From: Gary S. Gevisser
Tuesday, November 16, 2004 6:27 PM
Denise Bellows
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Subject: RE: Supreme Internet Court


Denise - I subscribe to “sticks and stones break bones but words kill”.


Second, u raise my being disrespectful to your grandfather and for that I wholeheartedly apologize even tho I couldn’t be bothered to look at what I stated in detail given how what I had to say was buried in a 2,604 communiqué to your father dealing with substantive issues that impact some 6.3 billion of us on this planet, mostly tho it is the dirt poor and downtrodden who r negatively impacted, their worst grievance u should know given the fact that u have more than a 7th grade education is how they r goaded into populating this planet that serves if u know the very first thing about economics those public corporations such as your father’s company dependant on an exploding 3rd world population, the unholy alliance between the church and big business is old news, without the poor there would be no church, without the church there would be no poor, agree?


And since u don’t care for my common sense approach to problem solving that begins with telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, have your father who reveals more of his true self with each passing moment explain to u the incredibly high Price/Earnings ratio of his megalopoly and don’t forget to share whatever he tells u with the rest of us, remember there r these rules about ‘full disclosure” that few if any co-opted to do the dirty work of others higher up take very seriously, since as u should know by now since u were so keen to be tutored by me that that most greedy-crooked people build in to “their cost of goods” the “cost of getting caught”, again my sympathy and my heart goes out to u and your brother since to lose a single soul in my opinion is to lose the world.


My loyalty in serving G-D and G-D alone is to protect at all cost the space between my ears from becoming a perfect vacuum of space, insensitive to everything including light, knowledge is light, imagination more important than knowledge.


G-D bless.




Ps – U of course know who u r copying when included the DeBeers Diamond Cartel in your Cc section, agree?


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From: Denise Bellows []
Tuesday, November 16, 2004 2:06 PM
Derrick Beare
Subject: Re: Supreme Internet Court




I would greatly appreciate it if you would discontinue your use of slanderous words about my father.  In addition to being very uncharacteristic of friendly behavior (subject matter we should have learned in grade school, agree?), I find it rather disrespectful to my entire family. 

Thank you for your kind cooperation in this matter.




Denise Bellows


PS-Your disrespectful comments regarding my grandfathers unfortunate chest condition were emotionally distressing to me.  I dont know what your intent was, but I thought you should be made aware of how your words effect those around you and the way that you are percieved

"if what you write is percieved the wrong way it wont matter what is right or worng - in the course of human events - perception often rings louder than fact - which can jeopardize persons and their livelyhoods - so I ask your professional wisdom in how and where you interject my name - "

  - Ron Bellows

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