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Subject: FW: Secret Service


Interesting what KFI’s dIRECtor of News finds the time in his busy day to forward me!


Don’t spare a nickel of my estate in bankrupting Mr. Little and Co should he in whatever remains of his pee brain decide to mess following my “departure” in any way shape or form with the heavily broadcasted communiqué I sent out  a little earlier to Ms. Lanata in Peru.


I assume if your father’s law firm won’t take such an “award winning” case on contingency then not only will he point you in the right direction but offer good words of advice, although I am quite certain Mr. Little and Co. have already with help of course from their legal eagles figured out given the “assets” I-we are about to throw at them they might as well “go for broke”.


Nothing quite as “spiritual” as “rocking the boat”.



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything!


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Subject: FW: Secret Service


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 ATTN: ALL Just to keep you informed the Story below indcated just how Criminal Bush