From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 1:48 PM PT
To: Cameron
Cc: rest; Adam Tucker
Subject: Cameron hello - I'm the guy who asked a lot of questions that had you responding, "I am an open book".


I make it my business-personal to place everyone I meet “on the spot” not because I get any satisfaction out of being “confrontational” but “in order” to be able to “cut to the chase” that much quicker, figure out” how best to “serve” each of our respective “agendas” since one can always “make money” but never make up for “lost time”, the most precious resource apart from fresh drinking water, healthy food and shelter from the elements.


Being non-confrontational is no excuse for bad judgment!– Marie Dion Gevisser


The fact that it may be perfectly okay for someone not to have an “agenda” beyond their very basic needs being met, not be in the least bit interested in “living the life of Riley” while not having to “blacken their hands”, and therefore you could rationale argue it would be wrong to “judge”, does not prevent me from at least trying while at the same time learning from such individuals how best to get them to “wake up” to what is really happening “out there!


May I suggest that you click on this hyperlink taking you to my last heavily broadcasted communiqué before you receive my next heavily broadcasted communiqué which could easily end up being read within the next 72 hours by some 10 million individuals if not considerably more; you do the math to determine how long it will take to reach the rest of the world’s masses bearing in mind that not everyone on my emails lists is selfish and wanting to keep the “good news” just to themselves, a good number sharing the “good news” with their entire emails lists.


Again for “good reason” you should read the last communiqué I sent out last evening to “nothing” Conrad Wolf that I typed in about 30 seconds giving almost “no thought” to the “audience” which was a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population but a considerable amount of thought to the subject matter which is “sumthing” [sic] I have been thinking about since I was a “diK” [sic].


Not to mention that in compliance with Quantum Mechanics, that which goes forward must work in “reverse” you should get a “kick out” of my one website www.EmanANDdog.COM and you would know better than to mock God.


You would know that one uses the Latin adverb “sic” denoting “so” when there is an “error of sorts” in either spelling or grammar within the “quotation marks”.


Suffice to say the book I am composing in “real time” on The Internet, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE!, subtitle, A Message for the President! not only affords me all the “protection” I need but also pretty much speaks for itself but at the same time the two words, “money creation” requires a little thought which helps “sumwhat” [sic] when realizing how very little you know not only about the extraordinary lucrative business of “money creation” despite all your schooling but more so how very sickeningly devious it is, to the point that you may first want to vomit before then going very quiet, deciding best not to say a word to anyone until such time as you realize how very much “on your own” you are in the world having been “kept in the DAAC” [sic] by each and every one of your “clay feet” elders including religious clerics and professors at university who you at first think should have been “trusted” to tell you from the youngest of age, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth were it not for the fact that it would have interfered with their “gravy train”.


The truth is that beginning with your parents as well as their parents it was quite difficult to follow the “Money trail” but certainly not impossible to figure out for example where a “nothing” small time thug like Hitler got his financing for that awesome Nazi Germany Military Machine?


How many U.S. Rangers do you think it would have taken on how many missions to simply offer Hitler, the most non-Aryan looking person the DAAC could find to simply accept a well funded pension plan in say the shares of the DAAC?


Not like the United States Federal Reserve had this former little corporal from World War I, not able to make a living as artist painter because he didn’t know how to draw, locked up in the White House and so long as he did as he was told was allowed to go “out and about”.


For behaving good with the DAAC life can very pleasant, again just so long as you don’t forget who “butters your bread” and it helps to keep reminding yourself that you come from the “bottom of the barrel” by wearing suits that fit so very poorly.


Now again, all that requires is the most elementary common sense which I have yet to come across in any human being educated under the Bell Shaped curve educational system where it is the most average of us who rise to the top.


On the other hand the DAAC who for the past century have controlled the entire western world’s educational system and in the rest of the world the DAAC have their military right on the ground providing all the necessary “muscle” for the DAAC tyrants to do nothing more than maintain a constant state of civil war, understanding all this is as simple as pie.


Members of the “Money Power” elite who make it their business-personal not to tattoo on to their foreheads that they are members of the DAAC have no difficulty whatsoever getting their “arms around” the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC], an organization I am intimately familiar with who mastered the art of “mind control” best illustrated in their “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”, although simply taking a handful of hours out of your busy schedule to read their most important Promotional Piece, THE DIAMOND INVENTION, only available on The Internet, all geared to having you feel totally “hopeless”, that there is nothing in the world you or all the people you THINK you know can do anything about, what you SHOULD come away with is realizing how very vulnerable the DAAC feel at this time which is why they are pulling out all stops with TV, radio and print ads to get as quickly as possible the next generation to get hooked on diamonds which as you know is just one currency, one means of exchange.


The difference, however, with Diamond Currency is that the DAAC, the cartel of cartels, the price fixers of price fixers fix their unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried currency at always more than a barrel of oil.


The DAAC have one agenda namely,






You are coming in on the “tail end” of a “cat and mouse game” I have been “waging” with the highly deceptive DAAC and their stooges, of course include each and every one of their corrupt governments, going back to when I was 15 years of age, some 35 odd years ago, way before I joined them in 1980 on 47th-Wall Street, New York City, the money laundering capital of the world, when I was perfectly positioned to take over from my uncle David Gevisser as the American head of the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, counterfeiters of counterfeiters, special interest of special interest group who most of all understand and execute flawlessly the very basic principle of “divide and conquer” beginning with the family.


Let me give you just one example.


Lets first of all not make it personal but I know given the information you provided me about your Dad’s real estate business you would be able to apply this example to his business as well as your mom who I seem to recall you saying is a nurse, perhaps the most underrated and certainly underpaid job here in the U.S. especially when considering how grossly overpaid are American physicians who make out like everything they do is so “precise”, so mathematical, so scientific but yet when one looks at the numbers and notices that 95% of Americans are in worse health than the Brits who are not exactly in good shape so you question the whole “pricing system” and it doesn’t take very long, just a handful of picoseconds, perhaps less assuming your brain is “firing right” to know why it is that the “value system” we keep hearing about is about the “value of money” not set by “market forces” but by the DAAC, the most flagrant violators of our sacrosanct Anti-Trust laws.


Money doesn’t “grow on trees” but at least this way we would be able to keep better track which isn’t very easy with everyone too busy keeping track of their lies from day one.


But now we have The Internet, specifically email that you just have to love unless of course you are on the side of the DAAC who interfere with the light but increasingly less so as each one of us can quickly figure out who is “friend” and who is “foe”.


If you are feeling sick to your stomach, that is not a good sign.


On the other hand, well you get the drift.


So lets just say you own a brand spanking new fishing boat that you built with your own “bare hands” and the cost of the materials all coming out your hard earned savings without you getting as much as a penny from anyone else.


Lets assume you did your “homework” and did not need to build in the “customary cushion” of between 20 and 25% in to your budget for cost overruns, instead just 10% which it turns out that you didn’t need at all and decide on the day of the launch to throw a spectacular PR party for all your friends who encouraged you along the way, of course inviting the entire membership of the local yacht club while smart enough to use just half, leaving 5% for a “rainy day”.


The celebrations also geared in addition to getting laid grabbing but very coolly as many business cards as possible without looking like you are all “business” and while looking you square in the eyes, at least for the most part, are a significant number of prospects that really make you feel so very good about yourself and before you know it you are thinking, “If only I had built a bigger fishing boat?” and in the next instant you remind yourself,


“I’m young. Life is good but lets not get carried away. I got to this point by keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground while others with their ‘pie in the sky’ dreams never got beyond writing a pitiful business plan. So if I just ‘stick to my knitting’ I will, when the time is right, once I have worked out all the kinks, learned the ropes of running my own business, be in a position to expand, knowing deep down in my soul when the ‘time is right’ and again not to get carried away with ‘pipe dreams”, but of course it is such a nice feeling to hear the voice in the back of your heard confirming all these good wishes and business cards of prospects who after the party and once I have cleaned up the boat tomorrow morning, perhaps sleeping in a little later than usual, I will add to my email list and within a week knowing how fickle people can be and of course I know I have competition eager to see me ‘fall flat on my face’, I will follow up with a flyer of sorts”.


Then a very familiar face, apart from God, taps you on the shoulder but from behind which of course has you feeling just a wee little bit startled but not in the least bit frightened since you think, again for the most part, that you are among mostly genuine “well wishers” but mostly freeloaders wanting good food and most of all free booze, and in an instant you are “beaming from ear to ear” as your uncle Joe, your mother’s half brother who is also a member of the yacht club informs you, while of course just whispering in your ear, that it is highly likely he is going to be the next commodore of the yacht club and your eyes widen up “starry eyed”, diamonds not glittering quite as much, and you ask him why he hadn’t told you this good news before and he says simply that he wanted to first see you, “showing up for work”.


Those 4 words seem a “little out of place” even though you may have thought you were taught this most important lesson in being successful in business the day you finished your first class when beginning elementary school which your professors forgot to remind you in college and slowly the beaming smile on your face turns into a frown and not long a teeny weenie little “grimace” appears on your face but your favorite uncle is still smiling and you then quickly laugh which helps bring back that award winning smile and then your uncle Joe opens his mouth a little more and you figure he was just “pulling your leg” and making a joke about you “showing up for work”.


Then uncle Joe sees a familiar face, slaps you gently on the back, now thinking of selling your mother’s so very blood stained and worthless-fictitious diamonds, before telling you to call him if you need anything, that he would be glad to help in any way possible.


So you are very quickly back to feeling awfully good about yourself so long as you remain “in the moment” of this “case study” but you still wonder about that “showing up for work” plus the fact that you thought there were no “secrets” in your family, that everyone was an “open book” and why didn’t your mother at least inform you that your uncle Joe was going to be in a position to “make or break” you.


Even at 23 odd you are long enough in the tooth to know it is not so much who you know that counts but what you know about who you know - MDG that makes the difference between life and death, or simply leading a “life of riley” or ending up like most in debt if not dirt poor unless of course you know how to play the “DAAC game” which I am sharing with you in “real time”.


But you are only 27 odd years younger than me of course living the “life of Riley” just look at my awesome French-Canadian wife Marie Dion Gevisser

and you have “your whole life ahead of you”, now thinking how to make the most of your uncle Joe’s connections, so try getting rid of those DAAC thoughts, not very easy I know, but just try and remember this “case study” is just a hypothetical although there is nothing in the least bit funny about the way the DAAC do business, seeking out the “weakest link” in the family who the DAAC allow each of us to talk badly about but totally intolerant are the DAAC if anyone else questions our so transparent hypocrisy and point out each and every one of our DAAC family members.


Then out in the distant you see your uncle Joe talking to a stranger who appears to ready to come on board and again your feelings are overwhelmingly positive because you have been smart enough not to let anyone beginning with your parents “blacken your hands” and you look forward to meeting this well dressed individual who at least knows that you come from “good stock”.


Without wanting to make it look too obvious you can’t help but keep an eye open as he makes his way through the adorning crowd before coming up to you and introducing himself as a friend of your uncle Joe.


And after the customary “glad handling” he hands you his business card and tells you that he has his board of directors coming in town tomorrow and would like to rent out your boat that afternoon to take them all fishing and before any words can come out of your mouth but you know better than to remain “star eyed” first and foremost because how very stupid it looks, he informs you that not only will none of them be expecting to catch any fish he is going to have everything catered and that all you are going to have to be responsible for is a making sure the boat is cleaned up and ready to go by 2PM and then as he shakes your hand, hands you over U.S.$10,000 cash, all in new 100 United States Dollar bills and then says,


If that does not cover the cost, just bill me the difference. Your uncle can vouch for me. We have been friends a lifetime!


US$20,000 was the total cost of the materials, most of which you got at below cost given how you had been at this since you were 15 years of age, so very diligently building the right bridges, knowing better than burn any bridges, especially with the DAAC and all their material suppliers who without exception were invigorated by your entrepreneurialism, so willing to do it all on your own.


Never in a million years would you have dreamed your “lucky stars” would fall to earth so very quickly and then you instinctingly because you are a guy put your hands inside your trouser pockets just to feel all those other business cards which now had you “feeling your oats” and in the next instant you are looking around for the hottest chick to share your award winning smile but knowing not to come on too strong, to be cool, laid back, not giving away any sense of the fact that you could so long as you played your cards right be retired well within 3 years but not to the point that you are thinking of ever giving up the “good life” but just not having to ever worry about “making ends meet”.


Cameron, now may I suggest you email Adam Tucker, my one American programmer who I have known some 5 odd years and begin by asking Adam whether he got the funding for his one idea from this one board member of his uncle’s plastic business that got a “leg up” on the competition when a DAAC representative showed up one day with U.S.$2 million cash in a suitcase.


Adam has designed each one of my websites, some 100 or so in various stages of construction from the “bottom up” although there are only about 5 that have been “lit up” and each one has the appearance of being more basic, more infantile than the rest.


My very first website was, footsak is South African slang for giving someone “a kick in the rear end”.


My wife’s Datsun Pathfinder, Limited Edition, i.e. leather seats, top-of-the-line when she purchased it back I believe in 2001 has a rather big dent in the back bumper that I haven’t bothered to get it fixed even though I know it bothers MDG “sumwhat” [sic] but not to the point where she would bother to do it herself.


This “ding” was caused when backing into a concrete trash bin in downtown Los Angeles while on the phone with a very close colleague of mine, Newell Starks who was waiting to catch a flight out of Los Angeles International Airport to his home in Austin, Texas and I was at the same time trying to coordinate another colleague of mine Ms. Vicky Schiff to meet with Newell and just “get to know one another”.


Newell first “made a name for himself” when as an engineer at Texas Instruments he is credited with having invented the notebook computer which was back in the late 1970s, before then being offered by one of the two founders of Compaq computer to be the “3rd leg in the stool” which in a matter of few years would have allowed Newell to walk away with a couple of billion U.S. Dollars in his “back pocket” and after turning down this “once in a lifetime offer” and seeing what it cost him, Newell decided to go back to school and upon graduating with an MBA took a position with Citicorp Venture Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Citigroup which is where he was when I met up with him in the early 1990s, on his very last assignment as Newell who was just 40 years of age was being “put out to pasture” having earned for himself nothing short of a “small fortune”, certainly enough that he would never need to work again.


Vicky first made a name for herself as the managing partner of a private US$100 million real estate investment fund specializing in self-storage facilities having been fortunate enough to have earned the “trust” of a gentleman, just forgot his name who along with his father are the second largest shareholders of AIG, the financial services giant, also controlled by the DAAC no different to the DAAC’s Lloyds Insurance of London just down the road from the DAAC’s Central Selling Organization.


So there you have the DAAC fixing the price of Diamond Currency at always more than a barrel of oil and the DAAC LION fixing the price of insurance.


Do you recall me reading back to you yesterday about the DAAC just loving their most awesome at one time “crown jewel”, the DAAC British crown colony aka the United States of America?


I first met Vicky following my New Beginnings party that I held in December 2000 when I had decided to “hang up my gloves” and just “kick back” the rest of my life.


Vicky was friends with a surfer buddy of mine from South Africa, Paul Tomson, the younger brother of World Champion surfer Shawn Tomson.


Paul along with his sister Tracy, a classmate of mine from high school in South Africa, had come to this rather small party I had that attracted quite an eclectic group of people including master painter Sebastian Capella and his wife Margarita.


Even my amazing father, Bernie Gevisser, a Fighter-Bomber-Pilot of World War II with some 71 odd miraculous missions dive bombing the crap out of the DAAC Nazi bastards showed up and took his usual many photographs.


Paul who never went to university and has “struggled” most of his adult life to “make a living” mentioned but ever so briefly this fiend of his Vicky who he was teaching how to surf and that she had access to “Money Power” people.


Just prior I had mentioned to Paul who was working for a company buying and selling different types of exotic metals often used in aircraft about a public corporation by the name of Chase Brass Industries whose New York Stock Exchange symbol was CSI.


I said to Paul who I was just trying to “help out” that he should have Vicky give me a call and I would be able to gauge quickly whether she and her financial partners would be suitable buyers of CSI whose share price was “languishing” some 50% below of what it was worth because the Chief Executive Officer who owned less than 10% of the outstanding shares was not “playing ball” with CVC who had “financial control” and who could quite easily simply fire the CEO who was getting on in years but who was just happy doing his “thing” and was not all that keen to sell out even if it meant he would make a lot of money from his not all that insignificant number of shares.


But as you know not everyone is “all about money”. Just kidding. Everyone is about money and then sex.


But don’t forget this CEO’s one job was also to take care of the financial interests of the remaining shareholders including CVC, so he was really simply being “selfish” but he was not “al-to-get-her” [sic] stupid which again we can all understand since we know the stats show when someone stops working they often just die, which can be a “sad” thing but not necessarily when you consider how human overpopulation is not a “good” thing.


CVC are also not exactly yournice, tolerant guys”.


CVC is in fact the most rapacious leverage buyout firm in the history of Wall Street where their specialty is “management friendly” i.e. “shareholder hostile” takeovers where they get “friendly” with management who own a very small percentage of the public corporation, run the business into the ground, buy up the shares for pennies on the dollar, take the public corporation private and then in no time take the same company with some façade changes public again, and make a killing time and again off momworkers, widows, widowers, pensions and orphans.


CVC didn’t, however, want to “upset the boat” with CSI since first of all CSI was relatively speaking, “small potatoes” and its CEO did one hell of a job serving as that block of salt hunters put out to attract deer, you get the picture.


Perfect Storm II on FOOTSAK.COM spells this all out in quite some detail resulting in the CEO getting in no time the “picture loud and clear”, resigning and in no time CSI’s share price doubled and CSI was eventually sold and why when looking for the NYSE symbol CSI nothing is to found.


Vicky Schiff and her financial partner, Lou Gonda, just remembered the name, were not the buyers after I figured out in the first couple of minutes when Vicky called that she simply wasn’t “equipped” to move “fast enough” unless I was “steering the ship” and again I was now “fully retired” apart from of course continuing to “work on the DAAC” but ever so quietly and patiently.


In the course, however, of our very brief first conversation where I wasted no time in asking her “pivotal questions” that had she answered correctly could have resulted in Vicky walking away quite easily with a US$20 million payday so long as Lou Gonda put up the necessary funds with nothing “at risk” since I had done all the necessary “due diligence” and besides my pal Newell Starks who co-authored Perfect Storm II given his connections with CVC could very easily “steer traffic”, Vicky revealed that she was having “problems of her own” with Lou Gonda but would not elaborate.


I think you can understand that not only did I not get off a boat just yesterday, it stands to reason that someone like Newell Starks who is very possibly the smartest financial engineer in the history of Wall Street, second to me of course, would want to be “joined at the hip” with me who doesn’t have this ego thing to see my name in any of the DAAC shows, TV, radio, billboards and the such.


Nor do I make it my business to interfere in other peoples business unless they interfere with my business-personal when I can get very personal-business.


Paul Tomson was quite disappointed that I didn’t think Vicky could “pull it off” since he thought she was “hot stuff” not that Paul was sexually interested in Vicky which at this point I doubt even you were thinking since we are talking “telephone numbers”.


Money is of course a powerful aphrodisiac but only to those poorly conditioned which in my humble but seasoned opinion makes up about 99.99% of the human literate population.


To help Paul overcome his “disappointment” since he thought Vicky and her partner Gonda were big time “movers and shakers” capable of playing in the “big league”, I said that I would be willing to have another conversation with Vicky but I warned Paul that it may turn out that my instincts were right about Vicky and Gonda having “problems” which didn’t bother Paul since he was looking for his own “payday” and saw no “downside” to my giving of my time to assist him and his friend Vicky.


When Vicky called again, I cut to the chase that much quicker.


To cut a not so long story short I agreed to help Vicky without it costing her upfront a penny resolve her “issues” with Gonda who well within a couple of months settled with Vicky who for my efforts that called for me having to “flush out” not only Lou Gonda but one of his female lawyer lieutenants who happened to be best friends with Tracy Tomson, not only “kicked back” to me one third of her profits from the US$100 million real estate portfolio but agreed in writing to share with me 10% of everything she earned until such time as she “Hung up her boxing gloves” without me agreeing to “lift one more finger”; i.e. even if I decided not to take another phone call from her, Vicky would pay me 10 cents on every dollar she earned until she was fully retired and at the time Vicky was not only still in her mid-thirties but given how well I had “extricated” her from the “clutches” of Lou Gonda, Ms. Schiff was now the “talk of the town” and in no time became the co-managing director of Wetherly Capital Group whose principal financier is Ron Burkle, a multi-billionaire who is apparently still trying to buy the Wall Street Journal although Burkle who was the first to hire DAAC Bill “Cecil Rhodes-DeBeers Scholar” Clinton immediately after he left the White House with everything but the kitchen sink, is simply “going through the motions” since to the DAAC it makes absolutely no difference whose name is placed as the owner of anything so long as the FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBIC PLACES never forget who “butters their bread”.


Adam has never met Vicky nor Newell but may remember that both Newell and another close colleague of mine Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk, a very skilled and experienced Shareholder Class Action Litigator felt that I didn’t need to bother with any other websites since with just 3 hyperlinks, one taking the viewer to a cartoon, the other to Perfect Storm II and the 3rd to an opinion by Judge Stein was sufficient “proof” that I had “arrived”.


Let me know if I can answer any of your questions.




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