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I tried posting the following up as a response to the one poster who felt it was important to let you know that he thought Semel was not sleeping very well but the yahoo servers have my ip address and wont allow me to post even with a different yahoo id.


Subject: Terry Semel – CEO YHOO-STILL SLEEPING?


How about showing that you do more with your time than provide naive investors with a false sense of security that there is "open" as well as "meaningful debate" on these message boards?


The lack of intellectual honesty is beginning to wear thin with the hard working poor even here in the United States.


May I strongly suggest that before responding you check out my one website but there is enough in this hyperlink below that if you have a shred of a conscience it will surely take your breath away.


Furthermore, I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar that whoever you are whether you are as dumb as you appear or more likely doing the bidding of Semel and Co. who think that because they are now the 800 lb gorilla they can do as they please you are not wearing quite the smirk as when you first came across my name given how first of all I don’t scare easily and second my credibility goes well beyond my intimate knowledge from a very young age of board rooms both private at the very top of the pyramid and those public way below:


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


Ps – I am planning a conference call with Augusto Benito Vargis and some of his Peruvian friends perhaps within the next 24 hours in part to get more closely acquainted with these important peoples that depending on their level of English will have me directing them to Perfect Storm II on the network, always remembering that Mr. Newell Starks of Citicorp Venture Corporation made a very SIGNIFICANT contribution to this story that along with my postings on the Yahoo message boards resulted in nothing short of a “revolution” that had Mr. Starks chomping at the bit to partner with me in what he knew would ultimately bring Wall Street to its knees.


Worth mentioning for new viewers that Mr. Starks was inevitably brought out of retirement by CVC to become the chairman of the board of a fronting company of CVC which is a very crooked organization who specialize in “management friendly”, i.e. “shareholder hostile” takeovers and of course Mr. Starks’ thievery goes well beyond the fact that he has yet to pay me back some $40,000 that goes back to the spring of 2001 just prior to when he went back to work for CVC to mention in passing as the likelihood of his children and stepchildren reading this communiqué increases exponentially that this scumbag has to his “credit” besides for being one most exceptional financial engineer who could run circles around Dr. Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare, the very evil White Don of Africa who thinks nothing of using family members to shoot his poison-tipped  arrows while having the current South African ANC government eating out of his filthy lap, Mr. Starks is also credited with inventing the notebook computer when working for Texas Instrument in the late 1970s early 80s at around the same time I began moseying around 47th Street in New York City.


Important to note as gold last trades at $573.50 a troy ounce that while the masses of the world have thought the financial geniuses of the world operate on Wall Street using message boards like Yahoo to “mix things up” the real financial muscle are the Black Hats who are anything but Jewish, the same with anyone who knowingly supports the enslavement, torture and mass murder of the innocent and naïve.


None of this should be in the least bit surprising if you have been following along my very carefully laid out revelations of how in fact the “real world” operates, nothing in fact all that amazing when you get your “arms around” this very topsy turvy curvy world where you have supposedly orthodox Jews which is what the Black Hatters consider themselves, operating at the behest of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the most anti-Semitic institution who have got most of their “power money” from liberal United States Democrats who not in the least bit surprisingly get EXTRAORDINARY support from the likes of Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk and Ms. Laurie Black who when finding absolution during confession will by the time I am said and done have the most difficult time shouting out loud that they are Jewish.


Hypocrisy is at its all time high which should give faith to all those independent thinkers able to now begin to work out on their own what has caused the few blockages that they still have.


Also bear constantly in mind at this most wondrous moment in the history of time as truth begins to rise to the surface at Light-G-D-speed that between China and Peru they are now producing more gold than South Africa and more importantly the Peruvians I know well happen to be in excellent physical and mental health the result of not only trekking the steep slopes of the Andes but coming into contact with every variety of the human beast, i.e. their ability to track may well have surpassed the Bedouin.


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