From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 10:35 AM PT
To: Steve Thorpe
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Gall me?


Are you kidding?


You inspire me to "know end" [sic].


Not only will I not take you off my email list, i.e. add you to either the a) sh*t, b) deafeningly silent c) greedy list or d) all 3 of them I will broadcast ad-infinitum your thoughts about my small penis for the simple reason I cannot figure out what else might possibly bother you that has you ignoring not only the substance of what I am sharing with the world but my rather stellar track record in the "real world" that it seems few including ignoramuses such as yourself weren’t able to figure out on your own?


Let me be crystal clear in exposing both your lack of intellectual honesty and a rather transparent inability to logically thought process.


What exactly have you done about at least trying to get educators to teach our young before they get co-opted-corrupted about the SIGNIFICANT importance of the Anti-Trust Laws that are simply there to give both those whose formal education has interfered with their learning, i.e. not able to figure out on their own how to make out in this corrupt system nothing short of a false sense of security that there are laws protecting the "free flow" of not only "goods and services" but much more importantly "information" as well as those like Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk much further up the pyramid than I suspect you to be, the ability without idiots such as you able to figure out without guidance from someone such as myself, how to get even richer working even less than when, being extraordinarily successful thanks to my unique and universal “risk assessment” services, going after Wall Street criminals which is equivalent to "shooting fish in a barrel"?


It is highly probable that Mr. JRK has possibly more time on his hands to analyze more carefully what I am saying and therefore hesitant to say much other than try as he did back on March 30th of last year in effort to "set me up" hoping against all hope that I would take the "bait" and "plunge in on all 4s" [sic] to find him not as he protested, “have been contacted by any significant AIG shareholders?” for Mr. JRK so intimately familiar with my “work product” knows perfectly well that I know he has all the shareholders lined up ready 24/7 to go to bat against the systemic rot of Wall Street but rather to share with him the irrefutable smoking gun proof of shareholder fraud in my possession.


Assuming I have addressed each and every one of your remaining issues other than why any woman would choose to be with me let alone one of the most beautiful woman in the world, beyond a shadow of a doubt Marie Dion Gevisser in the top 2 richest as well as sexiest women that the Good Almighty SMART G-D has brought forth into this world ever since Adam began taking note of Eve’s breasts, please send me photos of you, your lover-s and/or if you prefer your dog.


Please continue to keep reminding me of anything else you would like me to comment on that has you so enthusiastically and repetitively communicating with me!




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From: Steve Thorpe []
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 7:24 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Please remove me from your spam list


You know, Gary, I've been on this planet long enough to get some idea what's

going on.  I am not interested in your rhetoric for the following reasons:


1.  The base problem is ego.  There is a percentage of the human population of which the members feel entitled to be, to do, to have better than the rest of us.  To bolster their egos they need to acquire and control.


2.  Your constant reminders that you have a beautiful wife put you with that ilk.  There are some men on the planet who seem to think their personal value is enhanced by possessing a beautiful woman.


3.  The fact that your inflated cc lists have important names with no links also indicates your need to inflate your own importance.


You, sir, are not the solution.  You are part of the problem.


I am simply not interested.


I do not expect to be taken off your list.  The fact that I find you not worth consideration, no doubt, galls you; and the fact that I find it annoying will compel you to continue.


So be it.