From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 6:46 PM PT
To: Adam Tucker
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Subject: RE:...GOLD LAST TRADING AT $598.80...---...




I have downloaded it.


Following the email I broadcasted to this former chief engineer for Philips B.V. that resulted in the most extraordinary response from both Jan and others who like hard working-hard playing Danielle, Marie’s 16 year old daughter, felt it was a good time to “brainstorm”, I have moved forward to assist other hard working-hard playing folk throughout the world to not only be able afford to buy gold in “grain-shot” weighing approximately .00472 troy ounces, right now worth about $2.80 a “shot” but feel comfortable in accepting “gold grain” as a means of exchange which really shouldn’t be in the least bit difficult given the increasing lack of faith spreading throughout the world at light-G-D-speed beginning and ending with not a single elected or unelected government official, parent, teacher, lawyer, doctor, physician, accountant, cleric, professor on my one of a kind email list representing a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate and obviously crooked population DARING to make reference to the inescapable fraud of THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


And of course the first thing coming out their mouths is that such trading would be counterproductive to the Patriot Act designed in part to prevent wholesale money laundering amongst operatives of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the terrorist of terrorist financing organization which of course brings a big smile to your face having not only read the DI for the umpteenth time that spells out the SIGNIFICANT money laundering that has taken place on both Wall Street and 47th Street in New York City ever since its start some 100 years ago which each and every human should have been taught in elementary school but now benefiting from my “superb” critique of increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein’s so very carefully orchestrated release of this most fascinating Internet only book containing significant gaps designed if read by the ill-informed to incite violence amongst those not yet numbed by all the lies they have been told by their elders from day one to mention little of both Danielle and her 13 year old brother recently making their first gold purchase which I doubt they felt the need to first run by their “wandering eye” Sperm Donor.




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Uploaded file.


I can connect to your computer tomorrow. If you want to download another program that I KNOW will work, Try downloading this its called WS_ftp. It has a free 30 day trial and then after that cost $35. If it works it will be worth it. If you think you want to go that route, I would download it before I connect as the dial-up modem will not be able to download the file at the same time as I am connected.


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Please place the attached file on the pdf directory and let me know when you can look at the possibly corrupt ftp program on my desktop.