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I will repeat pretty much what I told my Ducati motorcycle riding partner David Janeczko whose Ducati 999R is of course faster than my “sweet wheels” ST4S which has space for “tTOo” [sic] riders, the person riding pillion, however, has to have a bum not only small like MDG’s but extraordinarily firm to not interfere with the precision engineering on this crouch rocket that may in fact be no more than a couple of meters per second slower than the 999R which when traveling at 70 meters per second doesn’t really amount to a whole lot as you can well imagine to mention a lot in my next response to this real estate lady who sent me an ad promoting real estate people that caused my computer to do nothing short of vomit about Ms. Dawn and her “on-off” boyfriend The Sperm Donor aka Dr. John Ben Stewart walking along the beach in front of MDG and me this past Saturday that were the shockwaves caused by her ginormous butt not being absorbed by this guy wearing a thong about 100 meters away could have been enough to inadvertently cause a bomber in Gaza putting together a road sign bomb to mess up the electronics resulting in a dirty bomb causing a domino effect that had us all returning to the Stone Age.


I know that if you, possibly better than anyone else I know in the world other than myself, were to put your mind to it and remove all issues going on in the world that relate to your-our own “little world” you will be able to give me positive as well as insightful feedback.


So please go ahead and give me your thoughts on what I last sent Tefo by clicking on this hyperlink and not forgetting to click on to all those hyperlinks within.


Ps – I assume you have read the fascinating book THE DIAMOND INVENTION at least 3 times increasingly focusing on the implications of that extraordinary meeting between Harry Oppenheimer of DeBeers and President-elect John F. Kennedy at the Carlyle Hotel just a brisk walk from 47th Street to mention little of MDG catching on camera these Black Hatters walking this past week in “deep though” [sic] right in front of our magnificent RENTED studio Cliff House on the cliffs of Del Mar to mention in passing the most extraordinary sunset yesterday atop the still waters that lit up Sebastian Capella’s “revolutionary” Coliseum painting like never before, before reflecting back on the extraordinary courageous recent comments of President George W. Bush drawing attention to the disastrous Yalta Conference involving President FDR, Stalin and Churchill coming just months before “tTOo” [sic] Atomic bombs were dropped on Japan but soon after the Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944 that is just moments away in the history of time from becoming once again big news as communist propaganda newspapers like the New York Times are forced to begin spelling out more of the truth such as today’s announcement:


Home Sales Data Shows Housing Boom Slowing


In the end all the numbers have to add up to mention little of a talk I had with 6 teenagers all attending the local Torrey Pines High School this past Saterday south of where this picture was taken yesterday of me and my wife Marie Dion Gevisser who is in fact taller than me but not by as much as it appears in this and the photo contained in the previous hyperlink, following these terrific kids being defecated on, i.e. “cr*pped” [sic] on by a police officer in one of those black haunting SUVs everyone in Del Mar who isn’t totally “brainne dead” [sic] knows has a problem after these not all long haired kids just being kids had in fact done the right thing and smart thing which is also the right thing and contacted the authorities to report a seal in distress to mention little of why it is that those who have stolen the most which in the case of us Americans is predominantly land grabbing, rely on individuals mostly upset with themselves for not being smart enough to get their “fair share of the graft” but not exactly mildly content just loving the power of carrying a gun to intimidate teenagers, the most dangerous to the status quo.


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I have been in Chicago and just returned if you are trying to get me.  I can never really know it is for me or your host of other people you contact, this mail is to Nova so that is my assumption.  I will be back in my office Tuesday.  Sorry for delay in response when traveling.


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