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Cc: rest; Chris Little - dIRECtor of News - KFI 640 AM - "More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio" [sic]; Devin Standard;
Subject: RE: Seacrest, Minehead...GOLD LAST TRADING AT $549.70 A TROY OUNCE...




I don’t recall nor do I show receipt of such an email but it makes little or no difference other than I am sure you have got to enjoy my "back and forth" with Mr. Chris "Little Mind Me" Little.


It is not of "High" importance that I even sell this one of a kind business opportunity that you well appreciate will appreciate significantly if for no other reason than the fact that I owned it.


But I am not about to sell you on anything other than I would like you to right now to send me a check for $23.88 representing a one year subscription to my heavily broadcasted emails which would make you the second subscriber unless of course you feel you will continue to contribute to increasing the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day.


I assume the price of £285,500 is not net of your commissions and that you have Mr. Hoyle throwing in £500 for you on top of what else he might choose to be generous with which is not to suggest that you would do anything "under the table" but why wouldn’t he serve no more than one free meal which could if not save your life add a moment of enjoyment that the rich do repeatedly when they entertain their friends without bothering for a moment thinking about the tax consequences since there are none for such transparent bribing.


This assumes of course Mr. Hoyle was to take over before this blockbuster summer that should have him wringing his hands in delight and I see no reason for you seeking absolution were you and the entire Weber staff to receive a free cup of tea along with those delicious scones covered in mouthwatering Somerset clottered cream with a touch of homemade jam on top, enough for me to think I have to be out of my mind to part with such a wonderful business were it not for the fact that in eating up all the profits I would possibly get as "phat" [sic] as a pig - the male wild turkey is now back in front of the rock home's east facing windows picking up the bird seed I had left from yesterday that was about twice as much as I usually leave.


Forgive me for sharing with you this most awesome distraction but it allowed me to think it more than likely I wouldn’t scare off Mr. Hoyle if I accept the bargain basement price of net to me of £285,000 that he would agree to not only serving me and my friends when we visit, no need for any special discount but to find a way to deliver to me free of charge just once a year until such time as I meet our maker once again a pound of Somerset clottered cream that is superior in quality to anything I can buy here in the U.S. even if he has to smuggle it into the United States so long as he doesn’t use one of my Black Hat brothers with their long coats who visited recently our over the top RENTED studio cliff house in heavily corrupted Del Mar which has me rethinking once again of not only how idiotic I must be to be parting with this incredible opportunity, our Chocolate Labrador Maggie who is now 12 years of age just farted but when last did you see a customs agent anywhere in the world simply asking Black Hatter whether they have read THE DIAMOND INVENTION?


Let me know what you think as well as how much Mr. Hoyle will place as a non-refundable deposit were he not able to complete the transaction to purchase Ccrest "as is" within the next 15 days given how he surely has covered all the bases knowing that to mess around with me at this time as I count more and more on the likes of Little Mind Me to increase my already very SIGNIFICANT footprint on INTERNET search engines could have me raising the price not to £400,000 which I still think is a bargain but to £4,000,000 even if not all the oil producing countries decide “al-to-get-her” [sic] to only accept gold as payment.


All the best,




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As we are unsure you have received this E-mail previously we are please to

re-send. We would be grateful for you early response



Webbers Estate Agents

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 Dear Mr Gevisser


    With regard to Seacrest one of the perspective purchasers has decided

 to withdraw their offer so we now only have one interested party.


    Mr Hoyle has put forward a final offer of £285,500 which would not be

dependant on selling and would be financed by cash and mortgage. Due to

the length of time the property has been on the market and the number of

viewings we have carried out we would strongly advise consideration of

this offer.



We would appreciate an early response.


Regards Kevin Prescott,

Webbers Estate Agents

tel: 01643 706 917



Ps: You appear to have inadvertently added our E-mail address to your

address book and we are receiving a number of pages of E-mails which have

no connection with Sea. Therefore would you please remove us. Thank you.