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Thanks for the SIC update on www.Next...trial.


As tough as my words may be for you to digest, increasingly less so, just try and imagine what it is like for the children of elitists such as me, Devin Standard, Dr. John K. Pollard, Derrick Beare, Lee Selbo, Don Barr and the such especially for those of us still not willing to do the right thing and the smart thing which is the right thing and throw all caution to the wind despite realizing how little of their soul remains that they cannot count on the likes of Windy Winn at the bottom of the barrel and the likes of David Berman towards the very top of the pyramid simply incapable of keeping their big mouths shut.


Why not join me for dinner at our rock home this evening where we can discuss the business plan for your website that can be found at both as well as each and every one of my other 99 odd websites in various stages of construction from the bottom up?


I should be back, G-d willing, around 6 this evening, now taking the dogs for their mid-day not so leisurely stroll around the 90 minute loop walk of Noble Canyon that we will probably do in less than 30 minutes followed by a motorcycle ride to La Jolla.


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