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Subject: RE: Your and Marie's wedding reception.


Dad, thank you. We couldn’t agree more with you on every point.


Sebastian Capella, one of the first to arrive at our reception and just like at my New Beginnings Party in December 2000 one of the last to leave, wanted me to send you his best and warmest regards. Yesterday he took the time out to go frame a painting he painted as a gift to Marie and I [sic]. We can’t wait to see another of his masterpieces and of course it will soon be up on one or more of our websites for everyone tTOo [siC] to C.


By now you should have read about GrubbyGrub and, a joint-venture between Marie, Jonathan and I. At some point Danielle may decide to join in as the masses break rank and decide “Enough is Enough”, that it is time for each one of us to become our own managers as in Manager Minute One.




Gary + Marie [M&G]


Ps – As far as I know no member of the FBI showed up and I doubt Marie would keep any secrets from me as in, “When the dialogue between two people becomes two monologues it is the beginning of the end.



Wedding Day + Reception photos:


Wedding Day+moments be4 signing $100 check=little anxious

Wedding Day+moments be4 MDG signs $100 check on joint account=no anxiety

Wedding Day+moments before=anxious look for 1st timer.

Wedding Day+close to moment of truth=less anxious look for 1st timer

Wedding ring in process of being transferred by photographer, witness, ring bearer=happy tear moment

Wedding ring transfer+supermodel photo=very happy moment

Wedding Day+moment of truth=to death do us part

Wedding Day+just before moment of truth=moment one

Wedding Day+moments after moment of truth=beginning of bliss



MDG+Sebastian Capella=happy

MDG+Sebastian Capella=happy

Sebastian+Margarita Capella=happy

MDG+Sebastian Capella+GG+Pypeetoe seeking attention=happy

MDG+Sebastian Capella+GG+MDG’s one third ownership interest in Pypeetoe=hind quarters=happy

MDG+Sebastian Capella+GG+MDG+Pypeetoe sniffing=happy

MDG+Sebastian Capella+Py blending in=happy

GG’s #6 socks=happy

MDG stopping Pypeetoe from stealing the show=happy

Sebastian in perfect pose=happy


Sebastian lending hand to Pypeetoe=Serfer’s movement=happy

MDG+Florence=coordinated moment

John Pollard+socks+name tag+gold coin+Marius=safety in numbers with Pypeetoe standing guard with Gelato Vero dessert yet to come.

Mariana+Blema+Richard+kid=Happiness around the corner


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Subject: Your and Marie's wedding reception.


Hello darling. Mazeltov.  As you are aware my computer at home is out of order. Picked up the heading of your recent e-mail, re your and Marie's wedding 'reception', at the office this morning. Well I must admit that whilst this news,  comes as something of a suprise, it is great news to me for I can only believe that your  union can only be the  best for both of you as well as  for Marie's children.


Mazeltov and congratulations to both Marie and yourself.


Love you both. Dad X.

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