From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 12:23 PM PT
To: Wally


Just over hour ago your wife Amy let me know that you got out “safely.”


May I suggest you click on to this hyperlink taking you to a 630 word heavily broadcasted communiqué I sent earlier to a very intelligent 27 year old Black South African friend of mine who I have not met, but do so only when you have no more than 15 minutes of “quiet time” which means only that you remain “conscience” of my writings while dealing appropriately with every interruption.


Tefo [T4] Mohapi came across my name on The Internet back I believe in the fall of 2004 while researching one of my most adventurous and extraordinarily rich clients who had offered T4 an “apprenticeship”.


Had T4 once he had completed his “due diligence” decided to “turn a blind eye” and have Solly Krok who made his fortune in the pharmaceutical business as his mentor even without Solly handing over a dime would in fact have made T4 who is very poor in a monetary sense an instant millionaire if not multi-millionaire able to then leverage his relationship with Solly until Kingdom Come.


Suffice to say, not everyone in this world is all about money, T4, however, one of the very few exceptions.


Ps – Given how you and I spent a good deal of “quality time” together yesterday as our JoNathan and a friend built up their “fort” on your grounds in anticipation of the most awesome snow fight I have ever had that of course had his most athletic mother and I “beating the cr*p” [sic] out of these two not exactly weaklings, not even close, PLUS the fact that you and Amy have engaged in business with me places you at a significant advantage to the overwhelming majority of people on my email list that represents a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population.


I would like to hear your initial thoughts without clicking on to many if any of my many hyperlinks bearing in mind that you are coming in on the “tail end” of what has been to most on my email list the most extraordinary nightmare.