< From: Gary S

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2006 4:01 PM PT
To: Ageorge
Subject: Annie - Would you say that what I sent yesterday to "mommy's boy" who works for LJ is good enough with all that follows for the DAAC Treason Complaint book if I were to place it all in a word doc?


I also want you to “ad…gold to “back it up”…


You really should give very serious thought to “pulling together” EVERYONE you know INCLUDING all your family members and have me along with you put on one most extraordinary Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshop and for each of them to decide when it is over, no more than a couple of hours at the very top how much we should be compensated for making them feel so very IMPORTANT.


You may recall that I put on a workshop at the IMS Convention in Hawaii back I think in 1987 which was not only poorly attended but those who attended had to have thought that I was one most incredible idiot given how I only recall asking them what it was that they wanted to get from such a ridiculous subject that I cant for the life of me remember but I would assume it had to do with “how to run a good business.”


What I do recall is that immediately following that disaster I was standing in the back of a room where someone, possibly George Nordhaus was giving one of his hell raising speeches that he would pull off so brilliantly without providing an ounce of substance and one of our newer employees whose name again I cannot recall, remember I had so very little involvement in the day-to-day running of IMS, came up to me and asked, “Where can I get more seats?” and when I responded, “Why are you asking me?” which had her looking at me like I was “sum” [sic] sort of “jrk” [sic] the man standing right next me who happened to attend my workshop turned, looked me “square in the eyes” and in the loudest voice said,


You are not only a jerk but an idiot and I intend to let George know that you don’t have a clue about how to empower people!”.


And of course this “dumb look” came over my face.


Later when George and I were up in his Presidential suit relaxing he brought up this whole incident,


“What exactly did you think you would achieve by saying something so arrogantly stupid especially when you have the biggest hitters in the world all around you and me telling them what a brilliant businessman you are and how in no time at all you turned the business around allowing me to futz around most of the time at my spectacular residence formerly owned by Lawrence ‘Bubble Man’ Welks up in the Pacific Palisades just down the road from Ronald W. Reagan, now driving a fancy Rolls Royce and a matching Bentley for my ‘Southern Bell’ wife; moreover, how with everything running so smoothly your genius allowed me to focus on increasing the number of Lloyds of London members and of course I now own a spectacular flat in the top spot in London that befits someone as successful as me who knows a thing or ‘tTOo’ [sic] about hiring the best and brightest who then know to get the hell out of the way unless it is to get rid of someone who when asking a dumb question doesn’t bother to even offer a suggestion” [sic].


Suffice to say, by the time George and I, and I think I have a photo that someone took of the two of us in his suit right after this rather funny “monologue” that had me having no difficulty “biting my tongue” knowing perfectly well that George would eventually make perfect sense of what I had done given how in every instance where someone had gone to him to complain about my “style” it would always turn out that not only was I making “perfect business-personal sense” but the person doing the complaining was doing nothing more than trying to “cover their butt.”


It is now time for me to reveal another VERY SIGNIFICANT DAAC truth that I have never once mentioned to anyone but a careful read of this communiqué when combined with my having revealed the true money laundering business of the DAAC should make it rather easy to figure out.




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