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Ron Bellows Senior


I know longer communiqué with Gary - because his vulgar, immature and incoherent and illogical misgivings


As I have said in the past - Childish things have been put away -


Both of you need to grow up -


Most telling is that Gary's most inner circle have several times know called him on his faulty and incomplete analysis - ref Derrick Devin and most recently soul


This is my last word on the subject


Have a nice life - just leave me out of it -


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Ron Bellows Senior

T - RBS while low down on the totem pole, not to be confused with either Poli Footsak Pollak or for that matter ROBin HOOD, is in fact "under attack" for his failure in his own words to, "separate" from the "fony crap megalopoly" in the form of the $280 billion criminal megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE Ltd, i.e. when u know, again his words, the "true nature" of things u have to dig deep and stop thinking this world is all about u "making out" that maybe there is a > purpose to being around time and again other than the 4s' and producing those in "your own image" to become co-dependants.


When u let people treat u like an ant u become an ant.






Ps - Be4 responding may I suggest u wait to see the follow up email to my amazing Dad, the "money trail" beginning with what his first cousin, David Gevisser, did with the $6 million advance he got in 1971 to have Mrs. Jane Communist Englehard hold on to the bragging rights of being the co-conspirator in the Diamond Invention responsible for the greatest enslavement, torture and murder of all time to mention little of her "phenomenally wealthy husband", Charles Engelhard, considered by many just like his co-conspirators the South African Oppenheimers to be Jewish, had his "funeral at St. Mary's Abbey Church in Morris Township", drawing "the likes of former President Johnson, former Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy."


Ps I - Just a matter of time be4 all the peoples of the world led I would assume by your South African brothers and sisters of color do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and urge Senator Edward M. Kennedy to pull out all stops to have his brother's LWWE Christian Cross removed from our sacred Arlington Memorial Cemetery.


Ps II - Please share with me your thoughts on a cost effective budget to launch my INFORMERS WANTED ad campaign worldwide.  






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Ron Bellows Senior




Just went thru some of your communiques (rbell-summary) with R. Bellows Senior and I now understand why you were (I think) "attacking" him because it seems like he is the one who initiated that AIG is a megalopoly and the insurance industry is some sort of "fony crap"? Is my analysis correct?


The question that remains is why did Mr. Bellows senior stop communicating. Did someone show him the coffin they are going to bury him in if he continues talking to you or did he have a brain transplant?




" First they ignore you, then they make fun of you, then they fight you and then you win" - Ghandi
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