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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2007 10:35 PM
To: John Loftus Esq. - Justice Department Nazi prosecutor
Cc: rest; Jay McMichael - CNN photojournalist; Steve Cohen - Jews for Jesus; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Roger W. Robinson; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission; Molly H. Hubbard - Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy; William Clark - Petro Dollar Wars; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Mossad; ian@coasttocoastam.com; NO LONGER PRACTICING, thank G-d, Dr. John Ben Stewart MD - aka The Sperm Donor aka The It; President@whitehouse.gov


Mr. United States Justice Department Nazi Prosecutor,


Let me answer your simple question by first having you look at the lead story in the New York Times Internet edition, “Poor Nations to Bear Brunt as World Warms” which I have yet to read and then explain to me why it is that the rich get richer by trickling down the costs to the poor apart from you not doing your job to uphold the laws of the United States.


Nothing more important than our sacrosanct anti-Trust laws to prevent monopolists like the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel being in “command and control” of what we refer to as the “free enterprise system”.


Now help me explain to “law abiding” Americans having to worry about finding the money to pay ever increasing parking tickets but who still think that America represents the “free enterprise system” why they shouldn’t be disheartened and lose any more faith in President George W. Bush when hearing that there are some 100,000 mercenaries on the payroll of the United States military when the United States military along with all 3 Branches of the United States government has been for more than century on the payroll of the DAAC, the monopolists of monopolists.


You would also agree with most Americans that Mr. Giuliani the former Wall Street prosecutor who went on to become Mayor of New York City and during 911 prevented the sky from falling down as he went down one marriage isle after the next is unlikely to be elected the next President of the United States since who in their right mind would vote for anyone who has been married twice let alone 4 times.


Dr. JBS is unemployed. He has my vote for President so long as we pass a Constitutional Amendment banning liars, cheats and thieves from public office.


Devin Standard, thinking possibly of joining Hezbollah, is now laughing so hard his stomach hurts.


Let me now have you come back to the 100,000 mercenaries that I gather not every citizen of the United States knows is in fact the “backbone” of the civil wars we waging throughout the world.


Allow me to further address in an equally forthright fashion this notion that Bill Clinton is both scholarly and worldly.


Bill Clinton is a business person’s backside.


Bill Clinton took the thankless job of President of the United States that pays less than what most bums working on Wall Street pay their hookers because he did in fact “pass the grade” when being accepted by the DAAC as a Rhodes Scholar which didn’t require him to play a good game of rugby just to talk funny and then rest his head against the palm of his hand.


The economy that Bill Clinton inherited wasn’t doing exactly great, not even close, but when he left office he showed what a “bad ass” business person he was when leaving the United States with the most extraordinary cash surplus.


Allow me to yet again remind you and all my listeners that the job of the President of the United States is to print money and protect the Almighty Dollar by declaring war on any nation apart from DAAC controlled countries like South Africa and the United States of America who refuse to accept our worthless-fictitious utterly nonsense DeBeers-Dollars.


You would know being such a “smart ass” prosecutor with unchallengeable “money power” that the only way to gauge the health of a nation when you have one President after the next printing money 24/7 without any backing apart from its military mite is to look at the “risk markets”, i.e. what is happening with DAAC controlled Lords-Lloyds of London.


Just the fact that well prior to Bill Clinton leaving office insurance megalopolies like AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE Ltd had their foreign-owned entities division growing at 45% compounded annually should have you and everyone else with worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars in the bank going very quiet while thanking only G-d for George W. Bush doing the most thankless job of printing money and protecting the currency by declaring war on any nation who refuses to accept our worthless-fictitious DeBeers Dollar.


Saddam Hussein will not be the last of our tyrants the President of the United States has to deal with who is awash with worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars that they cannot distribute to their masses because they fear for their lives both the U.S. with guns pointed at their heads to accept our worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars as well as the increasingly aware masses, thanks to the Internet, demanding their share of the worthless-fictitious Petro DeBeers-Dollars.


The job of the United States President is to protect the currency “at all cost”.


The job of the Secret Service is to protect the President so that the Commander In Chief can do their thankless job of protecting the worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars “at all cost”.


People have been communicating with me and sharing their knowledge of wrongdoing long before Ron Bellows, an American International Group senior risk management specialist sent me this eye opening email that upon completion had him turning to drink.


Bear in mind the analysis of mega Shareholder Class Action Litigator Bill Lerach stemming from his questionnaire put to the “Captains of Corporate America” in the spring of 1999, long before Enron, that left no illusions about the systemic rot in America’s “free enterprise system” that existed only in Hollywood.


Also take note of the incriminating documents sent “anonymously” to Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. pertaining to the epic class action lawsuit against Revlon Corporation during the “pre-discovery stage” that were literally taken off the desk of the General Counsel for Revlon under the “command and control” of Ronald “Capo Di Capi” Perelman who didn’t get his nickname because he was an honorable boy scout or when he was in training to be an alcoholic like King Golden Jr. Esq. the moment he passed the grade to become an alter boy.


Have you heard of any Jewish alcoholics starting out having their rabbi get them drunk on Maneshevitz?


If so please forward to me the most recent email address you have for South African arms trader "Muni" [sic] Simcovitz, Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss as well as Abe Dubin who co-founded South African Clothing Industries with my step-father Alan Zulman and because Abe stole the monies deposited in to a Swiss account resulting from the standard operating procedure in every noteworthy clothing company of “over and under invoicing” he was supposed to share with Alan, I guess my Royal Mater thought it mighty fine to steal my “nothing” bachelor pad with a balcony view of Nelson Mandela’s Robin Island, South Africa.


The instant you begin subscribing to the notion, “The end justifies the means” so you begin to think of yourself as omnipotent since you allow yourself to take over your mind, the first indicator of the supernatural – the mind all chemistry that translates back in the science and the math the most precise and spiritual of the languages- inevitably leaving no space for G-d to inspire you, leaving our Superior Being with no choice but to create within the mind, using the short-circuits trying to keep track of your lies from day one, a perfect vacuum like Deep Space where no sound as we know it can travel.


You understand perfectly how this “light bulb” effect mirrors in many ways the Red Shift effect measuring light waves, the first indicator we had of the “Hand of G-d” going up and down like a dimmer switch, the RS mirroring the “back and forth” Doppler Effect measuring sound waves, the mind becoming in no time at all to speak of, nothing short of brain dead.


Bear in mind that time is relative only to mankind.


So it stands to reason that the overwhelming majority of filthy rich Medical doctors in the United States consider themselves so godly, but increasingly less so as we all, those of us not getting our fair share of the graft-spoils of diamond-drilling bit oil wars derive great satisfaction in exposing these thugs to the “bright lights” G-d has created.


Bear constantly in mind how little we can trust the Justice Department to do their job when they have granted now for than a century a free pass to the anti-trust violators of anti-trust violators.


It is my opinion that you made a very serious error when deciding to use the public airwaves, under the command and control of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, to distract the ignorant BUT NOT STUPID general public with your attack on the Bush family when back on November 11th of last year, as guest on Coast to Coast AM you minced no words when expressing that if President George W. Bush’s grandfather were alive today you would prosecute him for Nazi War Crimes given the knowledge you have of Justice Department files that you believed in your infinite wisdom show Prescott Bush to have “enriched” himself during the rise of Nazi Germany.


The fact that you have in my humble but seasoned opinion pretty much all your facts 100% right about a great deal of the Bush family’s source of wealth only tells me that you, again given your access to Justice Department files are being extraordinarily selective, i.e. extraordinarily fraudulent in choosing to single out the Bush family having “blackened hands” that of course predates the wholesale slaughter of not only 6 million of my innocent Jewish brothers and sisters.


Even if we were to assume that you were in fact ignorant of voluminous Justice Department files detailing the extraordinarily transparent “blackened hands” of the DAAC whose leadership are well known human beings with flesh covering their bones and organs and fat asses who also bleed and of course they can cry at their own funerals, you have absolutely no excuse for CONTINUING to “PLAY OSTRICH” after indoctrinating millions of Coast to Coast AM listeners with your absolute nonsense.


But of course I am wrong in suggesting anything other than the fact that you are now, having been caught with your hand in the “cookie jar”, deciding once again to be selective and “play victim”, wanting to just be left alone to dwell in your own misery.


Once you have asked each and every of the 20 million or so listeners for forgiveness and each one informs me that they have granted you such absolution I will accede to your request.


Remember though, I was one of those listeners and I don’t know that I will ever forgive you which shouldn’t stop you from at least asking.


Moreover, I do not forget for a moment your very aggressive tone when first demanding that I leave you alone.


Immigrants coming to the United States do so because they are either escaping the tyranny of our tyrants or to earn worthless-fictitious and very blood stained DeBeers-Dollars.


Most of the hard working immigrants whether legal or illegal who along with our military bases on foreign soil prop up our worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars send a good chunk of their hard earned and heavily taxed wages back to their families who in turn by accepting such worthless-fictitious absolute nonsense DeBeers-Dollars perpetuate this extraordinary money making machine.


But what you, Coast to Coast AM, all their talking heads as well as guests and the same applies to all of us who perpetuate this extraordinary cycle of violence against the world’s hard working poor who again are not stupid just very poor and of course just like you and others so poorly educated under the Bell Shaped curve educational system suffer from “Poverty of Thought”, now, this instant, have to deal with the awesome power of the Internet.


Moreover, it is my extraordinary “footprint” on The Internet that I have achieved using just a very small fraction of my wealth while of course a great deal of my intellect that has you shaking in your boots.


Not to mention that you also know perfectly well, hence your more “conciliatory” tone, the DAAC will never be able to control this most awesome World Wide Web.


O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.


Buried now permanently deep inside whatever remains of your brain that God/G-d hasn’t taken over is the reality that you will never be able to figure out who precisely is aware of your duplicity.


You are, however, no different to every one else on my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list.


Not to mention all the others on my other email lists who keep checking to see whether their names have been added and when feeling temporary relief then feast on the names of those highlighted who they know and more often than not detest more than they do me who they know speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and more importantly G-d has “seen fit” to keep me around a full half century.


Moreover, I have never felt better which of course has my adversaries choking.


Money remains an important “means of exchange” for the poor of the world but with each tick of the almighty powerful clock they are figuring out with help from me and very trusted friends throughout the world that there is nothing in the least bit almighty about the United States Dollar were our military to be defeated in battle against a real military such as China and/or Israel.


Moreover, should the State of Israel come to its senses and request the Peoples Republic of Communist China to take the “lead role” in forging an everlasting peace between Israel and its neighbors whose tyrants are increasingly exposed for the stooges that they are, in the very next moment the British Crown and the United States wont be able to find a spot at the peace table, i.e. no longer will any nation be willing to accept our worthless-fictitious so very blood stained DeBeers-Dollars since all we have to offer are F-16 fighter jets and the such which will only come in handy for our mercenaries.


But of course this everlasting peace assumes the 100,000 mercenaries on the payroll of the DAAC U.S. military can be neutralized when TRYING to pay for their groceries in worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars versus other more “acceptable” means of exchanges such as gold.


Remember it was the United States with its brute military force who decided for the world to get rid of the Gold Standard back on August 15th 1971.


Bear also constantly in mind Mr. Justice Department Prosecutor both the Israeli government as well as the PROCC are not all a bunch of brain dead peoples who set the scholastic levels wherever they go.


They understand PERFECTLY WELL why it is that scumbags like you are allowed such extraordinary access to the PUBLIC AIRWAYS as you fail TO EXECUTE FAITHFULLY the most sacrosanct Anti-Trust-Anti-Competition-Anti-Price Fixing laws against the DAAC, the most FLAGRANT violators.


Wouldn’t you agree it is a very good thing that the PROCC filter out from their hard working and very intelligent peoples the nonsense put out by our DAAC talking heads?


The vast majority of Americans don’t have the “stomach for war” because their principal belief system is imbedded in their “love of money” above all else including family.


If you cannot trust your father you don’t have a family.


If you cannot trust your President you don’t have a country.


The DAAC with their mind-boggling media propaganda have managed to destroy whatever “American Fighting Spirit” we might have at one time had although that was all Hollywood right?


The very possible “saving grace” for the United States might be the fact that the awesome 1.5 odd billion strong Chinese have a “soft spot” for a little known 4 Star American General, the General Stilwell museum located on prime property in the city of Chongching, housing a population of some 30+ million.


The Chinese leadership know perfectly well that they don’t “curry favor” with any American politician by paying such an awesome tribute to a general who got recalled by DAAC stooge President Franklin D. Roosevelt following Stilwell’s “findings” that “our man” Chang Kai Check was not only a crook but a very poor military leader when compared to incorruptible Mao Tse Tung.


Not to mention that at age 60 Stilwell who led a march of old men, women and children through some 140 miles of the Burma jungle in the heat of the summer with the rifle slung, was dead some 3 years later.


Again while the Chinese don’t forget either their 8,000 year old culture, they who also set the scholastic levels in each and every discipline have no difficulty understanding why Americans bred on nonsense, know nothing about their true heroes have this very annoying habit of making a “boogy man” out of those they fear most.


Go right this minute and conduct your poll inside your head to see which peoples, the 300 million Americans or the 1.5 billion happy faced Chinese trust their government more.


Notice how often in the course of a day when thinking about the increased purchasing power of the happy, happy, happy Chinese having done a fine job in protecting their wet and greenlands as you drive aimlessly here in the U.S. on overcrowded freeways or just in quiet neighborhoods, finding every so often a moment’s rest to count the number of law enforcement whose clothing and black and white vehicles have this so purposefully aggressive mask and then notice how extraordinarily safe you feel throughout China whose law enforcement don’t carry guns and whose clothing is so very welcoming.


But again, the Chinese who come top at all our schools and universities know not only their history of being invaded time and again with all their invaders apart from the Allied nations adapting very quickly their so peaceful but hard working culture based on the merit system where art is so intertwined in everything beginning with their written pictorial language, but also the history of the United States and the British Crown so very intertwined.


An aware individual doesn’t need to read Edward Jay Epstein’s The Diamond Invention to know the connecting dots between Cecil Rhodes, the Brit who founded DeBeers and a Rhodes Scholar such as President Bill Clinton who at the 11th hour and 59th minute of his illegitimate presidency granted Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich a presidential pardon and who while playing with Monica’s private parts got eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner by the Chinese who only sleep when having sex.


An aware individual listening or reading the speech Clinton gave at Caltech University on January 21st 2000 with a full year remaining in office, not to mention there wasn’t even the thought of being able to kick around George W. Bush or Dick Cheney or the great Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld, would come away aghast as this nonsense talker ended his rousing speech which had zero substance to it until the end by presenting the most extraordinary problem that the United States despite its extraordinary budget cash surplus was ripe for a Bosnian style ethnic cleansing civil war.


But Bill Clinton did know a little about history beginning with Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944 where we had British Crown economist John Maynard Keyes delivering the ultimatum to the 730 delegates from 44 nations to accept our worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars or face our superior and overwhelming military force.


George W. Bush had however, both the knowledge and the intestinal fortitude to take on his father’s generation by denouncing the atrocity of the Yalta Conference that followed some 6 months after the 730 returned to their countries to begin enslaving their masses.


And then we have this awesome picture below taken right after the Yalta Conference of DAAC stooge President Franklin D. Roosevelt letting Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia know that he and his family could count on the U.S. to maintain a shortfall in our oil supplies thus allowing our military bases in places like Saudi Arabia to protect the corrupt and tyrannical Royal Families so long as they NOT ONLY accepted our worthless-fictitious and utterly nonsense DeBeers-Dollars but never thought for more than a moment of distributing such monies to their poor, downtrodden and uneducated masses thus causing in the next instant a run on the worthless-fictitious and so blood stained DeBeers-Dollar.



The fact that anyone in the DAAC media would even bother to give Clinton or his wife or for that matter any member of the United States Congress the “time of day” is bad enough but when you consider the fact that Bill “Rhodes-DeBeers” Clinton could very possibly be reelected President were he to be allowed to run again, is again, not lost on aware people who remember what happened to 4 Star General Stilwell.


Before responding may I suggest very strongly you contact Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. of the law firm Finkelstein & Krinsk and see what Mr. JRK can suggest you do to assist give peace a better chance but first examine carefully this business plan he drew up for me on December 31st 2003, a year to the day when my French-Canadian wife Marie Dion Gevisser wrote an email to a gold broker that began:


It seems that Mr. Gevisser might in fact be on to something…---…


Gold last trading in the spot market at $663.60 a troy ounce


Then examine even more carefully those in the carbon copied section of these “back and forth” emails between myself and the principals of DAAC controlled Codiam Inc. back in November 2004 following my decision to break a 24 year silence.


Then give thought to those members of the world’s military who are not corrupt and who mostly joined the “economic draft” still believing that they weren’t mercenaries, now waking up to how very misled they have been, and very eager not to take on any military who have not only the “rule of law” in their favor but such an awesome military that you have my word that Israel’s most brutal Armed Forces would “stand down” were the PROCC to decide “enough is enough”.


And that includes all members of Israeli Special Forces including Commanding Officers as well as the Mossad whose assassination unit recruit from the best of the best of Israel’s most elite special forces units as well as members of the very deep underground Jewish Underground who make it their business-personal to “keep honest” the Mossad the least DAAC infiltrated of the intelligence services which include organizations like the megalopoly of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE Ltd and each and every drug cartel including of course the U.S. military-CIA making certain that Afghanistan continues to break all records producing some 40% more than the worldwide demand for opium that is mostly consumed by Americans beginning with American service people which is a major factor in the Israel’s Special Forces units’ decision to “run circles around” American Special Forces who in addition to not being able to trust the intelligence from their Commanding Officers will shortly have no trust in their currency, beginning the instant the Israeli government does the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and invites the PROCC to assert themselves having again both the “rule of law” as well as the “military mite” to neutralize all DAAC forces and in the very next instant there will be everlasting peace and all we have to worry about is finding jobs for Wall-47th Street pencil-pushers and their grossly overpaid and very corrupt medical doctors.


And if I am wrong, G-d, you can bet your bottom worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollar, will NOT help us.


Gary S. Gevisser


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