< From: Gary S

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2006 8:30 AM PT
To: Danielle
Cc: rest; mdg0013@yahoo.com


Danielle – I need to know whether you have got back to


While your mother has her unique way of dealing with “bullsh*t” [sic] I make it my business to never let anyone enter the precious space between my ears, willing to risk even going “knotty” in an effort to “shut down” my extraordinarily “sensitive computer” from a ViRuS [Victim Role Syndrome] attack.



You have more than likely received copies of my “back and forth” with Ms. Dawn whose last name is something like “Kilicut” but I am not sure how it is spelled.


What is rather important for you to appreciate at this time is both her anger as well as assertions that everything between you and her and John Ben Stewart are “honkey dory” to mention little of her “coming out of nowhere” providing your mother and “I” [sic] with the “smoking gun proof” of her involvement with John Ben Stewart’s criminal acts.



Perhaps it might help “wake you up” to what it means to have a “good name” which is what it is all about especially when you know perfectly well there is so much corruption around you beginning with your biological father.


The reason your biological father HAD to say you sent me that “Error” email on September 14th 2002 three days after he filed a baseless criminal complaint against me suggestive of rape against you without a shred of evidence, on the contrary he used my loving kindness toward you in taking you shopping and warped it in to something so insidious that a day does not go by when I cannot feel the pain that I experienced when reading the complaint he signed “under oath, under penalty of perjury”, was because such an act was not only in contravention of the Temporary Restraining Order which he had illegally obtained but because he had managed to get a detective from the San Diego Police Department as well as a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to drop everything they were doing and visit with me in an attempt to further intimidate.


Using and abusing law enforcement isn’t like mistakenly kicking sand in someone’s face.


The concern Dr. John Ben Stewart MD and his Money Talks lawyer-liar had when deciding to use you as a “shield” was the fact that they now needed to be EXTRAORDINARILY WORRIED about Detective Richard Steele and the FBI reacting to such flagrant criminal misconduct.


Suffice to say at this time that when I showed Detective Steele and the FBI agent that “Re: RE” email they suggested that if Dr. JBS aka The Sperm Donor were to ever try pulling off another stunt like that I should not “hesitate” in contacting them.


I ended our meeting by letting them know that I intended to fight the TRO and that once I had my day in court I would be the one visiting with them.


As you know I gave you and your brother my word that I would not seek to have criminal charges placed against Dr. John Ben Stewart MD and the very Good and EXTRAORDINARILY SMART and vengeful G-D has seen fit to exact already quite the “price” on this beast beginning with the recent emergency eye surgery he underwent that not a day must go by when he doesn’t reflect on what took place on September 8th 2002 just 3 days prior to his unimaginable indecent acts on 911 2002.


While in the most deranged state of mind after attempting to goad me in to a fist fight Dr. John Ben Stewart MD turned to your mother and asked her, “Tell him I don’t have a problem with my eyes” and then 3 days later files a baseless criminal complaint against me where he provides a physical description no where near anything like me but EXACTLY the physical characteristics and age of Ms. Dawn.


You think the “Hand of G-d” at work on 9/11/2002 or the possibility that Dr. JBS was also plotting to “set up” Ms. Dawn were she to one day demand that she gets “paid off” for helping him no different to you?




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