "gauge" whether everyone on my email list which represents a statistically blah blah does not have a “competitive advantage” over the next “average” individual and is therefore ready to deal with what precisely is happening in the "present" as the price of gold increasingly reflects the “average” human beings’ level of “disappointment” in their elected and non-elected government officials.


Remember now, we are still dealing in the present, and the past and future are only in the process of coming “to-get-her” [sic] at Light-G-D-speed, each and every one of us having to “deal” with the current Bell Shaped Curve educational system that rewards mediocrity resulting in people like Lilly White Wheaty Eater Neil Gould being one of the extraordinarily few able to compete “toe to toe” with our ever so peaceful, relatively speaking, Chinese brothers and sisters who understand and appreciate a genuine Yiddisha-Jewish-kop-head, the Chinese “knowing” versus “believing” should a nuclear holocaust be averted in the Middle East, i.e. our tyrants in Iran back down and at the same time there are no “mixed signals” between Israeli Intelligence Central Command and their highly specialized operatives mostly in the west providing “real time” feedback that still gives Israel a sufficient window of opportunity to launch its most awesome nuclear weapons sending us all back to the stone age then it will come down to a battle of the minds between the next 2 superpowers, China and South Africa? 


You are now for the first time in perhaps as many as 17 odd years just beginning to hear the "Gary of old", giving it straight and G-d help anyone daring to interfere with my business-personal and that includes the National Security Council and the such who when grabbing on to one of my communications, again important at times to sound paranoid, possibly preventing those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day from being informed in a timely manner, fail to share such important communications with at least 10 times the number of interceptions.


Now you know how I feel about folks who spend their time in gyms working up a sweat breathing in all the airborne particles of both athletes feet and feces from those who have also yet to work out you are what you eat when all you can do is dream about having great sex which is limited by the vacuum of space between the ears brought about by what you eat and associate with before going out on to the playing field having to wear the most ridiculous protective gear making, however, the “best use” of the language picked up at the gym while oblivious to behaving like a dog smelling butt holes and like a dog instead of wagging one’s tail grunt and smile from ear to ear?


And now you have a better understanding of who returns as dogs, bearing in mind probably every dog expresses themselves more clearly than any human being I have ever met?


I will be "sumwhat" [sic] picking up on this theme when continuing with what I last heavily broadcasted to Adam Tucker who just informed me he has already made a SIGNIFICANT update to the website.


In the meantime please “cut and paste” and return back without throwing in a single of your own words every word in this email that appears on your screen containing a hyperlink – I count 16.


Also when clicking on to the “blueprint” hyperlink scroll to “My dear friend Israel” and then read a rather important 2 page letter dated May 3rd 1965 written to my paternal grandfather from a relation who was in Warsaw at the time.


Keep Smiling!


Ps – Don’t forget when giving money to a panhandler to suggest they use “sum” [sic] of the monies to get Internet access, and of course that may mean pointing them in the direction of an Internet Café or just having them hop over to Minehead, England where so long as they buy a cup of tea and a delicious scone mounted sky-high with Somerset clottered cream and a touch of homemade jam on top Valerie Coster will let them use the Ccrest café’s computer to access the website where soon they will be able to email me directly from the homepage with their request for more funding.


Do not forget to also suggest to them how succinct they need to be in their business plan and if they have trouble following the previous hyperlink containing Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk’s business plan for your second assignment, i.e. my forthcoming book Manager Minute One, given Mr. JRK’s decision to follow in my “footsteps”, i.e. your 3rd assignment, writing a book that pulls together the 3 greatest scientific-mathematical works of the previous century, relativity, quantum mechanics and chaos theory into a


Unified theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


leaving out DeBeers, then you just need to reflect back on the one deal I did in the 1980s with Citigroup’s Insurance Services division when the Glass-Steigal Act preventing banking institutions from selling insurance was still in effect and Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve had yet to “turn another blind eye” and give his “blessing” for Sandy Weill, Citigroup’s later Chief Executive Officer, to acquire Transamerica Insurance.


Pretty funny this hyperlink sent to me by Dr. John K. Pollard back on November 17th?


[Word count 1193]


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I got the one to Neil, and now this one...I will go with the flow...but as

my dad once famously said to Michael, Anne and myself when we told him to

go with the flow...."the flow sometimes needs direction!"  Ha! Ha! A.


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To: Ageorge (
Cc: rest; Adam Tucker
Subject: FW: 6 64k app...GOLD...DEMAND FOR GUILLOTINNES...---...


I am assuming you got this email I sent Adam earlier today?


I spell out in not so many words below my “excuse” for being so “tardy” and I also assume you got my response to this guy Nathan Brown in England who apologized for being “tardy.”


Again, just “go with the flow”.


Good things happen to good people.


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To: 'Adam Tucker'
Subject: RE: 6 64k app...GOLD...DEMAND FOR GUILLOTINNES...---...


So far no one has complained about this latest size I have below:


Also I have had people telling me that they email me from the website from your mission statement but I never get it, perhaps the email address is wrong? Also I think it should be on the front page?


I am giving a lot of thought, not doing much writing, to my follow up to you, its importance causing me to hold off on producing the blueprint” for the DAAC book that I have engaged Annie George to produce.


I don’t intend to give you a “heads up” of what’s coming next but I think “u” [sic] will begin to see “more of the light.”


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Subject: RE: 6 64k app...GOLD...DEMAND FOR GUILLOTINNES...---...


I thought you were going to upload them… in the case that you just want to imbed the images, try using different formats and reducing the amount of colors which will reduce the size considerable. If possible try saving them as a *.gif file they have good image quality and good compression.


From: Gary S. Gevisser
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To: 'Adam Tucker'
Subject: RE: 6 64k app...GOLD...DEMAND FOR GUILLOTINNES...---...


Are you saying that I can have it look like a pdf file in the text of the email?


I have reduced the photos so that it now looks like this below :

From: Gary S. Gevisser
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To: Adam Tucker
Cc: rest; Ed Bertolas; United States Justice Department
Subject: FW: 6 64k app...GOLD...DEMAND FOR GUILLOTINNES...---...


Is there a way to get this email below along with the photos as one hyperlink on my pdf file?....