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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2007 9:01 AM PT
To: Adam Tucker
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My cell phone rarely works here at the cliff house, the signal going in and out with the tide.


My hope is that you will before the end of the world focus on what Diamond Currency means not only to you but people like the Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION investigating corruption whether it be a crooked medical physician or published author seeking their help to deflect attention away from their own corruption or simply being so fortunate-unfortunate in having someone as credible as myself to assist them investigate the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia responsible for the greatest terrorism, enslavement, torture and mass murder of all time that continues to this day.


Not only do the DAAC see every deal worth talking about on Wall-47Th Street long before it gets “inked” or people like FBI Agent Robert Hanssen get gifted their unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried Diamond Currency to overcome their patriotic conscience and pay their United States Federal taxes that afford us the FBI, there are to the best of my knowledge no better ideas in terms of wealth building as well as preparing everyone for their own Day of Judgment than what I-We are doing on www.NEXT...TRIAL.com to inform as well as scare the living daylights out of those future ants and earthworms who usurp their limited authority.


Not to mention the DAAC are not the only organization who employ intelligence gathering prostitutes who have the right attire for when attending religiously religious gatherings and academia you remember is the new corrupt church.


To mention little of how easy it is to get the email addresses of all the top dogs at each one of our schools and universities catering pretty much exclusively to the dummying down of the masses before they question important stuff like when was the United States economy not all about war?


To mention little of how well dressed at least Marie will be this Saterday when my figure-to-die-for 250cc scooter riding French-Canadian wife and I join Dr. John K. Pollard and I still assume his now bailed gang-banger grandson Eddie dressed in disguise at the Del Mar racetrack:


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 8:56 PM
To: John K. Pollard Jr.
Subject: RE: Track Saturday


I am assuming that Judy is Eddie dressed in drag.


I have read the dress code

and think I will be able to comply.


From: John K. Pollard Jr. [mailto:jkpjkp@alum.mit.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 8:36 PM
Subject: Track Saturday


    You guys are confirmed for Saturday.


Judy and I will pick you up between 1 and 1:15 at the Studio.


Dress Code is attached.






Awesome is the only way to describe how I feel right now, waking up at the crack of dawn knowing that I have possibly another day to inform gang-bangers that the world is their oyster so long as they get smart, give up violence while not allowing themselves to be bought by the likes of Dr. JKP.


I assume you read carefully what I sent Public Defender Quinnones.


Then email me your idea bearing in mind that all this eavesdropping by the US government on us private citizens is nothing compared to what Israel is doing and has been doing from the moment it was formed, David Ben Gurion fully aware of Chapter 9.


Do I need to repeat anything else apart from did you follow the bit about Spain and France which should have had you immediately registering more of what SPIelberg said in his 5 minute 100 mile per hour introduction to MUNIch to know that this DAAC Hollywood Producer-Director got set up by members of the Mossad, no different to Bill “Rhodes-DeBeers Scholar” Clinton and Marc Rich?


Now tell me what I didn’t cover yesterday in the 8584 word email to Quinones that explains further why SPIelberg wanted to give that introduction like he wanted a “hole in the head” which should have you now and forever stopping with all this nonsense about what we can and cannot do about the weak human condition when you have the most average of the poorly conditioned humans educating the children to be future ants.


Before emailing me with your answer get on your bicycle and when you see a kid that can talk and chew gum at the same time all the while letting you think that they think themselves cool, stop and point out someone in the distance, mentioning you think they are a celebrity worth millions of dollars that affords them a maid, a gardener who also washes their car as well as a butler who always remembers their name but who is possibly a Mossad agent.


At first they will think you are nuts, but again that all depends on your “delivery”.


It helps to when handing them a hard copy of yesterday’s 8584 word email to point out who you think is in the blind copied section not forgetting to inform the kid most of all suffering from Absent Parenting Disease of how in court on October 24th 2002, the flat line plotter Dr. John BIG BEN Stewart MD aka The Sperm Donor aka THE IT made a big deal about the 64,000 hits we had got on www.NEXTraterresTRIAL.COM bearing in mind that I had you just 24 hours prior restart the counter.


Not to mention immediately after our most awesome court victory, bearing in mind I haven’t just been “sitting around looking pretty” these past going on 5 odd years, I decided to stop the counter “al-to-get-her” [sic] thinking seeing such large numbers growing exponentially might intimidate people like Judge Hendrix from visiting as often as BIG BEN!


Once people are informed of the truth all that is needed is to let them stew, not knowing who is and who isn’t yet as informed but knowing it is inevitable.


You might need to read the above paragraph as many as half a dozen times, possibly a whole lot more assuming you didn’t already run 5 miles this morning, swum at least a mile in the surf, done a minimum of 250 sit-ups and the same number of push-ups which would explain why I needed to spell it all out as if you were raised by THE IT.


PS – What prevented you from placing the 4 letters DAAC before the DAAC name Oliver Stone, another one who wouldn’t touch The Diamond Invention with a 100 foot pole?


PS I – When you think anything these days do you consider the Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report that talks to a date-time certain when the smartest Israelis who are not all dumb living in places like Durban, South Africa, La Jolla, California, Los Angeles, CA, New York City, NY, London, England, Austin, Texas, Skokie, Illinois, etc etc , believe Al Quaida will launch a series of attacks in their own “backyard” that in the very next instant will paralyze the U.S. economy?


PS II – Before you write anything these days do you consider why it is that such information has been shared with me someone who was last on the DAAC’s 47th-Wall St. in 1980 and lived to tell?


PS III – Before you say anything more to yourself, forget whether or not you have any sense of a Higher Authority being a whole lot more intelligent than you is listening, ask your brain the first indicator of the Supernatural why would Israeli Intelligence produce such a report that they know will inevitably get spread?


PS IV – Before you take you next breath of fresh ocean swept air which I just did bearing in mind that is what I breathed all night long, ask yourself why Israel would choose to make public something that makes so much common sense that the first question a logical thinker would ask is, “Why hasn’t it happened already?” bearing in mind just two things:


First, Israeli Intelligence didn’t need to see a screening of Crude Awakening to know the world is running out exponentially of oil needed to fuel oil wars.


Second, how extraordinarily low tech was 911.


Not to mention that had the House of Saud

hijackers been Hezbollah Special Ops who held back the mighty Israeli military for 6 weeks during last summer’s war where some 100, broken up in to groups of ten, fired the most unsophisticated non-nuclear tipped missiles into Israel forcing the evacuation of Haifa, the 3rd largest city in Israel, housing a population of 300,000, co-coordinating their attack using nothing more than text messaging on cell phones, do you think Hezbollah Special Ops who mimic the best of Israeli Special Forces commandos would have needed to take box cutters on board any of the flights which would have then had us for the past 6 years when passing through airport security remove our arms and those who whined their legs without applying any anesthetics that would of course get returned only if we arrived safely at our destination, the upside of course is that there would be more employment for maniac medical practitioners?


PS V – What are you doing the rest of your day to keep yourself curious?


PS VI – Would you call yourself an ambitious person?


PS VII – Would you survive following the next time Israel goes war when if any of us survive we will welcome the return of the time tested barter system?


PS VIII – How many medical doctors and their drug suppliers, TV and radio talking heads do you think would survive once the playing field is leveled?


PS IX – Make a list of non-Chinese people you think would be interested in either attending one of my Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops and/or receiving my daily newsletter via the Internet, all prior to Israel next going to war in their own “backyard”.


[Word count 1644]



From: Adam Tucker [mailto:ajmco2@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 9:30 PM
To: 'Gary S. Gevisser'
Subject: RE: Tell me …


What did you think of the Oliver Stone movie, JFK? It was on HBO yesterday, and although I had seen it before, my world was much smaller and protected.


…it made me think about all of the civilizations that have imploded.


We are self destructive by nature, but we have potential for swinging the pendulum the other way. But even further, what could we do that could ever keep that pendulum from its inevitable course?.


Have you seen a documentary called “white light / black rain” about Hiroshima and Nagasaki in which they interview with the survivors? Beyond seeing a culture that is so advanced in thought and respect of themselves that despite their disfigurements the life of pain that they had endured, yet they are willing to look at themselves for responsibility and not harbor ill will towards us. Despite this, my take was that they presented two scary truths; they did street interviews in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in which they asked young people (teenagers and older) what the significance of Aug. 6, 1945, and none of them knew that date from any other. The other scary truth is that unless we can find a way to educate the masses, we will all be lost. How can we change the environment to foster a more positive method of survival other than cannibalism?. How can we take the human condition, and use its perceived propensity for weakness, as a strength? Maybe we need to look at what assumptions can be made so as to anticipate and adapt the course?


I would like to share the business idea with you. This is no co-opting intended, in fact if you were to tell me that it could cause harm in any form, I will not pursue it. My purpose in sharing the idea is to see if it could be beneficial to us; I left a voice message on your cell phone, and should be awake until 10pm if you would like to talk.