From: Denise Bell
Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2004 11:48 AM
Subject: Re: Next Symposium {:}...quick...{:}


Hey Mr. Gevisser,

It's Denise Bell, Ron's daughter... I believe I only actually met you once when you were over for dinner... regardless -  I have received two emails from you,  and I dont know if that was only by chance, but I find your writing intriguing and would appreciate it if you could keep the emails coming. 


I have been studying in Denmark since January, and have been traveling Europe since the first of June.  I learned that after 4 years of college, there is still I have a lot to learn about the world and that it makes a big difference who you are getting this worldly education from.  I also learned to question everything... including emails from my brother  :)  So, in my efforts to learn as much as I can, from someone I believe to be a credible source (my dad speaks highly of you as well), please keep me on your list of contacts... and I will be sure to check up on your website as well. 


Denise Bell

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