From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 11:14 AM PT
Fred Cantú – Anchor CBS 42 Morning News, Austin Texas -
rest; Bruce Bigelow - San Diego Union-Tribune;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Newell Starks - Chairman of the Board - Sterling Holding Company - A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; United States Justice Department; Michael Grant;
Subject: ROLE PLAYING...tip of the spear...---... what does this all mean?


Mr. Cantú,


Worse than being ignored is to feel stupid and as you look around your Austin radio station you have to wonder from this moment going forward whether even those anal types sprouting statistics whether it be the marketing data or the latest sports event are KNOWinglyplaying their role” in the greatest conspiracy of all time.


THE DIAMOND INVENTION, Internet only book written by Hollywood blockbuster author increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein is beginning to have a “positive-negative” effect even on those such as great actor-line reader Terrance Howard who felt it was now going to be “smooth sailing” with folks higher up the pyramid in much bigger denial going to bare most of the brunt from the increasingly aware masses, especially teenagers, the most dangerous threat to the “status quo” simply tired of all the excuses beginning with the fact that nobody getting more than their fair share of the graft really wants to dig at the root of the problem for fear of getting the dirt on themselves up, at least up until Terrance’s good friend, heavyweight fighter Michael Grant informs him otherwise by forwarding the star of Hustle and Flow whose theme song won the Oscar to mention little of Terrance part of the cast of Crash that won Best Movie, this heavily broadcasted promo piece to the ATTENTION: ALL NEXTRATERRESTRIAL SHOPPERS that Mr. Devin Standard, the executor of my estate is currently working on this morning in between a number of important meetings that allow him to afford to drive a 1991 Mercedes station wagon.


Mr. Standard is not exactly poor given how he is the Chief Marketing Officer of a water testing division of a German multi-national conglomerate which happens to be breaking all records to mention little of Michael Grant finding that Germans are very eager to see him fight although it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Michael’s physique is enough of an attraction to stop German women flying to places like the Bahamas and San Juan, Puerto Rico to enjoy the time of their life with men of color.


In other words if Michael isn’t on the payroll of the German government to help improve the birth rate then he should seriously consider hiring Mr. Standard as his manager who will undoubtedly, but only if need be, call upon my unique and universal “risk assessment” services to mention little of Gold yet to fall below the $35 a troy ounce mark, not even close and nor has Ron Bellows Senior’s doomsday scenario come true, yet, although you may have noticed in the last 24 hours more talk in the mainstream media about where is there left for foreigners awash in our worthless dollars to invest in stuff other than our ports and the such, nothing so incredibly funny as watching Lou Dobbs, the heavy duty financial “talking head” on CNN coming unglued last night as he mostly batted himself in to a corner before realizing it was time for him to realize that like the John and Ken show about to lose their audience he should seriously consider putting in an application for an outsourcing job in say New Deli, India.


I have yet to see even the first draft of extraordinarily SMART and sensitive Mr. Standard’s edits to this $1.99*/mth ONE TIME ONLY SALE (or whatever my wife dictates) that I assume is designed to compete against CBS offering “real time” news updates over cell phones at a similar price point which in turn is designed to compete with pornography being downloaded at Light-G-D-speed to cell phones that don’t require the wiring of wireless internet connections in restrooms such as the hotel I am currently staying at in Bel Air, California although technically I may in fact be in the suburb of Brentwood.


Like Mr. Standard, I am also very busy having to attend to my daily chores which include walking my Super Intelligent Italian Greyhound as we did earlier today along Sunset Blvd, couldn’t help noticing the number of so shiny and brand stinking new automobiles bumper to bumper, nothing quite as funny as this one dude making a left hand turn, accelerating his top of the line BMW pretty close its maximum output for about 30 meters and when seeing an open space as the road veered to the right flooring the pedal that brought with it this incredible broad smile just a split second before his right tire hit a massive pothole.


None of us likes to be told what to do and how to do it and “sum” [sic] things are best left to the imagination unless of course you happen to have as your significant other very possibly an individual smarter than Marilyn vos Savant who “beat out” not just the smartest the military brass had to offer when they declared that this savant was doing the study of math a disservice when suggesting that choosing change always increases the odds the success, Marie Dion Gevisser also happens to be one of the most beautiful woman in the world as well as sexy beyond words with or without clothes and of course you can only imagine how relaxed she is being supremely confident that she is “right on track” to be at the “top of her game” prancing around in the nude in the privacy of her own space which is the only thing she insists upon in addition to making certain that I stay in “fighting fit” condition to satisfy her sexual needs.


If you are just coming in to one of my missives you might decide that just the mention of the word “sex” for the second time is sufficient for you to “save face” by sending me to Coventry but bear in mind how I began this relatively short missive by suggesting there is every possibility that not only is that “number cruncher” in your office part of the distraction game but may be informed sufficiently by their DAAC “commanding officers” to know that someone like Terrance Howard is also just “doing his part.”


Mr. Newell Starks, Chairman of the Board of Sterling Holding Company, a fronting organization for the enormously successful Citicorp Venture Corporation, a division of Citigroup that specializes in “management friendly”, i.e. “shareholder hostile” takeovers, lives in Austin, Texas as you can see from this hyperlink, Mr. Starks having known me SIGNFICANTly longer than Mr. Standard whose father is the former President of the New York State Bar Association and along with a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population is blind copied.


No one other than me knows for certain where exactly I am going with all this but Mr. Starks like both Devin and Kenneth Standard like each and everyone on my one of a kind email list and now 4 other lists, a) My sh*t, b) Deafeningly Silent, c) Greedy and d) Non-existential Pardon, is quite certain I will inevitably loop back to THE DIAMOND INVENTION that puts an end to all the bs talk going on everywhere including say an illiterate panhandler in Timbuktu, Africa within moments in the history of time in understanding that this is all one big game of distraction including all the fuss about the “blood diamonds” coming out of places like Liberia, such smoke screens by the DAAC no different to THE DIAMOND INVENTION which was designed to achieve 2 primary objectives.


With their “mea culpa” in hand it was just a question of spreading THE DIAMOND INVENTION slow enough to get people such as myself who have known since 1980 pretty much where all the “bodies are buried” to “behave” and realize that “no good” will be “served” by trying to “buck the system”, the DAAC never figuring on either the power of The Internet or the persistence of someone such as myself who cannot be bought, period.


While it is a truism that the most dangerous people in the world are those at the bottom of the pyramid who have nothing to lose, most if not all of them don’t have the necessary Knowledge-Information-Light to pull the KIL “al-to-get-her” [sic] and rely on people such as yourself and Mr. Starks to while making out that you care about “giving back” some of your ill-gotten gains, at the end of the day pull out all stops that would have these desperate folks figuring it all out and instead facilitate the “engineering” the masses revolting by simply tinkering with the minds of the desperate using simple stuff such as “Love, Country and Honor” that while not exactly in rhythm with “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”, well you get the picture.


I don’t know if my Israeli Special Forces friend, Guy Friedman is back in the United States having got tired sitting on the beach in the Bahamas and like Americans seeking protection by being members of trade unions content to earn $50 an hour so long as there are sufficient palm trees and for all I know could be back in Israel waiting for orders to rejoin Flotilla 13, Israel’s equivalent of our Navy SEALs but whose training sets unique individuals like Guy world’s apart from their still very skilled killing-machine counterparts all over the world battling no different to our college graduates to get livable paying jobs given how despite us being awash in fictitious currency, the way the DAAC designed the world’s monetary system makes it all but impossible other than through horrific acts of man that has the masses of poor fighting each other, getting such fictitious currency whether it be paper money, digital money or diamonds the most untraceable into the hands of the poor who thanks to the extraordinary relative peace having more times on their hands to read missives such as this and piece together the extent to which they have played.


Again, playing the fool is easy once one has mastered exactly how the system works and right now we are moments away in the history of time from “gridlock.”


My command of numbers is rather good but if you have someone you know, preferably someone like Alan Greenspan who would be willing to debate me on the merits of my prognosis of where we are headed unless we all begin to start to logically thought process I am “all ears” which does not mean that we need to restore our consciences at least not yet, just smart enough to examine things from a standpoint of personal survival bearing in mind that even if you choose to ignore this heavily broadcasted missive that I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar will be read by no less than 10 million individuals-groups within the next 72 hours most of whom will undoubtedly take the position I assume Terrance Howard thinks is best which is to grab as much of the shiny stuff as quickly as possibly the reality of such KIL being spread at Light-G-D-Speed is in fact sufficient to create enough short-circuits within your brains that will have you contributing Freudian slips to our rapidly growing social cause.




Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


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