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I am a little rushed right now to get out on our 3rd 90 minute loop walk of Noble Canyon - doubtful I will take a detour to the top of this ridge given how it has been freezing cold all day long and last night it snowed rather hard making the trek up rather treacherous, the light beginning to fade rather fast - still feeling guilty about the very large scoop of Haagen Daz English toffee ice-cream I had last night after a very healthy non-farm Alaskan salmon dinner that was cooked to perfection, just perfect with the two sips of wine remaining in a bottle of relatively cheap red wine that was at least 4 days old.


Important that I impress upon my bankers all around the world how frugal I am plus the fact that I plan to stay “fit and trim” in order to pay off any monies I might borrow, G-d forbid they were to sell off any of my gold and in the process delay the inevitable return to the Gold Standard.


With all that said, isn’t T4 just the “perfect man”?


Here is a black guy in racially slave-torn South Africa who could have if he had just kept his big mouth shut tight been for more than a year living the “high life” off Solly “Give me an Epileptic fit shave” Krok’s ill-gotten gains, instead he has to while offering important services as translations, battle to make ends meet, discarded by all his sellout friends having been so easily co-opted-corrupted for what amounts to nothing short of peanuts that has the DAAC “laughing all the way to the bank” and still I can count on him to absolutely “nail it.”


Why should T4 be the first to grab his not exactly rich parents and younger sister  by the “throat of the neck” [sic] and have them cough up everything but their guts, my leaving them just enough to pay for their miserable burials, when others particularly us in the 1st world living all over the world have been the ones who have not only profiteered financially but stood by as our military made certain that our despots in places like South Africa went about enslaving, torturing and murdering not millions, or tens of millions…


Who cares about how many we have butchered just so that we wouldn’t have to break a sweat earning our daily bread?


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I am alive and well thank you.


Why is Annie interested in whether I have responded or not?


Wasn't she also Cc'ed on thaT e-ail u sent me as well?


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He is either dead, dismembered or far worse still in a total state of depression seriously contemplating suicide, the same with everyone who got a got a copy which only assumes they have a particle of a conscience remaining.


There is also the remote possibility that T4 has "recovered" and is pulling out all stops to "save" both himself and the people he cares about by having them be the first to contribute to heavily to our "social cause".


It should be quite obvious that my patience is wearing thin brought about by the dark realization that the overwhelming majority of people on my email list are not on the side of light.


But have no fear, I will prevail assuming you have captured the essence of what I wrote as well as what I will be sending shortly to Girlie.




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Gary, Did Tefo respond to you and your suggestion? A.