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Again, if I havent said it to you directly I will repeat again for the first time, DO NOT, I beg of you, have my critically important assignments interfere with anything else you are doing, no matter how trivial your other priorities may seem “tTOo” [sic].


You will see not "in the end" but very shortly why the instant you get over the mourning of the loss of my “second mother” in that same instant see the magnificence of the design of the whole system that has those of us doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing time and again, life, not history, repeating itself - what goes around comes around with a vengeance - those repeatedly retaining their G-D given sensitivities returning repeatedly as increasingly evolved human beings the rest, at best ,"potted plants" who serve, however, to guide the increasingly evolved to "weed out" the "potted plants", not forgetting I consider each and every one of my black South African slaves who breastfed me in the exact same most extraordinary positive light as my “second mother”.


It is very probable following Tefo’s response to what I sent him below, “You will be receiving a reply to your e-mails within the next 6 hours. i needed to give them a bit of thought” coming in les than a half hour ago, that I will proceed, warts and all, with the broadcast not only of the 3044 word Introduction + the 4121 word body + the Prologue of the White Paper which so far is just shy of 800 words such that you can probably by this time tomorrow morning complete all 3 assignments; namely ready to be sent to print 1) my forthcoming book Manager Minute One, 2) the DAAC Treason Complaint book against the United States Congress et al and 3) the movie script of the DAAC book.


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Okay, it's early Sunday morning. I have to make some food and take it to

my aunt who had surgery the other day. I won't be back until evening

here... I will look at it then... A




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To: Tefo



I cleaned up the intro a little.


The reason for seeking your “undivided” attention on all this is to gauge from your reaction how much if any effort I should place on finding more South Africans like you.


In other words if it turns out that the only other folks in South Africa who are going to grab hold of what I am doing to be either stooges of the DAAC or think they can “outgun” the DAAC then I must surely focus elsewhere.


There is a part of me that says even your previous “alibi-sellout” friends could be “brought into the fold” and I am not suggesting calling upon an “Act of G-D” but something that might trigger their “survival instincts” to act smart, wake up and realize the wealth that sits below the ground in South Africa has already been sold in forward contracts, the DAAC knowing perfectly well you folks wouldn’t remain brain dead indefinitely and counting on the “rule of law” which of course are their laws which would protect such contracts at least long enough to tie up in court anyone who dared to interfere with their gravy chain just long enough to expose the “troublemakers”...---…


Again, I go back to Mandela’s “I am NOT prepared to die” speech and then look at that one guy I emailed you about who serves on the board of Engelhard and DeBeers and what you should see and what perhaps you can convey to those “negatives” that you know, is what you see is all very real, there really isn’t a single person you can truly trust, pretty much everyone “making out” on “the take” and while seeing how pretty much each and every law brings out the worst of our species and very disturbing at first in the next instant it is both rewarding and extraordinarily funny since even if no one and that includes you has an ounce of spirituality running through your veins it doesn’t take an imagination like Einstein to imagine what is now going through the blood vessels of the DAAC.


I am now “dog tired”…