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From: Gary S. Gevisser
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FW: ...CRISTIL...gold last trading at $650.80...---...what happened


Dear Mr. President,


As the reality sets in of Lord-Lloyds of London, the financial-insurance institution that sets the price of everything under the sun including the cost of extracting oil buried deep underground, LOL like the DeBeersCentral Selling Organization also by no coincidence headquartered in London, England being under the command and control of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, no different to the former racist South African Apartheid Regime, the same with the current black ANC Government, such sobering thoughts will be immediately followed by:


Just look at our Federal Government and see why you have a small town like Del Mar, California so corrupt that it too needs to have two supervisors watching a Mexican laborer dig a ditch.”


It is, however, Increasingly difficult to mouth such pitiful words especially for those with weak spirit and increasingly diminished mental capacity brought about by having moved ever so quickly from the “denial” to the “resignation” stage of grabbing whatever they can before all hell breaks loose but now realizing the distinct possibility that not only will they be unable to outlive their sins catching up with them in “real time” as the past and the future all come together in the present, the Digital Age, a Godsend but each and every one of us are now increasingly under the brightest of spotlights.


Population explosion, a subject matter rarely touched upon by the “power money” elite who depend on unbridled out-of -control real estate speculation that mortgages our children’s future, can no longer be ignored for the simple reason that those who have not benefited from real estate inflationary bidding wars brought about by those of us on the side who stole the land by virtue of having had at one time the biggest guns, are now looking ever so carefully at stuff like the Money Supply numbers which our elected and unelected government officials such as the Federal Reserve members have made such a big fuss about which of course such highly touted statistics make absolutely no sense when you have the DAAC, the PRICE FIXERS OF PRICE  FIXERS in control of everything beginning with the Money Supply.


But what you may have noticed ever since I posted up on the Internet exactly where I live in Del Mar in a no-nonsense “check mate” ultimatum to my dark DAAC family members whose names extend to about 15% of the world’s very crooked population including all of Wall Street which covers the prosecutors who prosecuted the case against the top dogs at Enron and those such as United States Attorney Mr. Richard Robinson, so petrified to even interview me “on record” despite my irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of malfeasance against both Melvyn Weiss and his former co-chairman Bill Lerach Esq. that would have them spending the rest of their natural lives behind bars, given how I would end up inevitably exposing U.S. Attorney Robinson’s pitiful charade bearing in mind Mr. Robinson who is not related to the treasonous Roger W. Robinson,  recently got an indictment against Milberg Weiss-Lerach, The Sperm Donor’s on-off again girlfriend’s most evil and criminal employer, IT IS increasingly difficult to find distractions as each and every one of us anxiously wait for the reaction of LOL and the DAAC.


And of course not to ever forget Chris “Little Mind Me” Little the News dIRECtor of KFI 640 AM “More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio” [sic] greatly helping increase the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day and MUCH MORE IMPORTANT treasonous stooges such as Hollywood Director-Producer Steven Spielberg whose movie Munich begs more questions than it answered, all have to be wondering not only whether U.S. service people will continue to accept worthless United States Dollars but how anything but rich Israeli current as well as former Special Forces commandos might take out their “vengeance” when increasingly joining the other side.


Mr. President, may I suggest you take a moment to “kick back” and imagine how easy it is going to be for rather well paid Israeli Special Forces commandos currently providing security for the likes of Osama Ben Laden but without such a miserable FOOLS NAME, FOOLS FACE IN PUBLIC PLACES, now going about recruiting increasingly “lost souls” amongst our so brave “best and brightest” whose meager paychecks while getting increasingly worthless especially to their families back home remind them that they may very well be working more in the best interests of the DAAC who “interfere with the light” than the “Spread Of Democracy, i.e. Knowledge-Information-Light traveling at Light-G-D-Speed.


Not that many folks aware that the “brains” behind Microsoft is Bill Gates Senior, an IBM lawyer who “cut his teeth” on International Business Machines’ violations of our sacrosanct Anti-Trust laws that each and every government on the planet has made an exception in the case of the DAAC who have now had for more than 100 years a exclusive license to engineer-manufacture-distribute their own unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency used time and again to undermine not only the currencies of the world but the meager savings of the hard working masses who do more than “toil the soil” as they go about oblivious to how much their lives are so controlled by the masters of distraction, breeding offspring like there is no tomorrow and whose ranks inevitably get “culled” when the DAAC feel the need to engineer manmade wars that pit the world’s poor and impoverished against one another.


I personally know of a considerable number of the very best of the best of Israeli Special Forces commandos, both current and former members of the most elite of Israel’s top secret commando units such as Flotilla 13 scattered all over the world, a good number of them providing protection to oil tankers captained by folks increasingly distrusting of U.S. military the result of our mostly communist dominated news media such as CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times who project mostly the “ugly American”, a fatso looking like a young Bill Clinton just walking in front of the Cliff House heading north with a backpack and a dog trailing behind, possible his next meal,,, now he is walking back towards Black Beach, the leash a little tighter, poor dog.


Without exception not a single one of these very tight-lipped but highly social individuals are enamored with Mr. Spielberg and Co for while making a big deal about the role of United States Dollars in gathering intelligence on the “enemy” took such highly skilled and very experienced “killing machines”, many if not most having a very good sense of business, able to read stuff like financial statements, Dutch Sandwiches  and the such, to be such extraordinary fools that instead of debating with the enemy who had purchased the same intelligence that resulted in both groups finding themselves in the same “safe house” about so boring cliques of “generational hatred” and “land ownership” to have failed miserably in concluding that the entire operation of tracking down the masterminds of the 1972 Munich massacres was a “set up” from “start to finish” all geared to keep propped up the extraordinarily fictitious United States Dollar that has been under the command and control of the DAAC since prior to the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 beginning in earnest when Ernest Oppenheimer stepped foot for the first time on the southern tip of Africa in 1902 following the Anglo Boer-Farmer War that begin in 1899.


No longer does the average Joe Blow working a boring 9 to 5 day job hoping at the end of the day for a blow job after first sucking down a pizza along with a handful of beers feel the need to go back to school to learn about Economic-Political-History or for that matter “jarred” by my recent revelations as they reflect back first on that scene in the movie Munich where Spielberg makes a point of showing a full frontal of the naked female Dutch-Prostitute-Assassin who chocked to death on her own blood following the scenes that depict very accurately the cold faced faces of Israeli operatives who have no hesitation when leaving their mark on those who usurp their limited authority and second, on those heavily seditious United States politicians attending the funeral in March 1971 just 18 months before the Munich massacres of 11 defenseless Israelis of the murdered American heavy Democratic Communist Party contributor, Charles Engelhard, an open supporter of the South African Apartheid Regime which says a lot about not only those in attendance of this carefully “staged” media event but both their supporters, the backbone of the United States Democratic Communist Party as well as their detractors, the cowardly bastards in the United States Republican Party who continue to fail to hold our communist bosses, the United States Congress accountable, each group having a hold over the other, both feeding off the hardworking masses caught in the middle who are increasingly getting a little fed up, tired and very bored with the bs thinking how much worse could it be having the Chinese who are already powering the economies of the world in charge of our currency and if not these anything but communists, how much worse could it be to have the Mexican Government “calling the shots”.


It has been a rather grey day here in Del Mar and the surf in front of our spectacular residence has just begun to pick up, earlier I took Pypeetoe, my Super Intelligent Italian Greyhound, on about a 15 mile bicycle ride along the beach, of course violating all the dog leashing laws, and he is now resting comfortably under a thick down comforter.


I am going to probably take off most if not all of the rest of this glorious June Gloom day, the wind blowing quite strongly, the Oshon rather angry, but awesomely picturesque, nothing quite like being able to sit back in the lap of luxury in one of our over-the-top Italian black leather chairs with one’s eyes opened wide, able to see all the beautiful colors of G-D-Nature deposited in the flowers immediately in front of our RENTed Cliff House to mention little of the magnificent garden on most of this one of a kind estate that I will be enjoying as well, to mention in passing the neighbors across the alley who found the time to write me the most detailed venous note talking to my lack of consideration when parking once in one of their open parking spaces that they rarely use given how they have to share between the 2 of them fatsos a 3 car garage; no doubt besides for running out of things to do with the $400 million inheritance monies the more butch partner received from her father who was the founder of United Artists Theaters plus the possible $6 million I understand she will soon get for selling this past week this one of several homes she owns in the area, feeling that “reading me the riot act” was necessary in helping boost her so low self esteem to mention little of her increasingly worthless “munis” [sic].


In fact the more I think about it I will most likely following lunch knock on her front door, hand her a bottle of Cristil Champagne even if she doesn’t give me her email address and of course I will write on the box directions to my website www.NEXTraterresTRIAL.com with an arrow pointing down to www.SupremeInternetCourt.com and then one more arrow to the very bottom of the page where she will be able to read all this at her leisure.


By the time you next hear from me which of course assumes something horrible doesn’t happen to me like being blown out to sea given how much I really enjoy swimming in rough seas I will have loaded up the rest of the missive I began sending you back on Monday, May 15th, the same with Ms. Cristina Lunata and Julie Creswell of the New York X.


I will begin by sharing with you as I notice 2 very in shape women running in different directions directly in front of the Cliff House how I went about assisting last evening, in no time to speak of, a gentleman who first came to me asking about whether I knew anything about “patents and trademarks” and while initially quite offended by my “short response”, “Only an idiot and/or someone on my email list not paying attention to the ‘footprint’ I already have on the Internet without spending any money to speak of on marketing and advertising would think in this day and age with the capital and financial markets all set to collapse would bother with such nonsense” [sic] ended up listening rather well to the business plan I “endowed” him with that could make him without investing a penny more than the $12 [Twelve United States Dollars] he has already invested a multi-millionaire well before the opening bell on The New York Stock Exchange is rung on Monday morning, bearing in mind this rather “to-get-her” [sic] individual who currently has rather poor eating habits and a smoker to boot, certainly when compared to me and which can be easily addressed once he takes advantage of my not exactly “free advice”, has pretty much run out of increasingly worthless paper currency although he has been smart enough to invest over the years in increasingly valuable rare coins and bullion that allows him to sleep these days much better than that 15% of the world population who currently control some 99% of the world’s increasingly diminishing wealth.


Enjoy your weekend.


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Gary S. Gevisser wrote:


I apologize in taking more than 17 months to start a family with my mother. I am a crackpot


From: Gary S. Gevisser
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Subject: FW: GOLD LAST TRADING AT $650.80...---...what happened...---...

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