From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2003 5:02 PM
To: Jerome Kurtenbach Esq (
Cc: Deluca_F (; Devin Standard (
Subject: Sunmed aka Medtek et al


Dear Mr. Kurtenbach,


The last I heard from you was that you were contacting Mr. David Winterton Esq. in Las Vegas, Nevada to get a copy of the judgment “executed” against Sunmed Inc. which as we discussed was the forerunner to all the fukukta companies MaryRose Cusimano and possibly your client-s setup in an effort to subvert the wheels of justice, agree?


At least agree that your client Dr. Mitzsos allowed his formal education to interfere with his learning by not doing his “Jew diligence” [sic] perhaps thinking like other Docs I have encountered in my rather brief stay in this universe that not only is his “Godly” but beyond the reach of mankind’s laws, agree?


My one attorney-colleague who I had chicken-pot-pie lunch with a week ago today, commented just before I was about to present myself for the first time before Judge Hendrix in Superior Court in San Diego in the fall of last year without counsel at my side, in his rather unique way of spelling things out that I was not exactly “the most sympathetic of figures” which then caused me to ask a very fair minded judge for a continuance that later resulted in my opinion in a landmark judgment being executed on October 24th 2002 to be precise, one day after my significant other and I closed on Stonehenge II.


The outcome of CASE NO. GIC 79582










reads, much like the case of Patricia Geressy et al Vs Digital Equipment Corporation but in reverse, much like Quantum Mechanics.


My grasp for numbers is certainly not legendry but for sum reason despite my incredibly ugly-ducking looks I have managed believe it or not to surround myself with sum of the most beautiful and intelligent women the world has ever known. Naturally it began with my mother Zena Gevisser who taught a whole lot more than Charm School to those who couldn’t afford not to take her courses in seeking fame and fortune or at a minimum a well to do husband.


I think tho Mr. Krinsk Esq. would agree that I am, however, odds on favorite to sell a whole lot more books than a fukukta weathered Senator like Hilary “Wallpaper” Clinton who needs more than a simple makeup job to attract even the likes of Sammy Haim, my neighbor who left this morning, I assume for work, at 8:30AM PST just as I was getting back from a run at the beach with dog having stopped off at Starbucks where I got to meet Peter another buddy of mine who I have written about fairly extensively in recent weeks which reminds me I still need to shoot off an email to the son of the one founder of Qualcomm who I last “id’d” when wearing my hi-tech design Arai helmet.


About an hour ago, 2:46PM PST to be precise I got off the phone with a gentleman calling about this Black Mercedes 380SL which I am trying to sell. In the conversation that lasted all of 3 minutes and 54 seconds this gentleman with at least as funny an accent as mine had asked me no less than 9X my opinion. Suffice to say I doubt he will be calling me back and I think it is time I kept one of my several helmets permanently at The Cave.


My computer has been playing all day and were it not for the clean up work needed at the Cave I would have by this time been back at beach possibly catching a wave or too, body surfing that is, since my waveski is currently out of commission; actually I am waiting to come up with new graphics to replace the “Footsak!” You will need to place your cursor under the “!” to see the picture of the waveski which appears in the second photo from the top.


Peter, like Sammy Haim fought in the 6 Day War back in 1967 and unlike Sammy who protested that he was on the side of the Israelis having lost sum 11 of 13 buddies from Kibbutz Dan supposedly as an Israeli tank medic, Peter for almost certain got to see first hand how there are times when having men in charge serves the best interest of the clan than a woman like Golda Meir who came as close as any one Israeli leader to blowing it.


I doubt that Golda was having sex with any intern assigned to the Israeli Knesset nor for that matter would I for one minute assume Peter managed to get a little “quickie” in while patrolling the skies looking for Egyptian tanks, the same cannot, however, be said for Mr. Haim who like Peter I am just only beginning to get to know. There are as you no doubt no, no certainties in Quantum Mechanics simply probabilities, much like in gauging the outcome of a lawsuit without tho the bullshit that so often comes from attorneys who have allowed their fukukta formal education to interfere with their learning.


I am assuming you read about MWBH & Leroach in today’s New York Times?


Peter who is supposedly an engineer from the “Tech-d-ion” [sic] in Haifa once again offered his "incite" [sic] into solving the problems of the world which for the first time actually had me thinking that he wasn’t altogether nuts altho the folks sitting around our table where highway 101 and 15th Street in downtown Del Mar intersect had to be thinking whether they should be calling the authorities, their hesitation choosing between the FBI and the CIA gave me enuf time to make sum notes before bidding Peter a happy life with the woman of his dreams who he says he just met the other night, the first woman “in a while not to have brushed me off in 3 minutes, usually it takes less time.”


“Listen here Gary I think it is time for me to move back to Israel and marry a Palestinian girl. In ten years we will have the makings of the new tribe you have been pontificating about for sum time.


It is now time for action. In the meantime we will have to make do with what we have until such time as we have babies who know how to use real weapons, rocks are out in, and then we march.


The plan is simple. Israel and the Palestinians merge into sum sort of union, too minorities working together in harmony, like Switzerland with Germans and Australians without tho the Hitlers who should be allowed to burn their trash, art.


Such a business combination will have all the strategic resources to combat even the likes of Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelmans of the world who luv the status quo, their hummers burning fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow.


On the one side we will have suicide Mother F....... and then on the other side we have our weapons of mass destruction.


I don’t think I am giving away trade secrets by letting you know that Israel currently has small bombs, big bombs, missiles, a biotech industry running out of space… Did I smell gas or was that Pypeetoe telling me to shut the F… Up?


So as we relieve the American forces who are tired and are really trained only to communicate with the desperate locals with their guns pointed, so we, the new tribe, take over the oil fields and cut a deal with the Americans and we turn places like Saudi Arabia into Disneyland.


They already have hotels and we simply import the cups, place them on circular rails and charge an arm and a leg for everyone, not just Muslims, to go in circles and so we keep places like Mecca and Medina.


Turnover you say is everything as long as marginal revenues exceed marginal costs; my point Mr. Gevisser is that you are not the only genius on this planet to have come up with a perpetual motion business machine.


Now this is my idea and since you talk so much about ‘residual Y’ I think it would only be fair that I and the new luv of my life whose name is Tamara get cut in on the action and of course I see no problem in you selling GrubbyGrub and t-shirts with every ticket purchased at the new Disneylands.


Look the oil is disappearing before our eyes, agree?


So, who looted Iraq” [sic]?


Jeremy, you must understand Peter started off on a bad leg this morning having seen a sign pasted up on the inside of the Starbucks window that caught his attention as he waited in line about an concert where he could have met a Palestinian woman of his dreams. Unfortunately or fortunately the concert had been and gone.


Time waits for no one and for the first time today my computer seems to functioning OK and I just heard the train go by so that is a good sign altho it was headed north and I need to go south to pick up a check that is waiting for me at Finkelstein & Krinsk and of course I don’t want to lose even a days interest.


Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. and I despite going over the 75 minutes we had both allotted to discuss just about every matter under the sun why enjoying the most delicious chicken-pot-pie that is only served at Rainwaters on Wednesday, didn’t even get the opportunity to discuss how my significant others 10 year-old son’s piggy bank is helping us prepare for a rainy day.






Marie Dion Gevisser called me at 1:57PM PST to let me know that a fire was raging not all that far from our neck of the woods where we have a rock cabin retreat. The plan is to meet her there in less than one and half hours and I still have another rather important email to get out and it takes these days a good 20 minutes on the Ducati but since I don’t own a Ferrari and my dog doesn’t sit all that well on the motorcycle it should in fact allow myself one and a half hours in traffic to make it up there.


In the event the fire were to get close I have full confidence in my “travel companion’s” ability to rage war, probably doing a whole lot better without me getting in the way.


With all that said I got word that MaryRose Cusimano was “released from med-tek” surprise, surprise. I wasn’t even able to find a “Med-tek” while doing an Internet search that was in the business of evaluating soft-tissue injuries, so what gives?


Did you receive all the material you requested from David Winterton Esq? Timing is of the essence and let me add that it is not within my nature nor do I think it is SMART to leave things to others when trying to find win-win situations, i.e. how many spots do you think G-d-na-ture is going to set aside for those who turn a blind eye to the efforts of those at least equally as able who came be4, never to forget the difficulty leopards have in changing their spots, agree?


Since leaving Sunmed Inc which came be4 all these other fukukta companies you and/or your client Dr. “Matzah” [sic] and/or MaryRose et al later setup in order to, in my opinion, fraudulently transfer the assets out of Sunmed, I have painstakingly gone about securing and depositing in secure locations all the resources necessary to engage in a protracted, “all out war” bearing in mind that there are few winners in lawsuits for even the winners give up some of their spare time, time for a change, agree?


Time is very important to me but if it means sum of my attorneys making out like “bandids” [sic] choosing tho, only those who have a very good sense of who they are different and apart from those although brilliant tend to go AWOL as the battle lines are get drawn.


I haven’t quite figured out the spelling of your client’s name who thinks perhaps his claims are superior to mine, Mr. Beare’s “rights & privileges” now having been assigned to your truly. If, however, you scroll down then “Matzah” hyperlink, matzah being nothing more than unleavened bread, you will come across a gold and blue Matzah covering which my father picked up while stationed in Egypt. Recently we tried getting sum of the black ink that had somehow got spilt along the edges without much success.


I’ve learned tho a thing or tTOo in my time including to always maintain a sense of humor always trying to avoid crapping in my pants, let alone on someone else’s doorstep and as you know just farting in the presence of someone else without a tail wind could soon be sufficient grounds for filing a class action lawsuit, at least here in the Democratic stronghold of California, Governor Davis’ rein soon to come to an end, possibly way ahead of me meeting my maker, but since I wouldn’t bet on it nor would I suggest should you.


My parents as you may come across in sum of my writings were a rather good mix but the person who has faired the best as time has stretched out is my incredible father Bernard Nathan Gevisser who remains pretty strong despite one very leaking valve and of course G-d will forgive him if he happens to spill a little milk that somehow mixes with the other more STABLE valve albeit made out of a pig.


And altho I didn’t drink the family’s brand of Gipsy Coffee this morning, no thanks to my uncle David Gevisser, who I think is centered in the middle of that last hyperlink, don’t think for a minute I am about to go off the edge, but if it will help your vowel movement go ahead but don’t try singing Symbolist White Walls until you have at least been to the loo, mom.


Hey, my mother is doing just great enjoying the spectacle. I caught a glimpse the other night of the Miss Universe competition which my mother at one time had a hand in altho no one would ever accuse my mother of rigging anything; butt tell me how many women do you know had in the spate of decade too models, one became Miss World and the other Miss Universe and the rest married superrich-y.


And of course you know the symbol for income is a Y. My mother tho, at the time could probably have beaten all her beauty queens to a pulp which she did, love you tu death, mom; now go out and improve your handicap, the Hot Water Wars here in California about to take center stage.


Jeremy, you must understand with all our time running out I cannot simply cater to just one individual like you even tho you could in fact be the one designated to save the planet and our species which as you may know I contend to be made up of sum 6.3 billion different species.


I am currently doing an atypical “dog & pony” road show and of course there are just a small number who wish that I not only break a leg butt would all, no doubt, at the same time desire to get their hands around my neck. Consequently I am stretching things to the limit. It is now 4:41 PM PST and if I don’t make it up in time to Stonehenge II I could be sleeping in the dog house. Fortunately or unfortunately, it isn’t raining.


The universe is tho expanding and at the same time endless. In preparation to meet with publishers to improve the prospects of shoving an “Eminem” [sic] up the rear end of those who have lied, stolen and cheated in their attempts to place obstacles in my path I will give sum consideration to those who wish to make amends, the sooner the better.


I suspect that there will be more than a handful of publishers who at the end of the day will be waiting in line to get a first crack at Manager Minute One and I would like very much to say that folks like you and your client finally got the message that it doesn’t pay to bury one’s head in the sand, the Digital Age now dawning, i.e. time to stop yawning and ahing and getting on with the game of life that is anything but a dress rehearsal.


MaryRose Cusimano never got to meet my “travel companion” who as you may have gathered is now my wife; the difference between the too is quite remarkable most tho it is all in the mind. Marie Dion Gevisser [MD-G] is the real deal and has been alongside me 9+ years in an incredible journey thru life, never letting her formal education interfere with her learning, i.e. by keeping one’s ego in check, she has mastered the art of never having to lie, steal or cheat, i.e. healthy mind, healthy body.


Recently MDG agreed to move up the marriage date we had previously set by some 25 years, 2028 just “tTOootTOooo” far out.


Also copied on this email is Fred DeLuca who I have yet to hear from. As far as I am aware Mr. DeLuca may have certain claims against certain assets altho at the time Derrick Beare loaned his monies to Sunmed none of the assets both tangible and intangible had been secured, at least to the best of my knowledge.


The 3,789 word E-mail to a neibor of mine who I have difficulty with seeing “I tu I” [sic] best illustrates my approach to leading a happy life, confront evil whenever one encounters it and don’t wait for them to get to big for their boots, i.e. get the kids to think right from the very start. I using the likes of Gary Glass and Sammy Haim to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that leopards don’t change their spots unless all the lites go out and why we must protect the lities.


One time my dog Pypeetoe swung his WIP-like tail into Mr. Haim’s one eye just after he had gone thru another of his elective surgeries, just one of the signs I received to watch out for this reckless character. There was time when I quite liked Mr. Haim but even at the best of times in rather small doses.


I don’t want to assume anything as it pertain to you or your client Dr. Mitzsos who in my opinion should have done a whole lot more due diligence before jumping head first in to a pond full of piranha which reminds me that I still need to get dressed before my date with my lady this evening who epitomizes the vision of David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, who advocated that, “The children of Israel should be a lite unto the nations.”


There are tho a lot of things that first need fixing here in the United States before we can think about telling the rest of the world to liten up, the big fat pigs many of us have become in our quest to die the richest species on the planet and yes I contend that each one of us is a different species, G-d forbid, the Lord blew it when ripping out Adam’s rib and sharing it with the likes of Ms. Cusimano who was given besides for a brilliant mind more breaks than any one human being deserves.


The other day I was listening for the first time in quite a while to Rush Limbaugh the conservative talk show host who occasionally has a dialogue with other callers. Clearly Mr. Limbaugh is having a lot of fun right now as the Liberals like Polie Pollak implode. You would need to really have time on your hands to go thru each and every hyperlink but I can assure you Mr. Deluca is doing, certainly if he is half the man I remember from way back when although New Years Day 1997 wasn’t all that long ago in terms of space ship earth being around, undoubtedly going thru each and every word I have written with a fine tooth comb.


And of course the Subway franchise with its 15,000 plus “sand wedge shops” [sic] spotted all over the fukukta planet has on occasion sum catchy phrases in its commercials but none I would argue as good as The Meek With Teeth Shall Inherit The Earth.


I don’t, however, take Mr. Deluca litely nor for that matter am I convinced that even if he in fact financed personally those attorneys who chose to go to war with my dear and very good friend Derrick Beare and lost, Mr. Deluca didn’t think he was doing the right thing. It is so easy in this day and age especially those of us that can read and write to come up with all sorts of excuses for justifying our bad behavior which is one of the reasons I am advocating an update of the English Language and more importantly that we should now begin to all measure our words ever more carefully.


It is very possible that I might pass thru Chicago before heading to New York City the beginning of next month where it is odds on favorite that I will be meeting with the likes of Howard Stern and possibly the former Chairman of the Board of Hearst Corporation, William Randolph Hearst VI altho it has been sum 9 years since he and I last broke bread altho my gift to him came in the form a frozen striped bass.


I am continuously being reminded by my mentor Mr. Amos Wright to demonstrate “Love & Forgiveness” which as I wrote in rather long footnote has done little good for the meek. In all the years that former Marine and Navy Officer Amos Wright and I stood side-by-side in “close combat” did he ever duck a punch, the punch line I like best, “Your Yes men will kill you.”


Time to get with the program or be square.


All the best & good day and lets see if we can start off on new foot by avoiding the lawsuit route, agree?


Gary S. Gevisser

Former CEO of Sunmed


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