From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 5:57 PM PT
Cc: Rand LeShay - A MARK
Subject: RE: …DISTRACTION"play along"?...remove ....


I am not sure what you mean by “No[1] other than you don’t want me to compensate you fairly for your time both in typing “wat do u want from me ?” as well as in reading this reply.


But I will go ahead and try answering your question, bearing in mind that I am now having to deal with SIGNFICANT responses to this communiqué that I broadcasted before taking the dogs on their second 90 minute loop walk of Nobel Canyon and this one to the same person, “DNAr Yahsel” [sic] that I sent a half hour ago.


Perhaps if you would take the time to read both communiqués you will understand perfectly well why I think you can assist me and at least compensate you with gold bullion and then “sum” [sic] assuming you saw no other benefit.


BTW Rand Leshay’s grandfather came from the “old country” and had the last name Yahsel which when he came through Ellis Island he changed it backwards to be in compliance with Quantum Mechanics to read LeShay that of course may have nothing to do with why Rand these days is not getting laid as often as before he “ran into” me, not to suggest that his DNA has been very possibly interfered with but certainly not as much as his sequencing.


Being a “messenger of truth” does have its shortcomings but they don’t amount to anything, certainly nothing worth talking about when consider the “upside”.


How many coincidence does it take before it is not a coincidence and we all stop arguing about the truth that with “design being everywhere” there has to be one most extraordinarily SMART designer who wouldn’t be foolish enough to interfere with his creation by telling each of us what to do and how to do it because we could end up sounding so much alike to mention little of how boring would it be if we all worked out the puzzle of life all at the same time.


Better to be boring and right than dead?


Wrong is wrong and when we all get it “to-get-her” [sic] then you will see how easy it is for there to be everlasting peace.


BTW A-Mark used to be housed in the prestigious building located at 100 Wilshire overlooking the Pacific Ocean where I once had offices on the 21st floor which you can see in this one and only ad I ran back in 1989 soon after returning on my first trip to China.


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Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 11:57 AM PT
Subject: Re: ARE YOU WILLING TO "PLAY ALONG"?...remove ....


no,,,, wat do u want from me ?


[1] Please note the dialogue that followed Ms. Valder of the Trilateral Commission responding “No” to me in what is an extraordinarily telling example of duplicity at its worst bearing in mind that her boss is David Rockefeller, the founder of the Trilateral Commission and Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank who also happens to be the mentor of “our man Roger as in Roger W. Robinson a very senior member of the National Security Council during President Ronald W. Reagan’s first term in office.


Now wouldn’t you like to hear senior NSC member RWR who had the ear of President RWR hooked up to an FBI lie detecting machine answering the question whether he thought President RWR understood him when RWR in executing his fiduciary responsibilities to the citizens of the United States of America made it patently clear how easy given the fact that RWR was an expert in USSR economics, i.e. the Soviet-EVIL EMPIRE extraordinarily dependant on the DAAC for its “hard foreign currency” so necessary to purchase weapons of war in the pending “arms race” that would ultimately bankrupt both the Soviets and the U.S., for President RWR to authorize RWR to simply cut off the supply line of worthless diamond currency by doing as I now suggest simply placing a call to my-our DAAC family at Codiam Inc., a former employer of mine headquartered on 47th Street in New York City in the heart of the DAAC world’s wholesale diamond-money laundering operations and telling Stephen Cohen to tell both my uncle David Gevisser the American head of the DAAC and his partner Harry Oppenheimer the Anglo head of the DAAC that the NSC were now going to give a directive to U.S. Customs officials to simply wear gloves that could be stretched over one’s entire body when frisking the Black Hatters WHO serve MOSTLY as a distraction while the customs agents find a way both to breath and whisper HOW MUCH THEY LOOK FORWARD to hearing ALL THE REASONS under the sun WHY these DAAC “filthy looking” distracting stooges who apparently never heard the expression, “cleanliness is next to godlinessARE HELL BENT on not recognizing the State of Israel UNTIL SUCH TIME AS THEIR MESSIAH comes along and brings exactly what sort of peace when THE ENTIRE BUSINESS MODEL OF their DAAC BOSSES is predicated on war when “money is no object”. 


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