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As u have been "Jewly informed by my" [sic] Partner-Wife Marie Dion I am as part of my ¡°bullsh1t¡± [sic] efforts to keep u et al from going ¡°tT¡Þ far¡± [sic] far ¡°overboard¡± not to suggest u r an Islamic extremist, at least not yet, compelled to keep u as well as others including members of law enforcement fully apprised of events, beginning with a notice that appeared to be flawed that a terrific young gentleman was about to serve on PW MD a short while be4 6:03 PM PST, the time now going on 7 PM PST and I must hurry since I still have other household chores including walking both my dog and PW MD who lives in the property next door with her ¡°tT¡Þ¡± [sic] kids and Maggie, a 10 year old chocolate Labrador, just a ¡°hop, jump and a scotch¡± [sic] from where I rent my one of a kind incredible studio which also serves as the west coast headquarters of Manager Minute One, there being something about "gods" [sic] on the notice for PW MD who had she been properly served would have meant from what I could gather that she would have some 3 days to "work out" what to do with Maggie which I understand is well covered in her lease agreement




Quit, thrown out in the street where a passerby would hopefully take pity on my poor, poor, Partner-Wife, her 10 year old chocolate Labrador leaving G-D forbid her disgusting former at least twice divorced husband with ¡°soul¡± [sic] custody of these kids who I happen to care a lot about?


Much ado about nothing?


Now I now a thing about the "work out" business my having recently told just one rather interesting story about how some of the most rapacious out of control thugs working for the multi-national conglomerate, Philips BV in Anthoven, Holland once tried to scare the living daylights out of me only to realize that by just going the "honey approach" my client, Mr. Solly Krok, a co-founder of Twins Pharmaceuticals, a not altogether miniature  pharmaceutical company in South Africa could be just as easily "massaged" for a bargain of a price even when compared to having the General Manager of Philips BV send a drug crazed hit man as one rather distinguished attorney to Queen Beatrice once whispered in my ear as we strode shoulder to shoulder along the canals on our way to a most wonderful fish restaurant where I ordered salmon, this one other not altogether poor man by the name of Jonathan Beare once informing me that salmon is the fish of those with poor taste, would u agree?


Seeing that it is rather late in the day and I do have just one more matter I would like to take up with my china TU who is constantly emailing me stuff despite telling me how much it is negatively impacting his business, quite silly wouldn't u agree, I must speed things up, u agree?


Terrific. When I mean business, however, I mean business-personal, as I have already quite well explained, agree?


To the best of my knowledge my PW MD has retained an attorney to be tasked with hitting u scoundrels with every single knuckleball imaginable that will express in no uncertain terms my dissatisfaction with those who usurp their limited authority.


To repeat, I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil does not come in the form of a pointed tail




Pitched fork.


I not only love my Partner-Wife but I happen to like her a lot and nothing makes me quite growl than to c a frown form on most beautiful face, u know what I mean jellybean?


When last did u look in the mirror and appear so old?


I am not attorney as u well know but my business of "risk assessment" has the very best litigators on the planet calling me from time to time to assist with their most problematic cases, nothing quite like being able to combine my problem solving talents with another of my specialties, ripping to shreds by embarrassing the hell out of those who build into their ¡°cost of goods¡± the ¡°cost of getting caught¡± and I assume I can count on u to stay glued to your TV set the next time the Del Mar City Council convene for a televised broadcast, agree?




It seems to me that now would be a good time to bring in your risk management professionals the ones who help Dave Stubs Realty with their liability, professional liability, excess liability blah blah insurance coverages as well as the accountants and attorneys of each and every one of your and your principals, the Warrens¡¯ ancestors responsible for executing each one of their wills going back to the year dot as I now begin the due diligence process, determining among a host of wonderfully interesting things the extent of your deep pockets as I now suggest to PW MD and her attorney that they sock it to u et al from now until eternity, giving it my ¡°best efforts¡± to throw in the word "Timpucktu" [sic] if only to place a hyperlink on top of the word puck, the 1977 Stanley Cup playoff puck a gift from a Mr. Bill Squadron, an attorney who is the President of SporTVision, a spin-off of the Fox Network owned by the Aussie Rupert Murdoch, Bill's father Mr. Murdoch¡¯s lifelong attorney.






Ps ¨C Devin Standard is the executor of my worldwide estate to mention little of my remaining exceedingly optimistic that his father, Mr. Kenneth Standard Esq. after reading some of my more recent communiqu¨¦s perhaps the next one to TU will c it in the best of interests of his 72,000 odd constituents of mostly crybaby attorneys to not waste any more time simply keeping his seat as President of the New York State Bar Association warm.


PS I ¨C The FBI are the Federal Bureau of Investigation



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