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Take a look at this very quickly pulled “to-get-her” [sic] draft of the start to my follow up to Michael Grant – if you are tracking as well as I imagine you are given how well you are beginning to recall that very important and timely “Gold” story you should have increasingly fewer distractions:




I have received considerable input in terms of how I should begin this second part, broken up into 3 groups, the largest who are the deafeningly silent finding all sorts of ways to tell me to “shut the fc*k up” [sic] which of course speak the most volume without being precise enough for me to bother explaining; the second largest who understand pretty much everything that is going on but who prefer to still focus on all their distractions whether it be their whores, art classes, their children’s out of control distractions, most of all their favorite TV which for those dumb enough to have a TV hookup I would wager is on a whole lot more than the supposed average of 8 hours a day certainly that is the case these days in The Sperm Donor’s household, such feedback suggests very strongly that you grab hold of Terrance Howard and just hug him tight and to remember not to be wearing expensive suede leather as he sobs like a baby trying to impress you that he is more than a line reader, has a conscience but just had no idea how THE DIAMOND INVENTION-TRILATERAL COMMISSION-FRSO figured into his paycheck that now has our Israeli brothers and sisters the “frontline” in defense of the totally worthless dollar causing Terrance to now want to rally behind our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush and then there are those who I refer to as the SMART MONEY people and the extraordinarily few who are on my-our team are all in agreement that now is the time to pull it all together which is exactly what I intend to do.


You were one the 25 odd who received a two-part 5027 odd word communiqué I sent last evening to Dr. John K. Pollard in response to his email containing different photos of kids in funny situations but it only left my outlook outbox at 2:29 am today, the Federal Reserve and their equally fictitious-fraudulent western central banks beginning to recognize the futility of collapsing the price of gold last trading at $550.30 a troy ounce no more than 1/10th of what it would be trading at were the DAAC now throwing their entire weight to prevent the collapse of the diamond market that doesn’t even figure into my calculation of what would begin to be a reasonable price for a troy ounce of gold based on all the trillions of fictitious dollars in the hands of foreigners increasingly thinking of using them as kindle to light their fireplaces that along with worthless diamonds would not be as efficient as dried out twigs falling off trees.


It ended with a quote from Marie that may not be as funny, not even close, as to how it was when she actually put her incredibly sexy and so precise voice to the words explaining how she has no choice but to listen to what I have to say if I plan on taking her to an expensive restaurant where of course I will be expecting her to pick up the tab given her significantly better cash position to me, now down to less than a $1 million in all my bank accounts which considering my “burn rate” will last no more than a couple of months, 3 at the tops bearing in mind first that there is not a collapse of the dollar during this time and second my personal monthly overhead is less than a $1,000 and 20% of that goes to feeding the two dogs who of course could cut back but that would mean less exercise and for me our daily routine of 3 times around the 90 minute loop walk of Nobel Canyon is critical to maintaining my “fragile” mind that allows me to logically thought process at the highest levels imaginable.


Remember Einstein’s possible greatest contribution to the masses who are simply not yet able to get their arms around Special-General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics forget Chaos Theory that was discovered in the upside down year of 1961 were his so profound words, Imagination is more important than knowledge.


Once, however, I and/or my MDG puts down on paper the 3 step book that combines all 3 scientific theories which she spelled out the other evening that had us after sharing significantly less than one bottle of champagne flying as high as a kite way above the tree line very much amongst the stars the masses will also be aware the Einstein was one of the pioneers in QM that he later rejected given its lack of precision when compared to the “certainty” of S-G Relativity but much more importantly was this genius of geniuses extraordinary humility that contributed in my humble but seasoned opinion to Einstein’s “far out” imagination that combined with the mathematics of Marc Grossman resulted in the explanation of the workings of the entire cosmos, leading to much more than the critical importance of predictability of the movement of stars light-years away but to the nuclear age and why the Captain of the Enterprise, the nuclear aircraft carrier, had the crew stand in formation on the deck spelling out “2 c mE” in “reverse” bearing in mind from this moment until such time as you meet your maker once again of what was behind the Enterprise rounding the Cape of Good Hope in mid-1964 the result of our so bought and paid for United States Congress and a President not wanting to end like the stooge before him with brain particles splashed over the back of the front seat of his limousine guarded by the same Secret Service personnel who witnessed John F. Kennedy meeting in “broad daylight” at the Carlyle Hotel located on the upper east end of Manhattan with the Anglo head of the DAAC, the Mafia of Mafia, special interest of special interests group who the Secret Service also tasked with protecting the currency of the United States from counterfeiters, no joke, understood no different to the high ranking Justice Department officials also briefed on the importance of having such a meeting take place on United States soil, everyone fully aware that JFK had well before the bought and paid for Presidential election just weeks earlier received his “marching orders” to plow full steam ahead and murder in cold blood 30 odd million Vietnamese hard working anything but communist farmers when visiting with HO and his American co-inventor-conspirator of THE DIAMOND INVENTION in the tranquility and security of Charles Engelhard’s Camp Chaleur across the border in Quebec, Canada.


Remember, Einstein whose math was probably no better than mine which is significantly inferior to that of my ingenious wife, certainly in terms of her ability to explain math in a way that doesn’t make the listener feel stupid, was man enough to go on as he got older to acknowledge that this rejection of the second most important scientific theory of the last century may have been his greatest mistake.


Very possibly the most important segment of my very wordy last communication to Dr. JKP was the part about Joe Steinberg, “Joe Steinberg is not the biggest crook on Wall Street. His partner, Warren Bo Buffet is.”


To be continued…


T4, you understand that there is a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population blind copied on this “back and forth” and you also PERFECTLY UNDERSTAND that not only are there “built in” mistakes but in the end what you see here may end up being nothing like what I inevitably broadcast, on the other hand nothing might change.






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I think it spells out what you have been saying all along in one e-mail. Talking about the problems of the world having nothing to do with race etc. and referenceing to the Sperm donor. With repetition like it definetly helps me (hopefully others as well) get a clearer n refined pic of the world due to our bad conditioning (no excuses).


The e-mail / story I was talking about did have a reference to re-introducing the gold standard and a plane hoverin...


From: Gary S. Gevisser

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What did you think of what I sent John K. Pollard earlier – I sent it out last night but it only left my outlook early this morning.