From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2006 6:14 PM
To: Tire

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Click on to read the harder than “concreteKnowledge-Information-Light from “top to bottom”.


Scroll down to “Less said the better” to read the same… from the “bottom up”.


Moving forward anyone and that includes you asking any questions apart from my thoughts on the fascinating Internet only book THE DIAMOND INVENTION and therefore doesn’t see how contributing towards the general good benefits them for they are living in the immediate and think if they accumulate enough cash they will be able to survive any crisis, I can be reached by scrolling down further to the line that reads: Help Balance the World. Contact Us.


Such individuals will be charged $1,000 per second based on the current gold price of $549.60 a troy ounce to be billed in increments of 15 seconds. Obviously I would require the first 15 seconds paid upfront.


Those more enlightened can begin right now contributing significantly to our “social cause bearing in mind that there may well come a point perhaps even before you finish reading this missive when I will not be so foolish as to accept any currency that isn’t backed by what I deem to be a sufficient amount of gold bullion, again any questions outside of THE DIAMOND INVENTION without payment upfront will not be answered.


Those recognizing the extent to which the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel have interfered with the light understand perfectly well that my “game plan” is the only way to prevent Armageddon in our lifetimes given the speed at which KIL is traveling to those enslaved by our bigger guns but today have not only found how to level out the battlefield using increasingly sophisticated road side bombs that could be transported ever so easily in a myriad of ways using sight hounds and the such all the way to our local freeways and highways not to mention our not exactly private backyards but know such foolishness plays directly into the hands of the DAAC backed up by their bankers in cahoots with left wing militant groups like the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.


Moreover, the ever enlightened masses increasingly understand exactly how to use their KIL for “good” purposes once understanding better how the rich throughout the world trickle down the cost of them getting richer and lazier on to the back of the poor to mention little of the bad news for such elitists that come my 49th birthday, March 24th, there is the possibility of the beginning of a permanent ceasefire by the militant Basque separatist group ETA, which according to the New York Xhas killed more than 800 people and terrorized Spain for nearly 40 years, blah blah” [sic].


As you well know having read THE DIAMOND INVENTION everything is rather well spelled out that along with my commentaries will lead to a gradual shutting down of our over the top fictitious house of cards by making our heavily corrupted elected and non-elected government officials know that those oil producing countries and those like China and India driving the world economy awash in our fictitious dollars and worthless diamonds cannot be counted on to keep playing second fiddle given their not only very big guns but an increasingly well trained military unlike ours fighting the right fight but also finding out like everyone else that they are principally fighting to prop up increasingly worthless currencies-diamonds moments in the history of time from being worth less than the Deutche Mark during the Weimar Republic that led to the rise of Hitler.


While a good number if not most people on my one of a kind email list have in fact read the very fascinating THE DIAMOND INVENTION written by blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein an INsignificant few are willing to admit it since when combined with my very clear and simple English commentaries make them look like if not total idiots then culpable as the day is young.


Those aligned with me are increasingly feeling both younger and happier about the prospects that lie ahead as the day of reckoning gets closer.


Bear in mind putting aside all rampant fraud that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get their arms around, should the State of Israel in command and control of the most elite Special Forces commando units in the world capable of killing “opponents” of a strong United States Dollar at a moments notice decide it can no longer police this chaotic world then everything you hold dear including your life could go up in smoke right before your very eyes, not to forget Israel does not have the only military capable of setting up roadside bombs to distract.


May I suggest that you waste no time in sharing this communication with everyone you know since I am quite certain you would not want to have any of your friends and family hearing second hand about your contributions already to the Next Symposium that involve experts in their respective fields that unlike the Symposiums involving Plato and the such which were rather exclusive to elitists ours will be open to the general public.


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Gary,  how do I access your emails through the website at nextraterrestial?  Please advise.