< From: Gary S

From: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 1:50 PM
To: Thomas
Cc: rest; Devin Standard
Subject: FW: Update 1: For the record


A California Highway Patrol officer showed up not long after I sent you “our” account of what transpired, the CHP possibly contacted by the neighbors you were going out of your way to help.


Moreover, shortly after you drove your BMW out in a huff I had a relatively pleasant conversation with the one lady neighbor who appeared to be as surprised as me that you would resort to “goading” me to help her and her female friend who I assume has “all the money”, move out of this great area.


This heavier set lady also informed me that she had no idea that the “ugly” note that her companion apparently wrote ended up on my car as she thought it was directed at you, her companion thinking the car I had parked in their one open space belonged to you.


So you see that while it is very difficult to be certain about most things in this very “hidden agenda” world over time and thanks greatly to the Digital Age we can keep track of pretty much everything.


Ps – Make note of the edits I have made to the email I sent you earlier, a copy of all this to be dropped off at your front door.


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 11:28 AM PT
To: Thomas
Cc: rest; Devin Standard
Subject: For the record




You say that you delete all the emails I send you; therefore, at a minimum, this would serve to keep things “fresh”.


Your decision to do the “bidding” of our extraordinarily rude next door neighbor who you have repeatedly told me is nothing short of “trouble” long before she placed such an “ugly” note on my car when I parked for just a short while in her parking while she had a number of open spaces including those under cover to mention little of you telling me how much “power money” she had from her “$400 million” inheritance that her father made in the entertainment business, is nothing short of nauseating.


Your excuse, “Look, this is to help get rid of her” when I questioned your sanity of asking me to move my car that wasn’t blocking the alley didn’t’t “fall on deaf ears”.


I would never have bothered acknowledging I was in our RENTed Carriage-Cliff House were it not for the fact that our JoNathan was with me at the time while his mother, my wife, Marie Dion Gevisser was over at our rock cabin.


JoNathan is still an impressionable and young teenager who I am helping coach in the “ways of the world” beginning by understanding exactly why IT IS that there are so many hypocrites out there who given their command of language can come up with all sorts of excuses for their “selective memories” that result in “bad judgment”.


Of course this is a perfect case study of why there is no such thing as a “generation gap” but rather a “credibility gab” that gets increasingly larger the more us elders fail to the truth, beginning with informing our youth of the insidious business of “money creation”.


Such a “choice” NOT to get our “arms around” the one subject of history-economics-politics for anything but “good reasoning” comes with dire consequences when we know perfectly well how much easier it is to blame someone like George W. Bush doing a thankless job, the result of decades of Americans being hooked on big government entitlement programs especially those industries like Hollywood where funding began with “grants” from the DAAC [DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel] the mafia of mafia, something I happen to know a great deal about.


The fact that the next door neighbor who has treated not only all of us rudely but our gardner to mention little of her having “broken the law” in trying to grab hold of public property, something which you felt was in your “best interests” at the time to write a letter to the City of Del Mar which you now say she is fully aware of begs many a question beginning with why exactly would she knowing that you are in the entertainment business STILL count on you to knock on my door in order to have me now be so neighborly and move my car as you go about in your busy day when not sunbathing in the alley to direct traffic as if her movers who get paid by the hour to do a job they certainly know better how to do than you are not able to figure out exactly how best others interfering with their jobs takes a toll on their livelihood as you think yourself so smart to “interfere” for what other purpose than to be liked and get by in this world “living the good life” without having to break much of a sweat, not to suggest the truck was blocking the sun given it is a rather foggy day.


Again, being non-confrontational is not excuse for bad judgment.


Yes, I make it my business-personal to be personal and engaging always giving everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt but when I see a “wrong turn” especially when it is in front of a kid my wife and I are pulling out all stops to turn into an “independent thinker” I will respond in kind.


Your actions as I came down the stairs giving you time to catch your breath and reconsider your blatant hypocrisy was very much like what happened when Greg Beckham, the drug pusher-jeweler at the top of the alley also didn’t’t care for me informing him of the truth, that which does not change.


This is not a question of “He says-She says” as our not exactly dumb teenager is very on the ball and heard and saw everything.


I am rather “long in the tooth” to place myself in a position where it is simply left to “eye witnesses” who often prove even if they were to show up in court as “unreliable” given both our “poor eyesight” as well as self-serving agendas bearing in mind that all we were arguing about was your diabolilical hypocrisy in having me move my car so that you could ingratiate yourself with exactly who other than the next door neighbor who began loving every moment the instant you decided to help save her money bearing in mind that it only took another 5 minutes for the movers to so easily get around my car that was parked in my parking, not blocking anyone including those such as yourself who obviously cannot think outside the box, moreover thought yourself so smart that I wouldn’t’t be able to see through all your bs beginning with your sickening politics.


Furthermore, you actions now leave me with no choice but to communicate with you only in writing.


Yes, the more we know about each other the less likely our children will have to be sent off to war.


Thank G-d you are not tasked with setting an example to the next generation increasingly thanks to me getting up to speed on why it is that the problems of the world have nothing to do with race, color, sex or religion simply poor parental religious teaching and very greedy people who want it all now and couldn’t’t give a dam about the next generation.


By August 1st I plan to have completed the first draft of my forthcoming 150 page or less book with the subtitle, “A message for the President” and you have my word for it that more than the 2400 individuals-groups on my one of a kind email list that represents a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate and crooked population will want to see an advance copy given how it will lay out in simple English to be translated in to the 42 languages broadcasted by the BBC, why is it that the world’s capital and financial markets have not collapsed, yet.




Ps – Devin Standard, the executor of my estate, is not the only person on my increasingly large email list copied at this time on this rather important communiquιι not to mention JoNathan helping me SIGNIFICANTLY in composing this email.


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