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Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2006 3:34 PM PT
To: Adam Tucker
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In due course I’ll look at Edward Jay Epstein’s blog but don’t wait for me to “jump in”.


You now understand following our most recent phone conversation, possibly better than anyone with the exception of Marie and JoNathan who has been listening very carefully now that he knows more about what “sum” [sic] folks have to fear from my increasing “prominence” on The Internet.


We are within moments in the history of time of turning the tide on ALL those who “usurp their limited authority” which includes everyone simply AWARE of the INTERNET ONLY book THE DIAMOND INVENTION who instead of doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and not wait a moment longer in exposing this evil of evil ARE SIMPLY looking for a way to profit financially from what they KNOW versus BELIEVE will be its inevitable collapse.


Where exactly is the logic in thinking to oneself with Knowledge-Information-Light NOW, THIS INSTANT traveling at Light-G-D-Speed, the past and the future all coming together in the present that it is even conceivable to get “favorable treatment” when it comes time to “account” to the masses who have not benefited from this fraud of frauds as well as from the Good, EXTRAORDINARILY SMART, and so very vengeful G-d?


Rather important MDG’s recent observation when I informed her , “I have known very good people”:


When was that? Before Christ? Because after Christ we were assured of heaven – all your sins were forgiven – lying part of the game, it was no longer an issue.


So very important the extraordinarily false impressions one is left with after reading THE DIAMOND INVENTION beginning with the high degree of certainty one feels that both Charles Engelhard and Harry Oppenheimer were “Jewish” which couldn’t be further from the truth, finding not only “justification” for their evil in the Gentile world but so certain they would get away in the life hereafter, relying on Jewish stooges-sellouts to place the inevitable blame on the Jews, the most independent thinkers so fiercely independent that when it comes time to band together it is often too little too late.


Bear in mind that HO and CE believed as do each and every one of their “filthy rich” supporters that in addition to thinking it is “mighty fine” to ignore all the VERY SIGNIFICANT frauds at the highest levels of the corporate ladder that I have painstakingly and methodically brought to the surface HAVE ZERO spirituality, interested only in “living life to the full” getting fat, old and ugly thinking what else would impress our maker?


You have to now sit back and begin to fully appreciate this charade that has been going on for more than 100 years as our lawmakers talking at 100 miles an hour have never NOT ONCE explained the business of “MONEY CREATION”, the same with our parents, teachers, clerics and the most evil of the bunch, our elitist academics, the new corrupt church.


Being in “command and control” of the “unruly masses” made extraordinarily easy by using highly educated elitists bred to perfection at our Ivy League universities, Oxford, Cambridge and the such who contribute ZERO to the overall good BUT with a “command of language” expert at creating all sorts of distractions in addition to the most ludicrous laws that were so obviously geared toward making the hard working poor permanently poor.


So much so that when this pyramid of pyramid schemes collapsed it inevitable that the poor of each country would “see fit” to fight over the scraps, brainwashed by “sly English” rhetoric, the best, “honor - love of country” to mention little of “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”.


You may recall the past President of Harvard making reference to women being inferior in the science and math, still waiting for Dr. John K. Pollard an alumni of MIT and Cornell University who agreed with such utter garbage to provide the empirical data THAT wouldn’t stand a chance in hell of passing both my and my wife’s scrutiny which of course is why Dr. JKP is being sent to Coventry.


Rallying the troops is going to get increasingly tougher as our young and brave NOW, THIS INSTANT, have the relative peace, thanks to George W. Bush, when crying over lost comrades to think about if there weren’t tears shed by Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy at CE’s funeral at St. Mary’s Church in Morris Town, New Jersey then WHAT THE FUCK was he as well as former Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and Democratic Vice President Humphrey doing there apart from paying homage to their murdered King?


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From: Adam Tucker
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To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: November 2005?