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From: Gary S. Gevisser
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Subject: RE: Tracing the slaughter of my Jewish family from Vilnius, Lithuania


Thank you very much.


You have provided more light on this very “DAAC” [sic] subject than all the gobbledygook that got spoken not only at our many over-the-top Sabbath dinner tables but at our Jewish day schools where the parents, teachers, and professors including Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss a very close friend of my immediate family saw fit to never, not once mention in all his over-the-top brilliant sermons the name DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, no different to the DAAC controlled United States Congress, British Parliament and the such, not to forget all those Jewish lyrists like Bob Dylan whose only defense I can think of right now is, “Gee, Gary Gevisser, I thought money grew on trees”.


While you state you are “not qualified to comment” you certainly appreciate the importance of money in our society and why I think it is important to educate at least the next generation on the very insidious business of “money creation”.


Bottom line, what I am looking is one Jewish man from the older generation to now “step up to the plate” and join me in telling it the way “it is” given how it is increasingly apparent to the next generation why IT IS that we, the CHOSEN PEOPLE, have chosen to be such hypocrites.



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From: Rozmoes@aol.com
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Subject: Re: Tracing the slaughter of my Jewish family from Vilnius, Lithuania


Dear Mr. Gevisser,

       I am not qualified to comment on the many subjects you touch upon in this email.

       Regarding the tragic loss of your relatives in Vilnius during the war, all I really know is that the Jews of Vilnius were herded into two ghettos in Vilnius starting in the summer of 1941, and then in various "actions" taken out to the nearby forest of Panarii, where they were shot. I don't know how one might go about identifying specific people who lost their lives at Ponarii.

       Sorry that's all I can provide.  

       Yours truly,  Maurice Finkelstein

P.S.  We are not related to the attorney Finkelstein whom you know.


Finkelstein whom you know.