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Were you able to find Bill Lerach’s rather important article?


Bear in mind that I could have quite easily given you this hyperlink choosing instead to see whether you had the brains to "invest" a little bit more of your time to mention little of once you fully understand how much information I have on this rather important subject matter you will decide one of two things; either to "play ostrich" or to get really "smart" and allow me, the "ultimate insider" to guide you to the truth.


Blind copied on this email are a number of folks most of whom have not met either Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk who has been intellectually honest enough to "cite" my contributions in helping expose the systemic rot in corporate America OR Devin Standard who is the executor of my estate to mention little once again of Devin's father, Kenneth Standard Esq. the immediate past president of the New York State Bar Association to mention in passing that not only is Devin SIGNIFICANTLY more intelligent, in my humble but seasoned opinion, than his over-the-top Harvard Law School educated father but much more importantly since integrity is so much more meaningful than competency bearing in mind that the most important mathematics and science has already been figured out with Einstein's "2 c mE" in "reverse", most of those in the blind copied section including the Mossad, Israel's over-the-top intelligence service could in fact "run circles" around Devin who I consider one of if not the most intelligent westerners I have ever had the pleasure of meeting not to ever forget my very good friend, former attorney, Don Barr who back in 1960, while still in his 20s, earned a million dollar fee after he successfully won a $20 million settlement that required him to “make his case” before the United States Supreme Court that had his “buddy” Chief Justice Earl Warren passing him “in chambers” a rather revealing personal note for Don’s father who wasn’t exactly a “nobody”.


Ps – Let me know if also need help figuring out the connecting dots between your article, “Study Finds Backdating of Options Widespread", Hilary Clinton who invested $10,000 and profited some $100,000 in the commodity markets, the New York Senator now pulling out all stops to support the State of Israel fast running out of options before unleashing her awesome nuclear arsenal AND Russian President Mr. Putin using Mr. Laviev, a Russian Jewish person, to engage his Hasidic-Black Hatter brothers who congregate in a number of places including 47th Street in New York City where they “share intelligence” gathered from all “4 corners of the earth” to launder $13 billion odd of “diamond currency” to finance Putin’s presidential election with Mr. Laviev then using part of his $1.5 billion odd in “commissions” to resurrect both a synagogue in Moscow as well as establish 52 Yeshivas-Universities in Russia.


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Yes. Thanks.


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Stephanie - did you receive this email below?



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Let me begin by having you find on The Internet the article "An Alarming Decline in the Quality of Financial Reporting" written by Bill Lerach Esq. of Milberg Weiss-Lerach former clients of mine.


Please feel free to contact me once again after you have read thoroughly this rather important "study" beginning by examining very closely the anonymous interactive questionnaire presented to 100 Chief Financial Officers representing the largest corporations in America at the Business Week annual Conference of CFOs held in the spring of 1999 in Phoenix, Arizona.


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sure. i'd love to talk about whatever information you have. call me at 212-556-5931. or email me at






With regard to your article, "Study Finds Backdating of Options Widespread" I have in my possession irrefutable "smoking gun proof" that you have missed rather important information that has been in the "public domain" since 1999 well within your timeframe of 1996-2005. Suffice to say I have "coached" the most "skilled and experienced" shareholder class action litigators to help stop the "greed disease". Let me know if I can be of further assistance.