From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, January 3, 2006 12:03 AM PT
To: Ed Bertolas
Cc: rest; United States Justice Department;; wWlliam Hochfeld;;;; FBI; George Hurst Esq. - Lawyer-liar for Dr. John Ben Stewart aka Sperm Donor; King Golden Jr. Esq.
Subject: ...---...rash...---...HIGH PRIORITY...---...DIRTY WOR...---...


I ASSumed what triggered this was the “rash” in my previous heavily broadcasted communication?


It’s possible that I am not thinking clearly given the half glass of Spanish wine I had with the most delicious New York steak dinner along with sautéed Portobello mushrooms, sweet onions, and touched off 30 seconds from the end with finely chopped very fresh garlic, the very crisp mixed salad purchased in a bag not requiring any cleaning just adding a juicy but firm and extraordinarily tasty tomato in a homemade dressing I prepared of olive oil shipped in I assume from the island of Samos, rice vinegar and a pinch of white sugar, going down so well, still sipping on my glass of wine that is only half full and of course I shared more than half the steak cooked to perfection, medium rare, with the “tTOo” [sic] dogs now resting very peacefully, just throwing another log on to the most brilliant fire.


And of course Pypeetoe, my Super Italian Greyhound who is now using his one paw to cover his eyes doesn’t feel he got his “fair share” but then I have saved “sum” [sic] for tomorrow; in fact I have another two pieces of NY steak at the bargain basement price of $6.99 a pound at the Daniels grocery store in Alpine, California, which I purchased yesterday on the way up from Del Mar, assuming of course both dogs perform as well as they did today.


Naturally I must also consider the high altitude as well as the incredible high from all 3 of us making it back a second time around the 90 minute loop walk of Noble Canyon in barely 3 pieces, taking 180 minutes plus another 60 minutes just to clean up, the result of the batteries on the flashlight running out halfway through the most treacherous steep downhill second half, literally crawling on my hands and knees and thank G-d for the “tTOo Gods” [sic] who kept me at all times on the trail, all such factors which combined with the feedback I am getting from all over the world just loving how you and your spy buddy are doing the most terrific job of increasing the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day, had me within a picosecond of finishing reading what I assume is really your pitch to get a writing job on Saturday Night Live, collapsing in hysterics and to be perfectly honest I had the hardest time reading the screen because of the tears that had filled my eyes.


You have just got to get me the email list of everyone you know even if they don’t have top secret clearance, if for no other reason than to trust me with letting them know I have finally irrefutable “smoking gun proof” that our government is doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and keeping track of idiots such as your “friend”?


Lets assume on the “off chance” that such a person actually exists, I not only hope his-her security clearance gets revoked but that he-she is put on 24/7 surveillance including when going to the loo if only to masturbate?


If this moron is truly your friend and not someone like King Golden Jr. Esq. looking for someone other than The Sperm Donor to keep me off his and Roger W. Robinson’s tail and of course we should consider the possibility that if this person is not King and not a figment of your imagination, then he-she could simply be just ticked off with you because you are so incredibly good looking?


But that still begs the question of what in G-d’s name are they doing licking “he” [sic] bum of someone who not only has incredibly bogus science supporting your assertions of “This is potential bio -terror at its worst disguised as a break thru” but your punch line, “so my take is that this is the perfect plot” says what exactly about your “friend” other than surely agreeing with you that you “sound paranoid” and a whole lot worse given how anyone with a halfway decent read of basic economics knows that the Chinese even they had such a ridiculous bio-weapon are the economic engine that is driving the whole world’s fricken economy.


BTW have you noticed how much discussion there is about cheap Mexican labor coming across our borders taking away jobs that us Lilly White Wheaty Eaters don’t want to do, forget for the moment that their property rights to this area go back a whole lot further than ours, but so little discussion about American corporations having the masses as well as the mass media so distracted as they move their operations for both unskilled and skilled labor offshore to places like Mexico, India and dare I repeat the word China say 1.4 billion times while remembering exactly what backbreaking jobs those Mexicans and other foreigners who have made this country so great are willing to do as we go about making so little do about our need for a continuous supply of slave labor wherever we can find it?


In other words, don’t you think it is time for you to “shut the fcuk up” [sic], stop with the “small talk”, get with the program and understand clearly once and for all that us “phatsos” [sic] are moments away in the history of time from having to pay the piper for allowing the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel to do our “dirty work”?


Please forgive me as I draw to an end for repeating ad-nausea what you sent on December 28, 2005 at 8:46 PM PT feeling so confident of your reasoning that you decided to not only carbon copy me but link me in the same company “tTOo” [sic] folks who should be equally outraged?


I think it is now very important we find out exactly who they are, wouldn’t you agree?


And BTW in such a pursuit I have taken the “precaution” of this time not only adding all their email addresses to my one of a kind email list that represents a statically valid sampling of the world’s literate idiots and otherwise but including their email addresses in the carbon section alongside the Justice Department, Mr. JRK, our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush, the FBI, Money Talks, King Golden Jr. Esq and of course all in full view of approximately 250 other law enforcement individual-groups around the world in the blind copied section.


From: Ed Bertolas
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 8:46 PM Pacific Standard Time
Cc:; wWlliam Hochfeld;
Subject: Perfect vaccine for the perfect bioweapon by CHINESE
Importance: High


Mr. Keyes ,                                                                Dec 28 ,2005


       As a headhunter ( ) for the last quarter century in BIOTECH  I need for you to realize and so does a  scientist who is quite knowledgeable in this field agree to know that  the CHINESE Vaccine plant is most likely a phase one of a bioterrorism plot due to their sudden promise of the perfect version of the  bird flu yet hardly any Chinese have the disease unlike Vietnam who has most of it and most likely was used as cannon fodder to test the pathogen . So why do the CHINESE suddenly have the perfect migrated fix all , cause they invented the BIRD FLU as well . This is potential bio -terror at its worst disguised as a break thru . If I sound paranoid it was the scientist that clued me in to the odds that this was not a natural mutation .. A well connected epidemiologist /communicable disease specialist is my main contact . They need to have the exact pathogen at the particular stage of mutation that comes up with the vaccine that works  to come up with a perfect vaccine that biologically  fits the Pathogen  ..  (Our Bird flu vaccine can keep us alive although we probably would be sick as a dog whereby the Perfect vaccine would probably prevent from us from getting it at all.  Now the CHINESE Claim to  have the perfect one?  What are the odds  that would happen? )  CHINESE claim they have the perfect vaccine on not getting it but surviving as any good vaccine should . They obviously have an advanced copy of the MUTATED pathogen that probably was developed  in their bioweapons labs and therefore were able to develop the perfect vaccine for the perfect bioweapon .


This is similar to the situation with tpa when introduced at 2K a dose(late 70's) and yet there were 2 competitive products used successfully  in Europe (Streptokinase and Eurokinase) at $200 and $600 respectively a dose and of course Genetech did not want it in the USA and told the Hospitals (blackmailed)  if you use anything but TPA you will be cut off.   60 minutes broadcasted this and it apparently had no effect with Congress , the public outcry only fallen on deaf ears  (late 70's). However they brought the price down to $1500 for the American people whereby the stock holder did not suffer too much ( sarcasm) . Genetech fired the Scientist I am hearing this from ( FYI).  So now CHINA has the perfect flu for the supposedly oncoming pandemic . They can say hey, give us FORMOSA( aka Taiwan)  back .


Very bad for a Pandemic that they probably started ( for USA) .. UN-real timing .. No ?


The odds against coincidence are pretty long .  It is a lot easier than buying the whole Russian Navy .. so my take is that this is the perfect plot.



Ed Bertolas



Ps – Now stop with your nonsense and lets set a time for you, me and our dogs to break bread “to-get-her” [sic] and you can use the interim period to come up with the specifications of exactly the type of woman or man, for that matter, that appeals to you and of course to spell out clearly what makes you so appealing and who knows if you give me sufficient advance notice we could have folks lined outside the restaurant all the way to Timbuktu parading by and when you see 1.4 billion




So to your liking you just nod and I will take care of the rest.


Ps II – I was just moments ago informed that a former college football player who I assume is black, has turned himself into the authorities and catching my eye was the following:


 Clarett sat out the 2003 season when he was charged with misdemeanor falsification for filing a police report claiming that more than $10,000 in clothing, CDs, cash and stereo equipment was stolen from a car he borrowed from a local dealership. He later pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Ohio State suspended Clarett for misleading investigators, and for receiving special benefits worth thousands of dollars from a family friend.”

Interesting that Lilly White Wheaty Eater The Sperm Donor on September 11th 2002 filed a false criminal complaint against me, signed “under penalty of perjury” and then a few days later got not only black detective Jeffrey Steele of the San Diego Police Department accompanied by the FBI to visit with me who upon seeing the evidence of “evil” apologized, Detective Steele leaving me his business card?

As of right this moment, to the best of my knowledge, The Sperm Donor has yet to be even boned, no strike that, visited by a single member of law enforcement despite not only the evidence of his evil in the hands of both Detective Steele and the FBI but later on October 24th 2002 in a criminal hearing The Sperm Donor as well as his Money Talks lawyer-liar, Mr. George Hurst Esq. were nothing short of guillotined by Superior Court Judge Hendrix.

You might correctly argue that the shame I have been bringing to bare on the name, Dr. John Ben Stewart should be satisfaction enough but when you consider all the crimes and allegations of wrongdoing against Mr. Clarett, and lets assume he is 100% guilty, they don’t come close to the crimes perpetrated by Dr. John Ben Stewart aka The Sperm Donor, when considering the fact that number one I was not simply innocent of any crime but had demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt the need for the authorities to watch out for The Sperm Donor well ahead of him using both his children first as a “spear” and then as a “shield” to defend himself against his most evil actions that will undoubtedly impact the lives of his “tTOo” [sic] biological children the rest of their lives far worse than anything I can possibly imagine having occurred to any of Mr. Clarett’s supposed victims?

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From: Ed Bertolas []
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Subject: Re: Check out Auction results for Reginald Gammon...ANOTHER PIECE OF TRASH...---...


Upon sharing your shit this is what I got back so stop e-mailing me .. I mean when I gave you my e-mail it was not for all you send . Please take a powder ..


I don't believe you! Why the Fuck did you get me associated with this psycho asshole or on his wacko mailing list...even second-handedly, which will now happen thanks to the marvels of the computer age...did you see who he's mailing e-mail copies to (US Justice Department ; Damn it Ed, you know my security clearance level, and that the Gov still keeps track of me, and now, you've got me branded as a psycho, guilty by association...that was a damn stupid and inconsiderate thing to do to me! I thought you were smarter than that



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