From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2006 4:54 PM PT
To: Adam Tucker
Cc: rest;; Goldman Sachs;;; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Oprah; Conrad Wolff; Roy Essakow; Mossad;; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild
Subject: RE: LEt me know when u r next online. I am about to begin a dialogue with another reporter from the NY Times


It doesn’t seem like much has changed in your life since I left for China a month ago today?


Your “feedback” may in fact be all that I need in order to meet the deadline I set for myself to have a first draft complete of my forthcoming book with the subtitle, “A message for the President” by August 1st for Marie to “edit” bearing in mind I haven’t even begun and most likely wont begin until at the earliest next week given all the other stuff I have to contend with including assisting the State of Israel recapture the kidnapped Israeli soldiers a “burden” each one of us who has failed to provide our “best efforts” in exposing the dark rot of the DAAC DeBeers-U.S Dollars must now carry the rest of our natural lives.


May I may make a totally “off the wall” suggestion knowing perfectly well there is the remote possibility you will follow through; to take whatever monies that have been left to Julia, have her take out just what she needs to get by over the course of the next couple of weeks couple weeks including finding a replacement sex object and for you to take the balance and use it to buy a one way economy airline ticket to China and to meet with only my friend Storm in Beijing bearing in mind that Storm is the “Loyalty Manager” at the hotel we stayed at and to have Storm arrange for you to convert whatever balance of monies remain into gold bullion but not before you meet with our Beijing guide whose English name is Maggie and to have Maggie now in her mid thirties but who practiced radiology for 7 years after 5 years at university before deciding that she “didn’t like seeing dead bodies” to arrange a daily excursion using the exact same taxi driver that was assigned to us to the Sumatai section of The Great Wall and not forget to maintain a decent pace up to the 13th watchtower so that by the time you are “fit and trim” and having benefited from Storm’s “no nonsense” you will finally rid yourself of your bs family and return safe and sound to the U.S.  via a slow boat.


My China”, a “fond” South African expression, please consider one possible alternative.


Spend the same amount of money in Hong Kong, the “money capital of the world” by visiting with my good friend Neil “Alien” Gould and his utter “bullsh*t” [sic] Russian mafia partner who might by this time be exclusively in search of an underwater cave in which to hang out until such time as all the kidnapped Israeli soldiers have been returned “in one piece” and the Messiah has arrived and for you to come away feeling that you have nothing to worry about, that neither Neil nor his Alien friends or for that matter the entire Russian, Greek, Italian, South African and not to forget the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel , the mafia of mafia have all combined their forces resulting in the Chinese economy collapsing and you can toss your worthless gold into the filthy Hong Kong waters creating a sufficient wave to have back in no time with your over-the-top corrupt family.


I assume you have fully digested the E-mail I sent earlier to my pal Professor Joe Grundfest over at Stanford University which is not to suggest that you are now just pulling my leg, out on a golf course leading to the Stone Forest in Kunming with a whole bunch of relatively young kids from all over the world laughing themselves silly at the “sight” of this rather important educator UNDERSTANDING PERFECTLY WELL the upcoming EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT of my having met one of his former students at the bottom of the zipline traveled by both Marie and me as well as Michael Straus Esq. and his “significant other” which has you now very possibly thinking of entering into a Joint Venture with Neil Gould’s at one time so full-of-himself Russian mafia partner who brings nothing to the table other than intimidation which as you can possibly well imagine is not the sort of thing that works all that well in the “real world”, not all that well depicted in Steven SPIelberg’s movie, MUNIch.


Don’t you find it strange that my Royal Mater when talking to a stranger such as Tefo lets him know that I have a “problem” and that I am also “very convincing” and of course Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman is quite certain in her mind that I am “nuts” but what does it tell you not only about my mother but pretty much everyone who has something to hide, inevitably resorting to the “pot calling the kettle black”?


Increasingly, no one, especially those such as my RM who “only debate people who agree with her” knows who they can trust which is why we have so many deafeningly silences which talk volumes.


The Chinese, while the most extraordinarily productive, non-aggressive, and so very happy people are VERY MUCH AWARE of the DAACDiamond Currency” games that have been going on far too long in the rest of world.


And make no mistake they are currently greatly helped by me bringing to THEIR attention WHY IT IS that one of their national heroes, a 5 Star American General who “saved the day” in a myriad of ways during World War II is nothing short of TOTALLY UNKNOWN in the U.S.


Until such time as you visit the Stilwell Museum in ChongQing that houses some 30+ million chinese you really should “shut the f*ck up” [sic] other than again to spend time either with Storm and then again just one day with Neil Gould with or without his Russian mafia partner taping your conversations and upon your return to call up and ask Scott Tinley a rather well-known Iron Man competitor about the hilarious conversation we had this past Saterday when he confused me with Jeffrey Essakow; upon hearing my voice Scott began, “You are not safe. We are here in Luecadia and we are exposing you!


Bear in mind I have never met nor had I previously spoken with Scott who was at one time a partner of Jeffrey Essakow to mention little of Jeffrey whose is financed by his brother Roy Essakow of Marc “trading with the enemy” Rich fame having also been a guest on Neil Gould’s double decker boat in need of a paint job. 


BTW when you have the chance you should come down to our cliff house in Del Mar and at least see the great window cleaning job JoNathan and I did earlier today.


Right now there is the most refreshing breeze blowing off the terrific Pacific “Oshon” [sic] bearing constantly in mind that it is not only the Chinese and their allies watching us extraordinarily closely as we the western alliance evacuates their citizens out of the Middle East following the decision by the Israelis not to give their “traditional” allies the customary “heads up” to mention little of this Iranian woman who lives in Dubai who I “ran into” just as we passed through customs in Hangzhou on our way to Hong Kong who informed me that she was in the “baby products” business and when I eventually looked at her business card when Marie and I were seated in the waiting lounge there was no name just telephone numbers and a yahoo email account along with the markings of a diamond stone.


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From: Adam Tucker

Sent: Monday, July 17, 2006 3:03 PM
To: 'Gary S. Gevisser'
Subject: RE: LEt me know when u r next online. I am about to begin a dialogue with another reporter from the NY Times


Julia’s grandfather passed away recently so all of our weekends have been devoted to family stuff; which is why did not call you back yesterday.


I am online, but I am swamped and may not be able to respond immediately.




From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2006 8:02 AM
To: Adam Tucker
Subject: LEt me know when u r next online. I am about to begin a dialogue with another reporter from the NY Times