From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 7:00 AM PT
To: lyn
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Subject: RE: Rental Property


Lyn - I do remember you although I donít believe we met.


I did sell the building in 2005 and when I think of the group that bought it I will send you their email, the possibility exists that they may not have sold all the units.


If I recall correctly you attended film school and if not I still suggest you read the Internet only book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


This coming week I plan to give my first talk in 17 odd years to a group of kids although the difference in age between those I spoke to in China, at the Beijing Hotel just a couple of weeks before the Tiananmen Square massacre and the high school kids now graduating or close to graduating is about 10 years.


May I humbly suggest that if you have the time you think about coming and filming this event which I donít plan on doing much if any preparation given how well I know the subject matter.


All the best,




Ps - Perhaps Sean who managed my property for many years can put you in touch with the owners.


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Subject: Rental Property


Hi Gary --


Not sure if you would remember me or not but I was a tenant of yours in

Santa Monica a few years back. I had moved out of your property to live

closer to my graduate school.Now that I have graduated, I am trying to

find a one bedroom or 2 bedroom place.I was curious if you had any

property opening up for rent or at all from the same place.


Hope things are well.


Thank you,







Hope things are well.


Thank you,