From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 9:04 AM PT
To: Tefo
Cc: rest; United States Justice Department; Windy Winn - Del Mar Times journalist;; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State; T. Smith - Attorney City of Del Mar; FBI
Subject: FW: Debate Over Monetary Reform


T4 – I wasn’t certain you received a copy of this email below or this one that followed?


While I attempt to get these folks to engage in a “meaningful debate” online in “real time” would you, assuming you are online and have time on your hands, in the meantime assist me in taking Windy Winn, a failed politician-journalist Delmartian on more of an educational light journal – see previous hyperlink.


Conventional wisdom says to leave such miserable fellows to languish in their own misery but I think we have finally debunked “conventional wisdom” for what it is, nothing more than an opportunity for pseudo intellectuals like WW to bask in the sun.


Feeling good about what one does for a living has always been understood as important but since everything is “relative” and we are constantly comparing ourselves to the Joneses next door leaves us all rather susceptible to being “left out in the cold”.


WW is not alone in feeling the chills as he now has plenty of opportunity to go “back and forth” beginning and ending with that most awesome knuckleball my rather brilliant, beautiful, sexy and so eloquent French Canadian wife threw at him back on June 10th of last year.


Must fly as Mr. Ed Dobson who produced the edited transcript of the Debate Over Monetary Reform has just emailed me back, “


Ed Dodson responding... Yes. I am interested in participating in this discussion on behalf of SCI. There are a number of other individuals I know …



From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 8:13 AM PT
Subject: Debate Over Monetary Reform


Mr. Foldvary,


Are you the same gentleman that was involved in the “Debate Over Monetary Reform” that took place at the International Union “Confererence” [sic], held at Edinburgh University, Scotland, back in August, 2001?


Please forgive me for placing a “sic” after the misspelling of the word “Conference” that came about when I “cut and pasted” most of the above paragraph that was sent to me in an email by a 26 year old Black South African who felt this “Debate” was important enough to remind me not to send it to my delete box without first looking at it.


Unlike a good number of people who email me with mostly nonsense, every so often throwing in interesting material, Tefo Mohapi while like the vast majority of folks communicating with me is “highly educated” is a very busy person just trying to “make ends meet” and more importantly, knows better than to test my patience with a bunch of gibberish.


If you are same gentleman involved in this extraordinarily important subject please confirm ASAP as I am moments away from being invited to participate in an “interesting read” dialogue going on between 30 odd other highly educated black South Africans all under the age of 33 who may today understand better than a single highly educated white person I know the importance of this “debate”.




Gary S. Gevisser