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This is the first email I have received from Oprah, not quite sure how I got on her email list?


Please let her know that I am not bothered although, when I clicked the “reply” button my computer froze for several seconds?


But then I am being inundated with communications following my decision in the last couple of days to begin broadcasting my book Manager Minute One, a takeoff of the One Minute Manager, that we can begin becoming our own managers from “minute one”, the instant we empower the kids to parent the parents who need the most help.


MM1 is simply about us “remaining” from the start SMART as in Science, Math, Art, Religion and Technology allowing us to go “back and forth” to “work out” our “purpose” in “life” besides for “sum” [sic] of us men fortunate to have wives like mine who allows me to not only “hide behind her skirts” but occasionally to check things out under her one of a kind dresses where she has divorce papers neatly filled out held in place by a G-string.


Our one website as well as name.GODdnaNAME.www spelling out a number of interesting things especially when applying the basic principle of Quantum Mechanics, that which works in reverse should also work when going forward.


QA as you would know not fully embraced by Einstein given its “lack of precision” when compared to E=mc² the most “balanced” as well as important equation known to man spelling out the workings of the cosmos which is not dependant on things like computers that crash every so often.


At the same time Einstein, so humble, recognizing that by NOT focusing on QA may have been his “gravest mistake” as he went about “seeing further” than anyone else because in his words once again, “I stood on the shoulders of giants”.


All such teachings including Einstein’s “Mind of G-D” equation, “2 c mE” in “reverse” is being “released” in real time as part of my-our Educational Light Journey – One Tribe of Achievers seminars-workshop all geared toward beating my wife to die the richest person in the grave.


Oprah will find that there are few if any willing to engage me-we in “open debate” who would dare to mock “God”, however one writes our extraordinarily SMART Higher Authority let alone put up much of a “fight” once transitioning into the subject matter, “G-D does NOT exist”.


The problems of the world have never, not once, been about race, color, sex




Religion just poor parental religious teaching and us willing to tolerate greedy people so long as we got our “share” of the graft.


I-we are offering a whole lot more than a life raft as we go about questioning stuff like how much we are entitled to as well as how much anything should cost given how “uneven” is the playing field beginning with one organization, the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC], the mafia of mafia, able while oppressing more than just the hundreds of millions of Black Africans have managed to stay off the “radar screen” for so long, thumbing their noses at our sacrosanct Anti-Trust laws while operating their money laundering wholesale-retail diamond stores on pretty much every main street not just here in the U.S. but around the world.


Again, this has been simply a matter of “choice” which we are now dialoguing about in “real time”, the silence of Wall Street, the mainstream media, academia as well as the church speaking volumes with each tick of the almighty clock.


Everything beginning to wind down, everyone getting in tune with heartbeat of the universe the instant the trading of shares in public corporations is suspended, thereby protecting the innocent and naive who are simply throwing good money after bad.


Those well run public companies should have no fear for they will be at a competitive advantage relative to the capital that has been so smartly socked away.


Click onto this hyperlink to get “up to speed” with the increasing number of independent thinkers out there not everyone agreeing with my extraordinarily brilliant, most beautiful, out of this world sexy French Canadian wife who says,


“The world would be far better off if women were on permanent PMS then they wouldn’t put up with any of the bullshit”.


And you may have already heard of MDG being first to announce,


“When the dialogue becomes tTOo monologues it is the beginning of the end” [sic],


Marie Dion Gevisser as you surely know is once divorced from the Sperm Donor.


Sincerely yours,


Gary S. Gevisser


“Being a sperm donor or recipient does not make you a good parent” - MDG.


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