From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 1:13 PM PT
Cc: rest; Andre Eggelletion; Chris Little - dIRECtor of News - KFI 640 AM - "More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio" [sic]; FBI; United States Justice Department;;;; George Hurst Esq. - Lawyer-liar for Dr. John Ben Stewart aka Sperm Donor; Ivan Oshry Esq.;
Subject: RE: NO MIND TO SPEAK OF…---…


To begin with I have a very weak dial up connection here at the rock home worsened by the “still water” that continues to fall and you will have noticed the significant “swings” in the price of gold over the past 6 hours and with your strong insurance background you will reflect back on the point I recently made how we knew going back to the mid 1980s when we started to see the end of the repetitive 6 year “Hard-Soft” insurance premium cycles that it was just a question of time before the capital and financial markets would collapse and that time is now to mention little of Mr. Ron Bellows Senior, the senior and most competent risk management specialist working for AIG, the largest financial institution in the world just emailing me moments ago more very interesting analysis that I will NOT be sharing with anyone unless they agree to sign up today for our $1.99 per month ONE TIME ONLY introductory offer




They find this very important information for free by go to my website and clicking on to my numerous hyperlinks that by the time they have developed a severe case of carpel tunnel syndrome in their effort to save $1.99 per month most if not all of the world’s oil producers including the United States will in all likelihood not accept as payment United States Dollars which is not to suggest that I am in total agreement with RBS who has concerns that GWB will follow in the footsteps of Franklin D. Roosevelt and make it illegal for United States citizens to own gold, RBS having not only forgotten my intimate knowledge of the business of the DAAC but at least equal in importance the fact that until such time as anyone provides me with a shred of evidence linking any member of the Bush family or any cabinet member of George W. Bush’s stellar administration to the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the counterfeiters of counterfeiters I will continue to not only back GWB but pull out all stops to prevent a precipitous collapse of the United States Dollar, bearing in mind that few familiar with my “work product” would argue with the fact that it is nothing short of a miracle that the U.S. dollar is currently worth the paper it is written on.


In other words we have all already been given the “luxury of time” to get our house of cards in order but have failed miserably, so much so that by the time I have finished typing this communiqué at a rather slow pace just enjoying the wonders of G-D-Nature, it has now stopped snowing and the sun is blasting through.


Worth repeating the fact that the DAAC have been for more than 10 decades, from prior to the start of World War I, in “command and control” of the world’s monetary system buying up everything they want including all our politicians, acting so godly, doing nothing more than “flicking a switch” as those of us “living the good life” as well as our slaves went about our daily grind, focused when not grinding our teeth at night on massacring our competition.


It has never taken rocket science to figure out that the DAAC’s unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried “hard diamond currency” costs SIGNIFICANTLY less to produce than both paper as well as digitized monies given how our lawmakers have never required the DAAC, the counterfeiters of counterfeiters to ever produce an inventory that is used therefore repeatedly as collateral to keep them in the pound seats calling the shots that folks like the Federal Reserve have no choice but to “follow suit” as these monkeys go about impressing us in their suits using all sorts of jargon created by who you think?


All I have heard and seen clearly when clicking on your hyperlink is reference to something happening in “1962” followed by a picture of Robert McNamara the brilliantly evil former Secretary of Defense who first made a name for himself I believe working in the automobile industry.


I may have to wait until I get back to Del Mar to see the rest before then asking you whether you are as bored with your sex life as Chris “Little kiD” Little whose co-workers, enemies and increasingly embarrassed family just cant stop themselves from repeatedly typing in to Google the words “Chris Little Gevisser” and on the first reference to the “dik” [sic] scroll down to the hyperlink appearing at the bottom of post 9394 on the New York Times Yahoo message board and when you click on that it will take you to this hyperlink where you will first notice a hyperlink over the “IREC” part of his name appearing in the Cc section and when you click on that it will take you to this hyperlink which finally when you click on the “D k” will take you this heavily broadcasted response.


Please now email all your former co-executives at the Professional Independent Agents of America headquartered in Georgetown, Washington DC to in turn advise their membership made up of the richest group of entrepreneurs and of course a good number of them extraordinarily lazy that with or without the PIA’s endorsement we will be doing a mailing advertising our upcoming Educational Light Journey – One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshop well enumerated in Mr. Devin Standard’s edit of the RED FLAG SALE:




Do the Right Thing!


Become a Friend of Gary’s & learn from his genius


for only




For the most important financial advice you, your ancestors, & your progeny will ever receive!


Now join me in saying a little prayer to G-d for His-Her efforts to encourage not only Mr. Little but all the talking heads of KFI 640 AM “More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio” [sic] that egg him on, not to forget the board of directors of their owner, Clear Channel Communications.


I assume you got my party invitation for this coming Saterday and that this was the first part of your RSVP.


Let me project a little forward and assume because I also saw reference on the side of the screen to 911 that someone is going about drawing the possible “connecting dots” between say the Bay of Pigs fiasco back I believe it was around 1962 and Osama Ben Laden playing right into the hands of my DAAC family.


If it turns out that I am totally off base then please forgive me as I wish to make a rather important point about the greatest burden to overcome in life apart from poor DNA, bearing in mind that at birth we are all pretty much geniuses, probably no more than 24 or 25 standard deviation points of intelligence separating the smartest of us from the dumbest which really amounts to nothing of any real consequence given how we have already achieved the most important mathematics which Marc Grossman applied when helping Einstein explain in rather simple language, mathematics the most precise of all languages, the workings of “The Mind of G-d” and how they both missed “The Hand of G-D” which operates much like a “dimmer switch” after achieving such precision that has been proven over the past century in one direct experiment after the next is “sumthing” [sic] I have yet to figure out despite how very obvious “it is” which combined with Einstein’s obsessive search for a


Unified theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe,


makes perfect sense!


Feeling stupid is almost impossible to overcome especially if you have been raised by a truck driver and a mother such as The Sperm Donor’s who never told you “No”.


It inevitable that you will end up a “flat line” and if not alone then with someone who figures they might as well stay with you for the money especially if they have lost their figure helped in great measure by sitting in front a computer screen reading without constantly tightening the buttocks my so long missives.


On the other hand endlessly clicking on this hyperlink and that hyperlink they are hyper beyond all reason.


Moreover, before they know it they have forgotten given all the lies they have to keep track of, remember only liars need good memories, of how it all began with The Sperm Donor telling his on-off girlfriend right at the time he decided to unilaterally reduce his pitiful child support checks that I had called Ms. “Butt Fc*k” [sic] Dawn a “maid” which then had this beast of a Texas bred man-woman, 180 lbs of fat mostly around her ginormous ass, propped up by a giant 5 foot 11 inch frame waiting to confront me until I went in to The Sperm Donor’s X-wife’s garage where the beast had blocked the only escape and were it not for my ability to have drawn on all the things I learned while playing hooker in the rugby scrum that had me chewing up this bitch of bitches for being so incredibly dumb to fall for anyone let alone an ignoramus like The Sperm Donor who felt he could get away with telling only someone at least equally deprived such a truthful thing even if I had in fact been so out of my mind to state the obvious, I would not be here today to remind you of such a true tale and at the same time to continuously update the authorities including Detective Steele of the San Diego Police Department and the fair-haired FBI agent that later visited with me following The Sperm Donor’s repeated usurpation of his limited authority brought about by, as you guessed correctly, poor breeding, that had this slimeball of slimeball filing a baseless criminal complaint against me and to top it off using, when describing me, the exact same physical description of the “Butt Fc*k” [sic] down to her age which was 40 at the time versus 45 for me to mention little of the fact that I remain no more than 5 foot 8 and half inches when at full stretch and not an ounce over 140 pounds made up of perhaps a pound more of fat I might get rid of by the end of our 2nd 90 minute loop walk of Noble Canyon that should begin around noon today, still feeling guilty about that extra large scoop I took the night before last of Haagen Daz English toffee ice-cream.


Bear constantly in mind as you now set up your Homepage to, scrolling down to to easily read my heavily broadcasted communiqués from “top to bottom” before scrolling down to “less said the better” to read them again but from “bottom to top” that,



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything!


Really SMART people don’t take long, however, to figure out the mind is a good start for building upon the existence of the “supernatural” a subject I have in fact covered ad-nausea in the “super” hyperlink.


Even ardent supporters of George W. Bush are having great difficulty with my conclusions that he is not only honorable but extraordinarily bright, beyond a shadow of a doubt smarter than Bill Clinton and in all probability smarter than all the founding fathers combined.


First, you know I was not born yesterday in the same way I know that deep down inside of you while thinking you were raised Jewish you are in fact very Jewish in that you are like Dr. John K. Pollard in a constant search for the truth willing but only occasionally to take it “on the chin” for every “misstep” including that of his parents who raised him in Roman tradition, “Jesus loves me so, this I know because mommy told me so” to mention the best test of Dr. Pollard’s orthodox Judaism is that he will be coming to my 49th party celebrations even if I don’t show up.


Second, there is no such thing as a “wrong move” once you figure out the “puzzle of life” because the journey in search for the truth is rather ingeniously designed to keep you constantly on the right path no matter how poorly conditioned your parents, teachers, clerics and academia the most dangerous and corrupt new church, so long as you make the obvious choice of always “choosing change” thus increasing the odds of success.


Third, not everyone is capable of getting their arms around the precise mathematics, the most precise and spiritual of all the languages that proves with absolutely certainty much like Einstein’s “Mind of G-D” equation, “2 cME” in “reverse” that “choosing change” NOT MAY but WILL increase the odds of success which if not “intuitive” gives you an indication of the extent to which your “sequencing” has been “interfered with” but not to worry given how you don’t know what you don’t know, much like you can’t lose what you don’t have and therefore the need for you right this instant to take my direction and distant yourself from all family connections and devote the rest of your life to serving our extraordinarily SMART G-D who to the best of my knowledge did not either outlaw or frown upon the enjoyment of sex or for that matter suggest that once we had won the race for survival of the fittest that we should be dumb enough to then begin the race for “survival of the richest” and in the process all the space between our ears to turn into a perfect vacuum much like Deep Space where sound as we know cannot travel.


Fourth, the fact that it took Marilyn vos Savant to suffer all sorts of abuse by professors of mathematics as well as the top military brass before they finally conceded that she was not doing the study of mathematics any “harm” but a whole lot of good by “sticking to her guns”, promoting the most important of “choices” is not only the right thing to do but the smart thing which is also the right thing and that such an important lesson should be repeated ad-nausea for all the children of the world so that before opening their mouths and imitating like Chris “No mind to speak of” Little who personifies why it is better to keep quiet and let people think you to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt, the youth who are all our futures should rather follow in the footsteps of Einstein who was not by any stretch of the imagination a great mathematician but whose humility served him as well as those that followed a great deal of good.


Fifth, Einstein’s two declarations, first, “If I have seen further than anyone else it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants” and second, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” should be uplifting for all those who have done no more than simply think to themselves that GWB is a fool let alone the overwhelming majority of people all over the world who chose to open their big mouths and declare out loud such an outrageous lie bearing in mind that I am proving with absolute certainty how dead wrong it is for a single human being on this amazing planet Mother Earth to DARE call anyone let alone someone as honorable and extraordinarily gifted as George W. Bush a “fool” when they have failed miserably to work out the so obvious “connecting dots” between THE DIAMOND INVENTION, the banking system that rewards most those who have stolen the most, the systemic rot in the United States Congress and the militant left wing radicals such as the Freedom Road Socialist Organization the result of CHOOSING TO IGNORE the truth made as “easy as pie” by constantly CHOOSING change from minute one.


Sixth, managing to hold on to anything other than one’s mind which we can all agree is a terrible thing to lose defies common sense.


Seventh, the best thing I can suggest assuming you cannot make my party is to find the time this Saterday evening even if it means you being home alone and to email everyone on your email list and just have them read 3 emails I have recently broadcast, all 3 of them to Devin Standard, the first dealing with only DAAC operatives falling victim to Nigerian DAAC scams, the second my very brief commentary on the email RBS sent me for commentary on an article titled, The End of Dollar Hegemony and 3rd the email where I provided a rather quick commentary of Chapters 12 and 17 of the very fascinating book THE DIAMOND INVENTION in which I strongly suggested to Devin that he contact a long time school hood friend of mine, Ivan Oshry Esq. considered by many as one of the best South African business lawyers now living in Sidney, Australia and to have Ivan who provided me great assistance when I was visiting South Africa back in 1995 figuring out most of all why the new South African ANC government that was swept in to power in a landslide victory with people of all races standing in lines to vote, smiling from ear to ear, everybody happy, happy, happy, the amount of violence less than what occurs on one Saterday evening in a place like Compton, a suburb of Los Angeles where the Los Angeles Police Department don’t keep real good statistics given how most of the LAPD with any sense would prefer checking on people such as me who are only harmful to those getting more than their fair share of the graft and that in all likelihood doesn’t include the most corrupt police officers anywhere in the world.


Eighth, although I have not got confirmation from Devin that he has even bothered to email Ivan asking for his credit card number it is most likely only because Devin believes he can use his time more productively in following in my footsteps as I go about exposing one financial institution after the next until such time as I either find one that is willing to “listen to reason” or when each and every one of them finally shut their doors, either way I-we have already achieved “critical mass” even if all the western financial institutions that include all the banks, real estate development corporations and insurance carriers aided and abetted by the Federal Reserve and their counterparts like the London Exchequer succeed in crashing the price of gold given the EXTRAORDINARY FOOTPRINT we have already achieved on The Internet and of course you have also noticed that the price of gold has not crashed and nor will it given how this most delightful material that cannot be reproduced reflects going back to the start of the history of mankind the masses distrust in their weak human leadership which today is in my humble but seasoned opinion at an all time high.


Ninth, very, very, very upset and heavily depressed SMART MONEY folks like Ivan Oshry who no longer “practices law” understand perfectly well this instant how extraordinarily foolish they were to have ever thought first, that they could escape their foolishness of supporting a political party funded in part by Harry Oppenheimer the Anglo head of the DAAC the mafia of mafia, the money launderers of money launderers and whose American co-head was Charles Engelhard and second, that I would stand by like a potted plant given both my resources that I have been painstakingly and methodically accumulating since coming “face to face” with the DAAC’s money laundering practices under the protection of all branches of government as they went about relying on the likes of Ivan Oshry and Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk and his most evil business partner Mr. Robert Kaplan of Kaplan Kilsheimer & Fox, all “sheep in wolves clothing” to bring about a precipitous collapse of the financial markets.


Tenth, to repeat Robert Kaplan Esq. is a former United States Justice Department lawyer-liar very much in bed with the Wetherly Capital Group responsible for masterminding and executing the “voter fraud” that led to the reelection of California Governor Gray Davis back on November 8th 2002.


Eleventh, to repeat until such time as one knows as much as I know about the inner workings of the corporate world both at the very top of the pyramid all the way down to those leftist guerilla movements tasked exclusively by their pimps with fermenting unrest in grass roots organizations you would be best served, please excuse my French by, “shutting the fc*k up” [sic] and contributing significantly to our “social cause”.


Twelfth, the fact that I can argue the facts convincingly is only because I speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth willing to debate anyone on the merits of my assertions and that includes of course the subject matter, “G-D does NOT exist”, few if any willing to go down that path as anyone with just a particle of a neuron firing in the space between their ears understands perfectly I will do nothing short of “eat them alive” although the more I think about the ginormous size of Ms. Dawn’s backside, the better I think I would feel by coming up with another expression.


Thirteenth, there is neither mysticism nor superstition in any of my pronunciations which is really what scares the living daylights out of the intellectuals including scholarly folks like Orthodox Jew Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss.


Time to fly.




Ps – I’m expecting by the end of the day for you or someone with your high level insurance marketing expertise receiving a copy of this communiqué to provide me with no more than a 100 word business plan much like what Mr. JRK produced for my forthcoming book Manager Minute One to get ppl to pay for membership to bearing in mind my day ends no later than 3 PM when I expect my extraordinarily brilliant and awesomely sexy and might I add beautiful and every day younger looking Client-Partner-Travel companion-Wife, Marie Dion Gevisser who you have met to show up in time for the 3rd daily 90 minute loop walk of Nobel Canyon followed by a 5 course meal which I have through but yet to begin executing.


Please forgive me for now asking Ray Anne Marks, Sebastian Capella’s assistant, to have MDG who is 10 minutes away from finishing her art class to bring along a French bread.


No doubt MDG is exhausted by both the physical exertion as well as mental stimulation, her physical athleticism which you can see in the previous “sic” hyperlink providing her with the necessary “edge” over her competition which is something she does not concern herself with leaving it up to me, her business manager, to deal with the necessary distractions to mention little of Sebastian the mirror image of MDG now in the process of putting the finishing touches to the almost life-size portrait of MDG and my Super Intelligent Italian Greyhound Pypeetoe who I have yet to inform had Sebastian spending more time on perfecting his perfect looks that go along with the most awesome muscular-skeletal system preventing MDG’s awesome looks and out of this world body from overshadowing my poor and highly sensitive dog who unlike MDG has yet to complain about me going on and on ad-infinitum no doubt understanding better than MDG who probably understands me better than anyone the continuing need for me to distract bearing in mind it is the colors in the shadows that bring out the light, the DAAC while still interfering with the light, increasingly less so.



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~ Mitchell