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"Gary i want to get maried" [sic]


Tue, 24 Jan 2006 12:13:46 PM EST



My dear “funny swiss guy” what happened to your 50% Peruvian heritage or do you think having prospects focus on your Swiss passport will bring quicker results?


Immediately following receipt of your email I received the following which I am sharing with you and a statistically valid sampling of he world’s literate population:



From: Marisa Pelletier []

Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 4:55 AM


Subject: Stronger, more powerful erections


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Not being able to fully satisfy a woman can result in depression and feelings of

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With that said, please share with me any and all serious solicitations but I think it would help given how superficial the world remains at this time, increasingly less so following my posting last night at 11:11 PM Eastern Standard Time on the Goldman Sachs Yahoo message board, that you include a photo that shows not only your very good looks but how when finding G-d's so apparent miracles you have maintained in top condition your most important G-d given asset which of course includes on ocassion sitting on your backside sharing my missives with everyone on your email list to mention little of the biggest manmade miracle most apparent to me, common throughout the world is how Wall Street in cahoots with Madison Avenue has very intelligent people like you living in the 3rd world even thinking of marriage prior to reclaiming back your land without following in the footsteps of the White Man and resorting to violence.


Use that wild imaginative brain of yours to get hold of someone like my Peruvian guide Augusto Benito Vargis with his 600 + highly educated colleagues to just write a letter to the current president of Peru and while reminding him of the European corporation that has a monopoly on blue train going back and forth between Cuzco and Machu Picchu just ask him whether he is in support of Peruvian

banks making loans to entrepreneurs such as yourself but equipped with “water tight-bullet proof” business plans such as our Clean Water Fund project and to use the gold buried under Peruvian soil as “collateral”.


Love is in the air.




Ps - I continue to have problems with my email service provider and so I suggest that instead of waiting anxiously in front of your computer screen for my analysis and insight of the important events of the day that you simply click on every 15 minutes or so to



From: Rafael Surber Morales []

Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 2:27 AM

To: Gary S. Gevisser

Subject: Gary i want to get maried


Can you help me? I need a marvelous Woman,in her late 20. or early 30. She must be very Intelligent, her core work should be either Inkan Archeology or Ethnobotanics. Gary i have deepen my Inkan knw how. Trust me. I could show you miraculous Places and Inacan People wich tun in to your own Pace. Letting you enter a infinite World of Ancient High Know How. Well give me notice, if you are about to walk with me the Inkan Paths around Qosqo. I am the funny swiss guy

from Machu Picchu. Hasta la Proxima Gary Tu Inka Raffa