From: Gary S. Gevisser
Wednesday, February 16, 2005 9:27 AM PT
To: Michael Berlin Esq.
Cc: rest; Devin Standard; Whitman Knapp Esq. - Office of Attorney General
Subject: RE: ...---...provide me with the name of Jonathan's CEO and if possible his CEO's email address...---...My family never discusses business....---...


Michael - Interesting that u choose to respond to matters that at first blush may appear to be outside of the scope of your "collusion" investigation of the "unlawful" and "shameful" and in Ron Bellows Senior's words, "fony crap... megalopoly" of AIG-Marsh and McLennan-ACE Ltd?


Second, I commend u, your colleague Whitman Knapp Esq. and your boss Eliot Spitzer Esq. not so much for all these guilty pleas but for your courage in responding at all knowing perfectly well I am very much on the side of light.


Not that u should hang your head in total shame having got Marsh and McLennan, Evan Greenberg's "sister" company, to fork over $850 million in restitution bearing in mind that assuming Eliot has u all staying focused on the very important task at hand, there is still Evan's ACE Ltd that has approximately $15 billion of enterprise value left but more importantly AIG the mother of all mother financial institutions run by the father of Evan and Jeffrey whose enterprise value is currently $277 billion odd to mention little of Jeffrey Greenberg, Evan’s elder brother resigning as the Chief Executive Officer of MandM which has an enterprise value of $22 billion which I assume takes into account them being “out of pocket” the $850 million, not to forget that Dr. Cathleen London their sister would make quite a witness were she to be handcuffed, no strike that, simply asked a series of questions in either interrogatories or were u to find grounds to have her deposed beginning perhaps with something along the following lines:


It is our understanding that u were like the little Rattlesnake better known as Gary S. Gevisser raised Jewish and without bringing race, color or sex into the equation, i.e. muddying the waters, nothing quite like being born colored in South Africa and depending upon how one’s hair split at the ends would mean living on the wrong side of the railway tracks, not to lose sight of the one thing all Jewish people can agree on other than it is a shame that us men start off life shortchanged which may in fact be a whole lot better than the original sin gobbledygook, is the importance once we have a minion of 10, getting of course 11 arguments out of the way to spend the rest of the time when not stuffing our faces while the goyim get drunk doing nothing but talking about business to the point that by bedtime everyone is ‘tTOo’ [sic] exhausted to do anything more than dream about having sex with colored men, leading me to ask u in short, and please don’t cut me off until I have finished asking the question, what drug other perhaps Aspartame were u on when u stated in an attempt to beat the lifeblood out my poor, poor, boss Eliot Spitzer Esq, “My family never discusses business”?


Michael, u as well as Whitman as well as Eliot know I can not only cut to the chase in a "flash" but in being solution oriented I recognize that in the need to chop off not just the heads, sever all connections between the torso and limbs of these corrupt and essentially bankrupt institutions in what amounts to nothing short of them being in death spiral and I am hell bent on limiting the collateral damage.


Remember, it's like fishing here.  I have baited and cast the hook but the fish is still obligated to do the biting. It will take getting each and every one of us on this amazing planet Mother Earth to be in tune with the heartbeat of the universe, one incredibly beautiful athletic young lady running by my one of a kind spot, please click on to this hyperlink that provides u with a live feed, giving just a glimpse of my incredible view, the most amazing sets now coming in,,, I would say topping out perhaps as high as 8 feet.


I just got a call from my 88 year old friend and mentor Mr. Amos “In arbitration to you give in or fight” Wright who asked me to come over and visit and so I will continue my response, G-D willing, a little later, just noticing that AIG’s stock is down a couple of percent so far today.




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Gary,  Thank you for your many correspondences.  However, unless you

have a specific point to address to me, please take me off the general

e-mail list.


"Gary S. Gevisser" <> 02/15/05 7:32 PM

Interesting when u consider what Jonathan-Saul first wrote me back on

December 24th?