From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 4:42 PM PT
To: Dad
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Subject: ...---...LITTLE KING...---...


Thank you for your birthday wishes.


In the future save your breath in an effort to breathe life into your G-d-Given backbone beginning with confronting your first cousin who conspired with my Royal Mater to deprive you of your most important asset which prevents people from making an ass out of you.


The ability to logically thought process is one gifted to us by an almighty smart G-d and the fact that you, the rest of my siblings, your brother, your sister and most of all your favorite golfing partner, Leizer Molk MD the husband of your late sister despite all of us having human genes hasn’t stemmed you all journeying toward being potted plants on the next go around.


So good is Leizer with his jokes but so late in the day informing you when you both visited our rock cabin that your nemesis, Sol “Little King” Moshal the so very corrupt Chief Executive Officer of The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies thought himself so almighty that he could get away with commenting to your sister, “You have more balls than the rest of the Gevisser boys combined” says everything about who exactly were you friends given how Leizer who can play the fool as good as the best out there is no idiot and understood perfectly well just from that ballsy statement alone how very important such information could have been to someone such as myself able to logically thought process with the best out there.


Leizer left you and me with the impression that Daphne Gevisser Molk simply “smiled” without further comment although Leizer made it patently clear that Daphne was in fact standing up in your defense, questioning the Little King why he was so blatantly unfair towards you especially, who she knew was not only extraordinarily honest but one of the smartest people walking the planet, much smarter than her husband or your idiot elder brother who worked alongside David Gevisser at ACME Timber which remember was one of the MG Group of Companies that has me now taking you back not all that far in time to David Gevisser’s son, author-journalist Mark Gevisser commenting to Tefo back on April 13th of last year:


I doubt Mbeki knows --or should know-- anything about Moshal Gevisser except that his mother bought her goods wholesale from them for her trading store.


While I am fully aware you still take the ostrich approach of, “Gary I think you are going overboard and besides what good comes of it?” allow me to now ram it down your throat given how your attitude is why the next generation learn far too late the sins of their mothers and mothers.


So who else besides for the DAAC helped financed the crematoria at Auschwitz and the such?


Who else besides for the DAAC provided the financing to purchase munitions that had Nazi gunners blasting out of the sky you and other fighter-bomber-pilots of Squadron II who weren’t so lucky?


The mere fact that when you read the words “from them” it didn’t make you sick to your stomach and after coughing out your guts didn’t even bother placing a phone call to Mark Gevisser who doesn’t live on another planet and instead without feeling the need to say a word to anyone got on a plane, if necessary used the monies you say you haven’t spent all derived from my property in Sea Point that you don’t have the fricken guts to place in writing belongs to me for fear of your whole “bullsh*t” [sic] world coming crumbling down, is rather telling not simply of your poor conditioning but thinking you can outsmart G-d.


You are not in the least bit interested in your legacy but simply being able to “save face” with your grandchildren who you hope wont get to read this before you next meet up with our extraordinarily smart G-d knowing full well that the rest of your children also know the whole truth about your lack of backbone but commiserate with you because they are hell bent on following in your footsteps.


Over my dead body will the Good Lord allow you or them the luxury of getting a moment’s peace as I now pull out all stops to expose the systemic rot that begins with each family acting like Mafioso.


I noticed how quickly the blood drained from your face upon hearing of such a “dialogue” between your sister who you cared so deeply for despite the fact that she demonstrated time and again open jealously toward my RM and your nemesis, much the same when I told you how upon realizing the “dirty deed” executed by the Little King in selling the MG Group of Companies for nothing short of a song my RM walked into the Little King’s office which was next door to yours which you shared with your father and simply slapped this crooked accountant across the face.


But the real slap across the face was the failure of Leizer to have forwarded such enlightening information much sooner than when you were now on your last legs with only one leaky heart valve and the other belonging to a non-kosher pig both still apparently functioning allowing you to get by each day whining for the sympathy vote.


Go back and pay attention to the “NOTICE” response I got from Leizer back on October 20th 2004 as this anything but a good friend sent me a “shot across the bow” to “lay off” my RM.


Yes, go ahead and examine all your fictitious friends and what you will come away with after spending some 83 odd years on this planet is just one friend Felix beside for me and to think that such a man once belonged to the Hitler Youth movement should if you have any faith in the genius of the almighty SMART G-D have you thinking about the odds of such an extraordinary “coincidence”.


While you are sufficiently competent in math and science to follow along my analysis that provides extraordinarily strong proof of the “Hand of G-d” you are all so much in denial that the last thing you want to address is the reality that your moves and mismoves are not only being watched but your fates are pretty much all sealed bearing in mind that there isn’t a single human being on this planet that can debate the merits of my logical thought processing as it relates also to the “real world” of it all about “me, me, me” followed by “money, money, money”, turning one blind eye after the next so long as the person you are gossiping about has wealth, no matter how dishonest they were in their path to hell that has you then justifying your deceit by always being able to say words to the effect:


Yes I am a sinner. If I was perfect then I would be G-d. And so as long as there are bigger sinners, better yet if they are not imprisoned,  I will continue to play G-d in judging my sins less than those who have stolen more!


It all begins with those little “white lies” that you must remember cannot be hidden from G-d who is everywhere, watching every move and mismove knowing He-She has gifted us intellectual reasoning to quantitatively and analytical discuss “The Mind of G-d” at work with “The Hand of G-d” by simply examining the “end product” of Einstein’s “Mind of G-d” equation, “2 c mE” in “reverse” and why not have everyone on your email list including your grandchildren come up with something that spells out the SMARTs of G-d in a way that captures the imagination of the children as followed by how cool do they think it is that this person you keep saying is “going overboard” has figured out there are digits which when added and multiplied result in the same number with no more than one such combination for every grouping, the 4 digits 1421, coming up time and again beginning with the number 42 on both sides of our family B. GEVISERIS shop in Vilnius, Lithuania and us finding 2 nails hanging on the inside wall of our rock home with the number 42 on top of both.


How many coincidences does it take before it is no longer a coincidence and you then in the next instant come to terms that there is design everywhere so long as one can logically thought process.


But of course it is still much easier to keep stealing the light out the next generation by lying through your teeth thinking they would go along with being as corrupt as the previous generation without bothering to use their minds to work out that the resources that we are consuming make it all but impossible for each successive generation to live as good as the previous.


Too little and too late, you scoundrel” is what you should have said to Leizer if you had been firing right like when you were one of the very best fighter-bomber-pilots.


The likes of Dr. Syd Cohen when I spoke with him a few years back still singing your praises and you would know that uncle Syd was not one who felt the need to use flowery English especially when he knew that your miraculous record of 71 missions over northern Italy said everything about your competency even if Syd never got to read your humble logbook writings.


And of course by now you should have figured out the role you would have played in a “second wave” should Israel had not been victorious in its War of Independence that would have called for very “calm minds” to gather around them in the words of David Ben Gurion, “Let the children of Israel be a light unto the nations” especially those with athleticism, strong minds and most of all an ability to keep their big mouths shut learning from someone such as yourself who could command respect like none I have met.


Bear in mind that while my RM protests that she only recently found out that you did more than throw handheld bombs out of the cockpit of your fighter-bomber-planes after I had to do nothing short of spelling it out by reading to her portions of your logbook, and you will note that she still in her book THE WINKING CAT couldn’t bring herself to calling you by your official designation “Fighter-Bomber-Pilot” leaving out the “bomber”, there were more than a handful of those who both commanded you and flew alongside you who believed given the incredible odds of Israel’s meager Air Force being able to pull off the impossible they would be well served having 2nd Lieutenant Bernard Nathan Gevisser who could also play a better than average game of rugby “in reserve”.


David Gevisser although he carries our great last name was never a Gevisser and your sister should have ripped the Little King to shreds but then again neither your sister nor your brother-in-law Leizer as very shrewd and conniving as they are were no match when compared to my RM who didn’t need to dwell like you have for the past 35 odd years since the sale of MG within a year or “tTOo” of Charles Engelhard’s death, wondering why folks like the auditors and lawyers reporting to the Board of Directors of The MG of Companies knowing that your father had the “control block” of shares never “stepped up to the plate” to apprise you of the so blatant “dirty deed” that was extraordinarily transparent, all it taking was to get an independent appraisal of the properties owned by The MG Group of Companies that your father was the one responsible for purchasing for cash, not a single one having a mortgage, to appreciate how extraordinarily undervalued they were.


Remember the name Gerald Hackner, our next door neighbor and RM’s accountant of many years, the same gentleman who called you up when you were living in Cape Town to find out how to get hold of my RM in order to thank her for her book THE WINKING CAT that she had so kindly sent him as a gift, such a shock to your system was not quite though as bad as when you did eventually get your own copy which as best I recall you managed to get through just a few pages before tossing it in the trash.


You didn’t however need to be Gerald Hackner the shrewdest businessman walking the planet at the time of the sale of the MG Group of Companies to figure out why there was such a deafening silence as everyone including my RM all “looked the other way” making the inexcusable excuse that to be “confrontational” would result in Anti-Semitism “raising its ugly head” and of course MDG is right, “Being non-confrontational is no excuse for bad judgment!”


It is not only David Gevisser who is both evil and Anti-Semitic, each and every one of you are in fact no better than this scoundrel who has derived great satisfaction in mocking you time and again beginning with having my RM approach him “cap in hand” to “help you out” in finding you who had been nothing short of “blackballed” a decent paying job which as you know amounted to nothing but an incredible pain in your backside as you went about making the likes DG’s cousin John Moshal filthy rich to mention little of you possibly recalling that John Moshal’s one son controls some 30% of all the Internet gaming from a two bedroom flat in Durban, South Africa.


Yes, the name Marc Rich should jolt you “sumwhat” [sic] especially as I now go about making so public the name Roy Essakow whose mother dared to tell me on November 8th 2000 to “vote my conscience” because “we need a Jew in the White house”.


What do you think of this meddling Conrad Wolff character not quite understanding the SIGNIFICANT role middlemen like Marc Rich play in propping up our totally overrated U.S. Dollar?


The failure to speak out is old and to many a boring story but not to me or anyone else who has a conscience and can so easily recognize the extraordinarily powerful “Hand of G-d” at work constantly imploring each of us to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing.


You had ample opportunities over the years to figure out on your own all the connecting dots that had you so often in “despair” although you felt and looked so much better than all those who did you down, again the “Hand of G-d” always points us in the right direction so long as one does not indulge in food, exercises both regularly and strenuously and works out how in “giving back” one reaps the rewards of Heaven here on earth.


Back in 1995 when I visited South Africa you were very much around and aware of the dinner gathering that my RM mater and her husband Alan Zulman attended hosted by David Gevisser where he made “public comment” of me being “naive” which I have stated just once before was to send me a “shot across the bow” courtesy of my RM who like you and like everyone who has ever worked with me knows cannot be true unless of course they were in the room with DG and me when I planted very carefully in his head the distinct possibility that I was “naive” as I successfully got him to “open up” and gloat about his extraordinary power and wealth that of course could have been easily mine if only I was willing to be extraordinarily unJewish and look the other way.


It did not take the imbecile DG all that long, however, to figure out that he had in fact “gone overboard” bearing in mind that just prior to him simply confirming being paid the rather large sum of $6 million back in early 1971 for being nothing more than a “trusted stooge” of the DAAC I had provided him with rather “hot news” about the extraordinary stupidity of Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s then Minister of Trade and Industry, in his decision to allow remnants of the Broderbund, the top dogs behind the Apartheid Regime who all reported to the DAAC, to purchase David Altmand’s Made In USA Inc. trade show company thus playing right into the hands of the DAAC who don’t need anyone else’s fricken money.


My RM is, however, as difficult as it may be for some to believe rather naive herself, the result I “wager” of years of denial beginning with her father’s ill-gotten wealth that in the end amounted to not much more than a pot to pee in.


But you don’t have the excuse of my RM who has had to live a lifetime like most getting more than their fair share of the graft keeping track of her lies from day given how you have never not once, to the best of my knowledge, ever “pulled a fast one”, never in a million years capable of dreaming about kicking someone when they are down that should today despite your ailing heart valves allow you to compute better than anyone you know, apart of course from me and my beloved wife Marie Dion Gevisser who is allowing me right now to type at a blinding speed here at our rock cabin uninterrupted although I wrote the body of this text several hours ago, mostly “cutting and pasting” when mistakes do happen.


The fact that you couldn’t see the connecting dots between your first cousin, Charles Engelhard and me going to work for Codiam Inc. whose one principal Alan Lipworth was the Little King’s nephew, you never once asking me what exactly was I going to be doing for folks that you knew perfectly well detested everything that you represented, good looks, a brilliant brain, humility beyond words and most all the fact that those who worked for you, whites, blacks, coloreds, Indians worshipped the ground you walked on had me thinking for many years you were a “party” to the “payback”.


I am taking down the DAAC, David Gevisser, his foul mouthed son Mark Gevisser and each and every one who DARES to get in my way.


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